Pres. Trump intends to build a wall

Financing? That’s the easy part

Amid much fanfare, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto cancelled his trip to Washington on Thursday. He’s miffed that President Donald Trump has neither backed off his call for the construction of a wall along our southern border or suggesting that it could possibly be funded by an import tax on goods from Mexico.

There are myriad ways of financing a security wall to keep illegal drugs, gangs and illegal invaders from Mexico, South and Central America as well as global terror sponsoring nations from flooding the U.S.

What is beyond comprehension is that Mexico would condone losing its young, vigorous men, leaving the country to be inhabited by women, children and the elderly. And why?  The answer is remittances, those funds sent back to Mexico from their nationals living and working here, bolstering the Mexican economy by more than $25 billion in 2014.

Several years ago, Mexico even produced a comic book to aid its own less than literate citizens in navigating the desert to leave their homeland. They were instructed what to wear and bring with them. It outlined their “legal rights” telling them what do and say if they are detained. Once they reach the US, they are instructed to keep a low profile. WND’s post is titled,  “How to be an Illegal.”

Remittances, a massive, tax-free transfer of wealth out of the United States, now exceed Mexico’s oil exports as the nation’s greatest source of income, according to this February 2016 in-depth report by the Government Accountability Office. The study was commissioned by Sen. David Vitter (ret.) and U.S. Rep. Tom Price. All told, it reveals that foreign-born workers, both legal and illegal,  in the U.S. sent $54.2 billion in remittances abroad to Mexico, China, India, and the Philippines which collectively received the most money, according to GAO’s analysis of the World Bank’s Bilateral Remittance Matrix, in 2014.

Billions are also sent yearly to China, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Nigeria, Guatemala, El Salvador, Dominican Republic and Korea. So paying these foreign nationals’ salaries does not result in strengthening our own economy, since much of their earnings detour back to their homelands.

Banks, credit unions and even convenience markets are among various entities facilitating remittances.  The time has come for these money transfers to be taxed.  Then there is the issue of the $millions in foreign aid American taxpayers are funding and the benefits they underwrite once the illegals get settled. The U.K.’s Daily Mail tells the shocking story.  Do you recall reading about this in the local news? Didn’t think so.

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  1. azgary says:

    Jeff Flake (R) Mexico

    PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) –
    Sen. Jeff Flake spoke about President Trump’s recent immigration proposals and doesn’t believe a border wall will get done or that Mexico will pay for it.

    “Mexico says no,” Flake said on Wednesday at Phoenix Sky Harbor.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    As Trump keeps his promise to build the wall, he had to endure listening to the newly minted British Prime Minister Theresa (with an “h”) May as she speechified in Philadelphia yesterday.

    Ms. May’s country is being torn apart, cities and towns divided into no-go zones for white people. There are entire towns were the British police will not even venture.

    So it was not surprising that she included these points in her speech to GOP’ers:

    Islam is peaceful
    Globalism is good
    Climate change laws and regulations are a priority
    The U.N. deserves praise
    The World Bank and NATO are A-OK
    and most startling of all in view of the citizens of the U.K. recently voting for BrExit, she stated that the European Union should succeed.

    Yes, she actually crammed all of these points into her speech.
    (you can find it on breitbart)

    Whose plane did she fly over on—-Soros’?

    She’s no Margaret Thatcher.

  3. Hunter says:

    Mexico will not pay for a border wall. Congress should just appropriate the money for it (like they should have done 12 years ago) and build the wall/fence/whatever and patrol it. Ultimately, the cost of patrolling the border will dwarf the cost of building barriers on it anyway. Even if America pays the entire cost of building a wall, it will still be beneficial to reduce

    Adding a new remittance tax might raise some revenue, but, especially if it is more than 5%, will start to drive these transactions into alternative untaxed channels. Some of these might be legal such as accounts in international banks, travelers checks, and prepaid credit/debit cards; others will be illegally operated by Drug Cartels already used to transferring large amounts of cash illegally.

    The taxes will also not discriminate between those here legally and illegally.

    What we need is a secure border and consistent, vigorous enforcement of immigration laws in our country’s interior. Requiring E-Verify for employment and active deportation of those here illegally is what we need.

    Our government needs to effectively enforce immigration laws instead of step around the problem by trying to impose taxes on remittances and imports which may end up generating very little revenue and may harm Americans more than they benefit from the tax revenue.Deal with the source of the problem rather than some symptoms.

    The incidence of a tax (who really ends up paying for it) is more complicated than looking at who is legally obligated to pay it. Also, productivity losses to the economy and other unintended side effects from taxes are a loss that is rarely accounted for when setting tax policy. Conservatives should know better than to assume people will not adjust their behavior in response to changes in tax policy. It’s not OK for conservatives to think and act like leftist populists just because Trump is president.

    • Kent says:

      Who would you have preferred as president? Hillary?

      • azgary says:


        once a #NeverTrumper #AlwaysHillaryer always an #AlwaysHillaryer.

        but, but, but “conservative” or something.

        ask evan mcmullin LOL

    • terry dudas says:

      People – recall that just over 650-miles of border fencing, etc. has already been installed on the 2,000 mile stretch between Mexico and the US. American taxpayers paid for this construction, which was completed just after Obama was installed.
      Now, to be clear, THE REST of the border must be secured. Taxing migrant remittances, and other customs specific taxation devices could cover the expense of the remaining border fencing/wall construction. Using our newly arrived immigrants, on crews, would be a beneficial introduction to their newly chosen country, and provide THEIR families with independence and dignity.

  4. Joseph Bickley, Sr. says:

    In spite of the clamor for a wall, simply cutting off all free health care, housing, food, education and Social Security would majorly stop the flood of illegals.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Being reported by the Assoc. Press that on Tuesday, south of Tucson, while tracking appox 10 illegals, a Border Patrol Agent was stabbed by an illegal. The agent’s radio, apparently attached to his uniform, took the force of the knife.

    Earlier this week, the WH announced that Trump wants a list of all crimes committed by illegals.
    I don’t do Twitter, but anyone who does should send this info to Trump or to conservative websites.

  6. azgary says:


    Arizona bill to ban school ‘social justice’ courses dies quickly

    Thorpe’s HB2120, filed Thursday, would have banned classes that promote “resentment or social justice toward a race, gender, religion, political affiliation, social class or other class of people.”

    The legislation was modeled after a bill lawmakers approved in 2010 that banned K-12 schools from offering courses that advocate “the overthrow of the United State government” or promote “resentment towards a race or class of people.” That bill was aimed at Tucson Unified School District’s Mexican American Studies class.

    Thorpe’s HB2120 would have taken the same ban, beefed it up, and applied it to university courses as well.

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Day-old info but we need to deal harshly with our “neighbor” Mexico whose real reason for living and breathing is to take over the Southwest.
    Donald J. Trump on Twitter: “The U.S. has a 60 billion dollar trade deficit with Mexico. It has been a one-sided deal from the beginning of NAFTA with massive numbers…”