AZ newspaper’s new heroine: The Illegal alien

The Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) story had all of the elements that make for a tear-jerker. A mother who worked at a “fun park” deported. Crying teenage children — American citizens born to illegal Mexican national Guadalupe García de Rayos, 35.  An illegal alien husband, who did not want to be identified hovered about, but asserted, “Basically, we are Americans.” They both knew the key words to utter is that they were brought here before age 16. According to the report, she is merely in the country “without authorization.

The sympathetic Page One coverage included an above-the-fold half page head shot photo of Guadalupe, emerging from darkness with crosshatched wire “bars” dramatically superimposed across her face. The editorial team must have worked overtime to come up with this theatric.

The statement issued by ICE, acknowledges “Garcia has a prior felony conviction in Arizona for criminal impersonation, and was the subject of a court-issued removal order that became final in July 2013”  When she was arrested by Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputies in 2008, she was using stolen documents including a social security number belonging to a Tucson man. She was finally deported this week.

Of course, rapidly mobilized and obviously unemployed protesters arrived on the scene like bees to honey. Illegals are their nectar.

Count on the reliable liberals to call her deportation a “tragedy and bigoted”  Democrat U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego (AZ CD 7) was quoted as saying, “Donald Trump is cruelly ripping a mother and a breadwinner away from her American citizen children. Instead of focusing on improving our economy or keeping Americans safe from real danger, the Trump administration’s policies are persecuting law-abiding members of the immigrant community.”

Not quite.  She’s a convicted felon. She and her children are reunited in Mexico.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton referred to the detention and deportation of Garcia de Rayos as “a travesty.” He said it shows that Trump’s deportation policies make the country less safe.

Only if you’re here in violation of the law.

“Rather than tracking down violent criminals and drug dealers, ICE is spending its energy deporting a woman with two American children who has lived here for more than two decades and poses a threat to nobody,” Stanton said. Stanton, an announced candidate for Secretary of State, the frequent backdoor route to the governor’s office, is being pushed by extremists to officially designate Phoenix as a “sanctuary city.”

Mexico’s Leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador who previously lost twice to President Enrique Pena Nieto, is now leading in voter polls for next year’s election. He plans to visit Los Angeles on Sunday to talk with illegals about President Donald Trump’s “poisonous” rhetoric. According to Lopez Obrador, Trump has shown a “lack of respect for Mexico.” He added, “This campaign — because it is very poisonous — of xenophobia, of causing hate, must be confronted,” he said. “We Mexicans are being persecuted.”

Persecuted? Not by a long shot. And not if you stay home and stop illegally invading our country, Señor Lopez Obrador.

14 Responses to AZ newspaper’s new heroine: The Illegal alien

  1. Jp Jp says:

    She became a criminal (juvenile, but still a criminal) when she stepped over the line into US territory. She became a felon when she stole identity and committed fraud at a workplace. She compounded the crime by avoiding deportation in 2013. If her anchor babies wish to keep the family united, let them join her in México, and let the Mexican government place them on the dole. We are tired of paying, feeding, housing, medicating, educating, transporting, etc. aliens and invaders who show no allegiance to the United States of America, but prefer to remain Mexican/Syrian/Egyptian/Afghani/Somali, etc. in our midst..

  2. Braveheart says:

    Read Michelle Malkin’s “Police State: How Mexico Treats Its Illegal Aliens”

    The article is not recent but nothing has changed. Our good neighbors to the south are outrageous hypocrites.

  3. Maggie says:

    Open borders advocates, whether faith based or political disgust me. Every nation is entitled to its sovereignty and to be able to decide who immigrates and how. With the policies pushed by McCain, Flake and others we are rapidly becoming a different and not better country. How do we benefit by opening the floodgates to illiterates and criminals who contribute nothing of value to the USA?

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Politicians like Stanton and Gallego sicken me. Taxpayers who pay their salary expect them to see that laws are obeyed and not coddle and protect criminals year after year. It’s been the same old song for decades by these vote-hungry slime we call our “representatives.”

    Gallego and his politician-wife are divorcing. Some can’t make their own lives work but know what’s right for us. These illegal alien sympathizers have to get with the program – the general public is finally tired of these sob stories. McCain and Flake are also on the wrong side of the law by pandering to criminal aliens. ICE is finally being allowed to do their job and the usual crybabies are having hissy fits.

