Jeff Flake: Reaping what he has sown


As he gears up for a reelection bid, Jeff Flake is meeting with opposition — not from Democrats — but from within the Republican Party. A first term U.S. Senator, who previously spent 6 terms in the U.S. House — after reneging on his own term limits pledge made during his first campaign for Congress in 2000.  Flake ran as a citizen legislator, vowing that if elected, he would serve three two-year terms. But the heady atmosphere of Washington, DC became irresistible for Flake. Redistricting made him immune to major challengers.

Flake’s refusal to endorse Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was followed by his repeated declaration that he would not vote for Trump. In fact, he haughtily declared Trump can’t and shouldn’t win.

Junior Senator Flake’s anti-Trump fixation closely followed his mentor John McCain, still seething over his 2008 presidential drubbing. His rage is even more inflamed by the fact that Donald Trump, who has never held political office, rode the wave of populism to the White House this past fall.

Since Trump’s ascension McCain has hammered him mercilessly, even referring to him as a “dictator.” In a move of outlandish proportions, McCain has tried to link Trump to Russia and charged Russian “hacking” of the election was an “act of war.” Russia did not intrude on our election. But the Wikileaks information damaged his scandal-plagued friend Hillary Clinton irreparably. McCain had previously referred to her as a “rock star” he could support.

What the duplicitous hypocrite McCain neglected to mention was his own request for campaign donations from Russian officials — which they turned down. The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft has the full story, including shocking, verifying links.

We recommend reading the hard charging  report, Tough Primary Road Ahead for Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake,”by John Gizzi, New Max’ chief political columnist and White House correspondent.

Jeff Flake was originally shoehorned into the senate seat through the diligent efforts of retiring Sen. Jon Kyl and John McCain.  Even with their assistance he barely squeaked into office by a mere 3 percentage points.

There is not a hair’s breadth of difference between Flake and McCain. They both relentlessly push amnesty for illegals, maintained close relationships with then-President Barack Obama  — Flake traveling with Obama to Kenya and  Cuba, and playing as a regular in the White House basketball games. Flake has colluded with liberals on gun control. McCain advised Obama on forging his legacy. Flake met with Democrat Merrick Garland,  Obama’s Supreme Court pick and actually opined that it was time to start thinking about confirming him.

So you think you know Jeff Flake? Think again,” was posted July 2016. Knowledge is power.

Seeing Red AZ endorses conservative Kelli Ward in the upcoming senate race.

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  1. Villanova says:

    I was appalled when Flake began pushing for Democrat Merrick Garland to replace Justice Antonin Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court. Scalia was a brilliant conservative jurist. To give lame duck Obama the ability to skew the court was shocking. For that reason alone, although there are many as enumerated in the post, I not only distrust Jeff Flake, but will never vote for him.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    McCain’s Secret Trip to Syria last week.
    “. . .Sen John McCain, one of President Donald Trump’s harshest critics, made a secret trip to northern Syria to visit US forces stationed there and discuss the campaign for defeating the Islamic State extremists, his office said Wednesday.. .
    McCain’s visit to the war-torn country occurred as a major battle nears to oust the militants from Raqqa, the capital of the Islamic State’s self-declared caliphate.. . .”

    A statement from the senator’s office did not give the dates of his travel, saying only that he made the visit last week.
    (from the today)

    He’s cozying up to our US military troops abroad.
    Wonder if he’s arranging a coup?

    Revoke his damn passport.

    Meanwhile, in flood-ravaged San Jose, CA., elected officials and other local government bureaucrats have now admitted that they failed (ignored) the rain-swollen creeks and rivers there.
    Hundreds evacuated; cars sitting in water up to the windows; homes heavily damaged.

    The City of San Jose, the third largest city in CA, had NO emergency warning system of any kind—-not even the old-fashioned air raid sirens.

    As usual, it was the firefighters and police officers who were going door to door and evacuating residents in small boats. The fire and police officers were wading in water up to their armpits.

    Residents had minutes to evacuate. Imagine the turmoil.

    Not a penny for the very basic warning systems, but torrents of money for illegal criminal aliens.

    And now, the anti-Trump mayor of San Jose wants help from
    President Trump.

    The Silicon Valley billionaires are just up the road and not affected by the floods. Perhaps President Trump should tell the mayor of San Jose to call Mr. Moneybags Mark Zuckerburg and ask for his pocketchange.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      McCain is a lot like Tony Bennett – still singing after all these years.

