Orrin Hatch afflicted with McCain contagion

U.S. Senate seats grasped by gnarled fingers

America’s founders envisioned a citizen legislature in which senators and representatives would serve their country for a short time and return to private life. Here in Arizona we’ve witnessed the obsessive lust for power that has rendered octogenarian John McCain unable to gracefully retire. Equally as troubling are his political enablers who fall prey to lobbyist financed campaign deceit and reelect him.

Now Utah’s Deseret News confirms that 83-year-old Sen. Orrin Hatch — certain that no one else is up to the task —  is planning to run for an eighth 6-year senate term. You do the math.

During the 2012 election Hatch vowed that his current term would be his last. But unable to relinquish power, he’s changed his mind. “I’m planning on running right now,” Hatch told CNN. “That’s what my current plans are.” Hatch has been quoted as saying, ”I’m tough and strong and I have the usual infirmities that anybody my age has, but nothing stops me. I don’t think I’m ready to give up the ghost yet.”

It’s chilling to realize that Hatch, the most senior Republican senator, is third in the line of succession after the Vice President and Speaker of the House to the President of the United States in his role as Senate President Pro Tempore.

Octogenarian-senator-in-training Jeff Flake also pledged to term-limit himself to three two-year terms during his first Congressional campaign in 2000, but later smirked while admitting, “I lied.” He stayed in the House until Sen. Jon Kyl retired in 2012, and then barely squeaked into the senate by 3 points. He’s running for a second six-year term in 2018.

A staunchly pro-amnesty McCain lackey Flake is known for saying “the beauty of six-year senate terms” is that the voters have short memories.  

Jeff Flake has been in Washington, D.C. so long he’s forgotten the symbol of the Republican Party is the elephant — noted for it’s long memory. 

Flake, an unwavering Trump antagonist, is being challenged by conservative Dr. Kelli Ward. She needs our help to counter the perks of incumbency. Get on-board. It’s time to stop enabling Republicrats and their decades-long terms.

In 2015, Channel 3 reported Jeff Flake was the most unpopular Senator in the nation. Arizonans deserve better.

10 Responses to Orrin Hatch afflicted with McCain contagion

  1. Vince says:

    This need to stay in DC appears to be a Democrat and RINO thing. West Virginia Democrat Sen. Robert Byrd was in the senate the longest in American history with more than 51 years under his belt. Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Ted Kenned was in DC 47 years before he died . Arizona Democrat Carl Hayden finally retired at age 91, He was the territorial sheriff and went to Washington immediately after Arizona became a state in 1912.. Then there’s “maverick” John McCain, who has spent decades throwing sucker punches at Republicans. That they get reelected speaks to the uniformed voters who vote for a familiar name and know nothing about their voting records, The rest of us have to live with the results of their apathy and ignorance.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I remember Orrin Hatch during GWBush’s two terms in the White House. He was pro-open borders/amnesty and seemed to be totally out of touch with what the people wanted. He bragged about singing in the chorus with Ted Kennedy, one of his best friends in the Senate.

    At least Utah has one verifiable Conservative senator in Mike Lee. That’s more than Arizona has with the two we keep ending up with – one “maverick” and one “libertarian” who was closer to Obama than his own constituents. These prima donna’s should be term limited. We can’t count on voters to kick them out – only keep voting them in.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Arrogance sets in when the people send them to D.C. First of all they think they are independent of us, though we pay their paychecks. The idea of accommodating the wishes of their constituents is foreign to them. They hold closed “townhall; meetings ensuring they won’t be met with dissent. They also portray aisle crossing as a positive rather than a sell out. Democrats never engage in such tactics. But they welcome people like McCain and Flake who make arguments on behalf of their issues. This is a few years old but nothing has changed. Watch as Flake sounds like a democrat on the issue of the STRIVE Act, another amnesty scheme which he was pushing. When Lou Dobbs calls him out, Flake reverts to his grin. California Congressman Brian Bilbray gave all the right responses because he has core values. Unfortunately in 2012 he lost to a Democrat.

      • Realist says:

        This is who Jeff Flake is. He’s slippery and more than willing to sneer at Congressman Bilbray, who spoke the truth. Bilbray should have been reelected and Flake kicked to the curb, but California is no more. As Victor Davis Hanson wrote, it’s Mexifornia.


      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        Frankly Speaking: Here we have two border state congressmen. One sounds concerned about illegal aliens swamping our two states as well as the rest of the country. The other one sounds like a flim-flam man and talks like Obama – talks but says nothing – nothing believable. How unjust that a good man like Brian Bilbray is gone and Flake is still around. He’s hard to watch and listen to – between the Obama smile and the B.S., my stomach is upset. Nothing has been done by Flake to eliminate illegal immigration. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

  3. East Valley Conservative says:

    Mexifornia is on my library shelf, dogeared from being read and reread. It’s a good bet neither John McAmnesty nor Jeff the Flake have ever read it once. They are equally committed to remaking Arizona in the same image. Flake now has a Hispanic son-in-law and grandchild. His church has become a haven for illegals and Utah is now a sanctuary state. He can say our amnesty system is broken from morning till night. It’s the will to enforce it that’s broken and he’s a leading advocate for laxity, while he speaks out of both sides of his capped tooth mouth.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Orrin Hatch and McCain are probably both betting that their wives or offspring will be “gifted” with their Senate seats, including leather chairs which are embedded with their assprints.

    Irony for the week just ended:

    Women in China are flocking to plastic surgeons with requests to copy Ivanka Trump’s good looks. (from the Daily Star, linked on drudgereport today)

    Funny how women in Communist China want to look like Ivanka, while communist-leaning women in the US prefer to stay ugly.

    Steve Bannon is the “man with no fixed address” per the Washington Post, linked on drudgereport today. They really put his wanderings under a microscope.

    Funny how no one questioned BO’s background to any extent.
    But when Malik Obama (half-bro to BHO) posted a tweet showing BHO’s alleged Kenyan birth certificate a few days ago, the media called Malik Obama a “malicious narcissist”.

    The media got the diagnosis correct, but they ascribed it to the wrong brother.

    Meanwhile, Barrack and MIchelle can’t stay away from NYC.
    And, even in the cold, snowy weather, hundreds of people stand outside of the restaurant cheering him, while he got a standing ovation inside the joint.

    • Braveheart says:

      This line from your comment provided my best laugh of the day, Sam! My dad was known to say the best humor was based in truth. You proved him right.
      “Funny how women in Communist China want to look like Ivanka, while communist-leaning women in the US prefer to stay ugly.”

  5. Doc says:

    And in further news about “he who should fall off the side of the planet” a.k.a. jonh mcTraitor:


    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Ol’ Johnny is making a fool of himself. He’s a one-trick pony. But at least it’s keeping him out of more mischief in the Middle East and Russia for the time being. LOL