John McDeity? The world according to leftist media

There’s no denying the above-the-fold headline in Thursday’s Arizona Republic was astonishing. Treating John McCain as omnipotent, the headline, “McCain aims to reassure the world,” creates a deity of the man many Arizonans have come to abhor. He’s been censured by elected Republican officials at state and Maricopa County intra-party statutory meetings.

Does that make Republican party activists heretics instead of political adversaries?

The report’s theme? McCain is attempting to ease the angst of world leaders who have a problem with President Donald Trump‘s “America First” policy, reassuring them we “still have their back.” The coverage is unique in that it was not written by McCain’s assigned sycophantic reporter Dan Nowicki, who has devotedly covered McCain’s every move and utterance.  Instead it was filed by Eliza S. Collins of the “Republic Washington Bureau.” Whether the Republic actually has a Washington Bureau is up for debate.  She appears to work for USA Today, the Gannett parent company of the Republic.

To get a flavor of her puerile vantage point, consider these words, but precede them with visions of jubilant trumpets blasting and golden edged clouds parting as McCain glides in on a ray of heavenly light:

Enter Sen. John McCain. The Arizona Republican has used his perch as head of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee to shape national security and influence foreign policy. But he’s also acted like a diplomat of sorts, making calls and taking trips to reassure foreign leaders concerned about where they stand with the White House.

McCain’s post as head of the Senate Armed Services Committee requires him to travel extensively and schmooze world leaders. He also is known for speaking his mind — particularly on foreign policy and national security — even if it means breaking with his party.

“Even if it means breaking with his party“?

McCain has carefully cultivated his “Maverick” image to cover these career-long departures. When he first ran for the U. S. House in 1982, recruited as a compelling returning POW, to succeed retiring House Minority Leader and conservative icon John J. Rhodes, McCain had to be dissuaded from running as a Democrat by the powerful Phoenix 40. He and his new wife Cindy Lou Hensley briefly moved to the East Valley to connect with the First Congressional District voters.

The report quotes Wes Gullett, a former McCain operative who, like his onetime boss, prefers Democrats and their policies to Republicans. Gullet was among a host of McCain aides known for signing onto the infamous Republicans for Janet — supporters of liberal Democrat Janet Napolitano — when she ran for governor of Arizona in 2006 and reporter Collins was still in high school.

Still unable to come to terms with the fact he lost the 2008 presidential race, McCain has adorned himself with the mantle of global statesman, calling world leaders and speechifying at a 2017 security conference in Munich, Germany where he blasted President Trump.

Also quoted in the Republic‘s article, Rhode Island Democrat Sen. Jack Reed, who called McCain’s Munich comments, “critical,” saying “I thought it was a very thoughtful speech…” and Joseph Nye a Defense undersecretary from Bill Clinton’s administration, present for McCain’s speech.  His response? “Thank God for John McCain.”

Nye obviously didn’t get the McMemo that McCain is God.

The conferences are nothing new to McCain, allowing him to cavort with his America-hating, anti-capitalist longtime benefactor, George Soros, who disdains national borders. This post provides more background on the unsavory relationship. Reporter Eliza S. Collins might learn a few things she wasn’t taught in J school.


8 Responses to John McDeity? The world according to leftist media

  1. State Delegate says:

    Another excellent post, SRAZ! Exposure of Republicrats can’t be overdone. John McCain is a despicable, angry man who has done more to harm conservatives than any statewide elected Democrat has ever done.. He’s enraged that Donald Trump was elected president when he was kicked to the curb.

    Google the two words McCain and Purge to get an idea of his low tactics to rid elected conservative precinct committeemen from their posts. National news outlets have exposed his tactics but not the local press.

    He wants to remake the Republican Party in his Democrat lite image. He lies about his opponents and the liberal AZ Repulsive newspaper lets him get away with the ongoing deception. He’s their guy. Now Jeff McFlake is their new best hope to continue this charade of running as Republicans while voting and acting as Democrats in DC.

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    “McCain aims to reassure the world”?? What a joke. He can’t even reassure Arizona conservatives that his days of purging them from the party ranks are over. That’s because they’re not. If he completes the senate term he was foolishly reelected to last November, he’ll be EIGHTY SIX years old. He lacks the class to retire as John Rhodes did, which gave him his first foothold into politics.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    The self-professed “congressional reporter”, Ms. Collins, was born in 1991 according to her profile.

    Her twitter account shows a tweet regarding daylight savings time in which she mentions that she grew up in Arizona and doesn’t know anything about DST. So she knows how to tweet, but apparently does not know how to research.

    Her profiles across several platforms do Not mention anything about an AZRag D.C. bureau, but does show that she was formerly with Politico (first hint), and now with USA Today.

    One of her tweets is regarding the money spent on Trump’s weekend trips to his residence in Florida.
    Again, apparent lack of research ability, since there is not one word about Obama and his entourage being forever gypsies in jets.

    One of her recent tweets mentioned that John McCain is trying to “calm” world leaders who are concerned about Trump.

    The words “John McCain” and “calm” have probably Never been used in a sentence in the history of the printed word.

    He is plotting, scheming, and doing his gang thing—no longer content with his Senate gang of 8, he has now openly gone global.

    Saboteur! Saboteur!

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Enjoyed SRAZ post above.

    Follow the money. I’ve seen a few items like this from alternative media lately. Maybe the hateful old buzzard is finally getting a well-deserved comeuppance. The comments after the article show that people aren’t fooled by this egotistical fraud.

    “Charitable institutions (like The Clinton Foundation), as Judge Jeanine Pirro has stated publicly, often serve as a slush fund for those whose name the institution bears. Pirro called the Clintons’ foundation nothing more than a “money laundering operation used as a slush fund.” Now, it seems, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and his institution are coming under fire for contributions it has been receiving from the Rothschild family, a controversial global mining company, and the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia.”

  5. Jakesez says:

    Most of us in the republican party realize what a mistake John McCain is, but, sorry to say,most AZ voters still get their information from the newspaper, the democrats and community organizers that flood the state with propaganda when an election comes around. A grand example of this is the Flake return to the senate. He is using the McCain machine to set up his re-election in two years.

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Read about how “Ace McCain” got his nickname from Naval commanders for crashing so many planes.