Ken Bennett: No longer able to win elections, seeks appointment

Ken Bennett is finished running for political office. With a failed 2014 bid for governor followed by a 2016 congressional loss under his belt, the former secretary of state and state senator — not up for anymore campaigns — now wants to be appointed.

The lethargic guitar-strumming former Prescott resident has bounced around the state in recent years as he’s sought various political posts. The closest he’s come has been as chairman of Republican Legislative District 24 in Phoenix — which he resigned in short order.

In the interim he’s worked as a lobbyist for the state court system followed by a stint with SDB Contracting Services — but it’s the now out-of-reach political arena he still craves.

So how best to achieve his goal?  Bennett deserves an “A” for inventiveness.  He’s been busying himself calling members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, promoting himself as the answer to an unasked question.

In the unlikely event the supervisors separate the Maricopa County Elections Department from the Recorder’s Office he wants them to know he’d be interested in being appointed elections director.

Bennett is quoted as saying, “I would want to be the director of that (Elections) department and have the independence and report directly to the Board of Supervisors.”

 This all became an issue when longtime Recorder Helen Purcell, a Republican who has held the office nearly 30 years, lost the election in November..

In what turned out to be a monumental miscalculation, fewer polling places were made available for the March presidential preference election.  Purcell said low turnout in previous elections played a part in the decision to reduce polling sites. Donald Trump’s arrival on the political scene dramatically changed that dynamic. Voters who stood in line for several hours waiting to cast their ballots during that  election vented their fury in the November election. Purcell squeaked through the Primary by less than 1 percentage point, but was replaced in the General by political newcomer, Adrian Fontes, a Democrat.

11 Responses to Ken Bennett: No longer able to win elections, seeks appointment

  1. D B Cooper says:

    Elections Director Karen Osborne recently retired. Adrian Fontes’ website looks as though he has taken over both posts.

    He’s also got the word Democrat as the third word on his bio page….along with the fact that he was “born and raised on the border in Nogales,” and a  “supporter of his community.” Does that mean the entire community of Maricopa County or the Democrat Hispanic community? His view of himself and his job is odd, to say the least.

    • Seen It All says:

      Adrian Fontes sounds like the return of former MC Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox. She had the same skewed views of who she represented.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      D B Cooper – Watching his campaign ads on TV and a political show on Channel 3, I gleaned from them that he is a macho Hispanic-centered troublemaker who is in league with the Soros-type extremists. He kept pushing the fact that he was a Marine, which probably got him a few votes from some. I predict trouble.

      • D B Cooper says:

        Under the circumstances, splitting the Elections Dept. from the Recorder’s Office could well make sense.

        I have no recollection of Fontes’ campaign commercials. Will try Googling them.
        Thanks for the info.

    • Sgt. Preston says:

      Jeff Flake’s Congressional amnesty cohort Luis Gutierrez always uses the same LaRaza hatred of anything not Latino language which is “For the Race Everything. Outside the race, nothing.”, That’s actually the LaRaza motto.

      I never think of Hispanic as a race, but they revel in it and the separatism it provides. There are only three races: Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid. I remember that from my college anthropology studies.

  2. Ellsworth says:

    Have you ever had to sit through one of Ken Bennett’s Kleenex torturous box routines as he tries to explain the budget? This is Part One of several

  3. Kathy says:

    Off topic:

    McCain is awful quiet – hummmm. McCain sent a personal staff member to pick up the so-called dossie and gave it to the FBI. I wonder how much McCain paid or was paid by Soros? Just a thought.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      McCain was a day late and a dollar short. James Comey already had the made-up “dossier.” I wonder how much it cost the taxpayers for that fruitless mission. McCain is so overwrought with hatred for Trump, he’s becoming a detriment to himself. He’s a laughing stock with people across the country. He’s a legend in his own mind. He’s an embarrassment to those of us who never vote for him.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    This article is dated 2/15/17, but it was mentioned on today’s “Seth & Chris” conservative talk radio show on 960 The Patriot. He appears to be very vulnerable. Let’s knock him off (figuratively speaking for the politically correct snowflakes).

    Is Jeff Flake in trouble? –

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    British press reporting that the British spy who was instrumental in the dossier filled with phony info on Trump has now been “hired” by the FBI.

    There will be no winners in this game.

    Most of our electronic devices, including our cars; airplanes, and trucks can be used against us.

    Try this on your oh-so-smarter-than-you phone:

    Go to Settings; then Privacy, then Microphone.
    See what you find.
    Even if you don’t belong to Facebook, you may find that it has attached itself to your phone.

    • Clementine says:

      And that dossier was the one that also had John McCain’s fingerprints all over it. The liberal old goat is committed to taking Pres. Trump down. He’s still angry that he lost in 2008 and Trump won in 2016. Living in the past is a typical symptom of dementia.