      • B. Monahan says:

        He was called “the Songbird” by fellow POW’s after reportedly making 32 propaganda tapes for the enemy, he has escaped the consequences for betrayal then, he has betrayed his Repubican Party repeatedly.

    • B. Monahan says:

      O’Reilly asked Trump if he agreed Putin is a killer. Trump said “there are killers everywhere, we are not so innocent”.. McCain has claimed Trump is equating American morality to that of Russia? Is he nuts? JFK and the President of South Vietnam, 1963; CIA has been devising ways to kill Castro for 50 years; Jackie Kennedy believed Lyndon Johnson to be responsible for the murder of her husband; Ruby Ridge a mother and her son killed by federal agents; Waco TX, 72 men women and children, murdered by federal agents while his hero Hillary was First Lady, (1993), perhaps the dumbest geopolitical decision since FDR gave Russia control of North Korea, (1945), G.W. Bush removed Hussein and allowed Iran to take control of Iraq; Obama and Hillary Clinton orchestrated the removal and murder of Gaddafi in Libya. McCain knows what Trump meant about being “innocent”. That is what is so troubling. Yet his betrayal remains inconsequential~!~!~ he gets reelected time and again. To quote Obama’s ACA architect Jonathan Gruber, “we relied on the stupidity of the America voter” to get it passed. Absent this element, McCain wouldn’t win a dog catcher election.

  3. Clementine says:

    Why would any self respecting Republican cast a ballot to retain Jeff Flake, when he spoke loudly and frequently on leftist networks saying he refused to vote for our Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. He deserves the exactly the same treatment.

    • Hunter says:

      For the same reason McCain was re-elected in the primary and general elections. Obviously most Republicans are not conservatives. I don’t think self respecting Republicans vote for Flake or McCain (at least in the primary); Republicans who don’t understand and support the party platform vote for them.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I looked up ratings for Jeff Flake on Conservative Review. His overall rating is 50% (F) which includes:

    Foreign Policy & Defense 47%
    Civil Liberties 25%
    Immigration 40%
    2nd Amendment 50%

    Like McCain, he’ll run as a conservative to get elected. That’s not a conservative voting record.

    I understand Kelli Ward is at the CPAC meeting in Washington, D.C.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    3 Planned Parenthood rallies being held in AZ today, Feb 23.
    Invitations extended to McCain and Flake.
    It is noted that McCain and Flake will NOT be holding any townhall meetings during this recess week.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      This 2011 Arizona Republic editorial blasts Jeff Flake, saying he was no longer a statesman but only a politician. I remembered thinking it was hilarious at the time and Googled to find it.

      Flake disappointed the leftist newspaper then. He has the same effect on Arizona voters who elected President Trump now. We include registered Republicans, Independents and yes, even Democrats who have had our fill of being fed BS by those who supposedly represent us.

      My brother-in-law who always bragged that he voted a straight Democrat ticket all of his life, voted for Donald Trump. He is not a riled redneck as we have been portrayed by the media, but a college educated professional. We’ve argued politics as long as I can remember. No more. He agrees with me now, which has calmed down family gatherings.

  6. Patriot Dad says:

    It’s said a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s certainly the case with the one of Flake standing at a podium with a McCain sign in front of him. What better way to capture the essence of them both? They sure as hell don’t represent me! I voted for Donald Trump.. Neither of them did and they were both very vocal about their actions. I’ll give the flaky Flake exactly what he tried to give me and my family.

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    The Republicans are running scared. They’re not cooperating with President Trump nor are they willing to stand up in front of their own constituents. Tom Cotton of Arkansas is the only one to handle the paid protesters. The Republicans are looking to lose – again. It’s a pathetic bunch if you ask me. If things get too rough, they hide.

    Congressman Gosar Cancels Town Hall

    “Prescott Indivisible has invited Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake to attend. They have not yet accepted the invitation, but there will be two chairs set up in hopes they appear.”

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    Think these politicians are harmless?

    Take a look at this “exclusive” on the, today regarding Chinese businessman Johnny Chung.
    He funneled money from China to Bill Clinton.

    Chung became so afraid of being murdered by the Clinton machine that he made secret tapes and gave copies to a number of friends and family members.

    Now, some of the info is being released.
    The article states that Chung is apparently still alive and living in China.