Dying AZ Republic refuses to take its meds

While the markets have been surging since the election of President Trump, Gannett Co., Inc. (GCI) parent company of the Arizona Republic has been in decline.  On Dec. 4, 2015 Gannett was selling at $17.48 a share. Tuesday morning it was trading at $7.85. The plunge began in earnest after the leftist publication came out with a Sept. 27, 2016 presidential endorsement of scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton.  The newspaper was forced to admit that the move precipitated a flood of calls to cancel subscriptions. 

But insulting the remaining readers is de rigueur for the Republic, whose favorite topics are sob stories promoting illegal aliens and attempting to normalize deviant behavior –a wide-ranging topic which took on a new luster under the paper’s former editor, Randy Lovely.  He did such a bang-up job in Arizona, he has been promoted to a VP position at Gannett, necessitating a move to the company’s headquarters in McLean, Virginia.

The stock market has responded favorably to Donald Trump, with the Dow breaking above 20,000 for the first time ever within days of his inauguration. Following his speech to Congress, the Dow Jones hit another record — this one climbing above 21,000.

Despite a massive boom in employment since his election, the Arizona Republic continues to hammer him, with a daily barrage of skewed headlines topping reports that have only a passing acquaintance with the truth.  Cartoonist Steve Benson has lost his ability to portray any entity other than increasingly vile distortions of President Trump. The editorials are a constant agenda-filled harangue.

Now the continually shrinking — in size and content — newspaper has a new gimmick.  No, we’re not talking about the propensity to run the same story twice in the same edition, although that has a decided eeriness to it. Demographic studies point to senior citizens as the reliable reader base, hence the majority of ads are for hearing aids, senior facilities, and life alert alarms to assist in the event of a fall.

Are these the people to aim Page One articles and oversized photos of hurdles faced by transgender Arizonans in the workplace? How many even heard the term until recently when it became newsworthy due to their desire to use public restrooms of their feelings, not their biology and demanded accommodations?

The latest stunt is to take up three-quarters of the front page or jump page with repetitive miniscule graphics. A report on escalating crime, for example, included a legend to reading the meaning into the pictures of guns (shooting), fists (blunt force), knives (stabbing), a hypodermic needle (drug overdose), skull and crossbones (poisoning), and a flame (smoke inhalation). The editorial board obviously regards its declining base as being in need of remedial support to aid their reading experience. 

It’s clear the leftist publication would rather die as a purveyor of skewed news, continuing to insult its remaining readers than live with impartial journalistic integrity as a hallmark. The fact that the entire newspaper has become the editorial page is unmistakably reflected in its steadily declining stock prices.


8 Responses to Dying AZ Republic refuses to take its meds

  1. Kent says:

    Donald Trump won because the American people were sick and tired of the status quo and the feeling that we were losing our country. He began fulfilling his campaign promises on day one, which has resonated with Americans. I meet and talk with people from different walks of life in my job. When they raise the topic of Donald Trump, young and old, well off or not, the opinion is overwhelming positive. Many of them have volunteered that they were not Republicans and voted for him. I’ve heard these stories so frequently, I believe this is a phenomena not previously seen.

  2. Jakesez says:

    I dropped my subscription t the rag last year and the only thing I miss is the sports section during the football season But, I can go to the library and see it for free. Love it when I can stick it to them.

    • Seen It All says:

      We missed the crossword puzzles, but they are easily obtainable as soft cover books at grocery or drug stores. It’s not just a matter of despising the content of this liberal newsosaur, but giving them money to routinely insult our intelligence is where we finally drew the line. I grew up in a household where my parents subscribed to both the Arizona Republic and the Phoenix Gazette, the afternoon edition which I delivered after school. Today’s newspaper bears no resemblance to those conservative ones published by Eugene and Nina Pulliam. Newcomers to Arizona can’t begin to imagine the difference.

  3. Kathy says:

    AZ Republic dying – I’m sure they will endorse Flake, which hopefully will be the nail in his loss – wishful thinking. Flake must be worried tho, I’m already hearing his ads on 97.1 (Coconino County) how he is working for us regarding getting rid of Obamacare. Needless to say – Flake is Lying again!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jakesez says:

    Must be an election coming up, Flake is back in town telling us what a good conservative he is and how he looks out for our beliefs and concerns. McCain finally left town after he did the same thing last year.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Perhaps if reporters did their jobs and editors printed real stories, things like this would not be happening:

    A large group of teenage thugs as young as 13 were milling about in downtown Baltimore City, very obviously looking for a (white) target.
    In broad daylight while people are hurrying to work.

    The video is stunning and shows the animalistic behavior of the group:


    Bet the AZRag would headline with excuses for the thugs.

    These are the same group of people who stand in line for 2 days to buy a pair of Kanye West sneakers for $2,000.
    (Then there are the hardcore thugs who let someone else buy them and then kill them to take their shoes.)

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Dear God in Heaven. How long does this jungle behavior go on before it’s stopped. These “teens” got the ‘message’ from Obama and Loretta Lynch to keep fighting (for what?!) – sometimes there has to be blood in the streets, she says. Law Enforcement in this country is pretty much pc’d to death. The only thing they’re ferocious about are speeding tickets and DUI’s. Forget a white person trying to walk down the street in safety from animals – tough luck for whitey.

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Will the AZ Repugnant “investigate” this?

    McCain Institute’s Failure To Use Donations For Anti-Trafficking Purposes Raises Questions – Disobedient Media

    Multiple members of McCain’s various campaign staff have been arrested in the past on criminal charges. In 2009, the former manager of McCain’s Pueblo, Colorado presidential campaign office was arrested on child molestation charges after it was alleged that he had abused a number of young boys; at least one molestation occurred during the time that he was working for McCain. In April 2016, a former fundraiser for John McCain was arrested on multiple felony drug charges, including child endangerment after police found an active meth lab and meth, LSD and cocaine in her house. She had been listed as a contact in fundraising documents for Senator McCain.