    • Kent says:

      Donald J. Trump is following through on all of his campaign promises, which I find very heartening as the liberals are going mad. Academia and the celebrity class of leftists are all in for lawbreakers.

      Supporting those who read other people’s words for a living is foolishness. Most of them would be doing menial jobs if they were not in Hollywood. We need to boycott each and every one who insults our president. I was no fan of Barack Hussein Obama, but it would never have occurred to me to publicly insult and slander him and his family or march against him yelling “resist.” Republicans play by the rules. Liberal are rowdy street people at heart, with zero concern about the welfare of the USA and American citizens. Why is that?

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    When a parasite is introduced into the body of a healthy person, it weakens that body and, as time passes without proper intervention, can overwhelm and destroy that previously healthy host.

    They suck US dry. Nothing is ever enough.

    Europe is a battleground because of undocumented persons.
    Last week it was revealed that Africans have become “healthcare tourists” in the U.K. One African women who was pregnant with quadruplets, showed up on a plane and was given free healthcare for months prior to her delivery date. Meanwhile, British women are told that they will have to purchase pediatric scales and learn how to monitor their baby’s weight because the doctors and nurses in the U.K. will no longer be allowed to spend time doing wellness checks on British infants. In the U.K., right now, today, there are British folks who are laying on gurneys for 18 hours or more in what we call Emergency Depts (called A&E there). British women are dying during childbirth because of poor care or poor decisions made by healthcare workers. But the African women got stellar care and her babies spent months in a neonatal ICU.

    Now we learn that the French government’s is planning to build an
    Eight Foot High Wall, made from bullet-proof glass, around the Eiffel Tower.
    Maybe Janet Napolitano should ring them up and tell them about those pesky ladders.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Quite an account, Sam! Europe is as good as gone thanks to the liberal policies that have allowed “refugees” who have no allegiance to England, France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and other nations to have destroyed their individual and unique cultures. Not long ago, France was ablaze with infernos set by African refugees who have neither education nor jobs. Angela Merkel should be tried for crimes against her own German people.Formerly homogeneous Sweden is now the world’s rape capitol. with roving bands of African refugees assaulting girls and women in broad daylight. Mohammad is the most popular boy’s name in London, where they now have a Muslim mayor.

      Check out the Gatestone Institute for facts substantiating much of what I have referenced.

  6. jakesez says:

    I shuttered when I hear that the only reason she broke the law was so that she could feed her children. This is the same excuse used every time some one is caught taking something that is not theirs. I suppose that if she stole a car to go to the store to get food for her children it would be OK. Lets ask those protesters to leave the keys to their car in plain sight so as to prevent broken windows when an illegal needs to use the car.

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    From Conservative Review – a must read for Catholics on the subject of immigration. St. Thomas Aquinas and the Catechism are your friends.

    A well-written piece regarding the teachings of the Catholic Church on immigration. Hint: Donald Trump isn’t the devil

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    This is what happened to Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos while trying to enter a public school in Washington, D.C.

    Take a look at the photos and video.

    Meanwhile, GOP townhall meetings were hijacked in UT and TN.
    Over one thousand people at the UT townhall, with people demanding that Trump be stopped and Obamacare be saved. Must have been McCainiacs.

    this is how it’s going to be, eh?

  9. Ajo Joe says:

    Now I get it. According to Guadalupe’s advocates, she’s been living illegally in the United States for two decades, so she’s OK?

    Actually, there should be an enhanced penalty for fraudulently living here for so long and using other people’s identity.

    That these people have supporters is mind boggling. They obviously don’t understand the impact illegals have on all of our lives, including our children and grandchildren, who will have to compete with their kids for university placement and jobs. We pay to subsidize them in countless ways from food subsidies to health care. Though they are sympathetically portrayed in the media, many are engaged in criminal enterprises including bringing addictive drugs to our neighborhoods.

    As a native Arizonan, one of the reasons I voted for Donald Trump was I have witnessed what the illegal invasion has brought us. President Trump is keeping his campaign promises and that suits me just fine.