A glaring example of fake news

No cream in your coffee?  No milk on your Wheaties? According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, you can lay the blame for such inconveniences directly at the feet of President Donald Trump.

Who knew?

Trump’s campaign promise to deport illegal aliens doesn’t play well with a dairy farmer interviewed for the newspaper’s report.  He depends on “foreign workers” to do the dairy work, saying Americans won’t work for $13 an hour — the identical salary bank tellers in Wisconsin earn. Farming today, including dairies, is overwhelmingly mechanized  Stoop labor in the fields is mostly a thing of the past. Dairies have long had automated milking machines.

This Center for Immigration Studies report titled, “Alternatives to Immigrant Labor” was published in 2000 — seventeen years ago!  Even then the conclusion was hand harvesting of fruit and vegetable crops in the United States is a labor-intensive operation that accounts for about 50 percent of total production costs.

In other words, even paying substandard wages to illegal harvesters increased the prices to American consumers. Mechanization, including computer and vision equipped robotic systems for crop detection and robotic arms with special grippers for crop detachment, collection, and transport are described in the CIS report, which concluded, “Great progress has been made as computers, vision systems, and motion/manipulation control technologies have been enhanced.”

Those words were written nearly two decades ago. It’s not difficult to imagine rapid advances have since been made in our ever increasing technological world.

The entire premise of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report, “Immigration Policy Could Put Dairy Farmers Out of Business, is fallacious. The newspaper editorially endorsed Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Although no fan of Hillary’s it used inflammatory hyperbole to describe Trump, calling him a “liar, a bigot, a gleeful peddler of hate, egotistical and emotionally unsteady” — among other insults.

The editorial board concluded with this display of foolishness:  “For those who can’t support Clinton’s policies, we recommend they follow the lead of Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who wrote in the name of a mature, conservative leader at the top of his ticket — in his case, Arizona Sen. John McCain.”

That selection of a “conservative leader” could explain why John Kasich is a man destined to be relegated to political obscurity when his term expires. He lost the Republican nomination for president in 2000 and 2016. 

This newspaper shames itself with its obnoxious, leftist spew.


8 Responses to A glaring example of fake news

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    Remember when McCain said that the crops in Yuma would rot on the ground if not for immigrant (cheap) labor? He said that Americans would not do this type of work.

    And now we see that fast food restaurants and other companies are replacing workers with robots.
    Robots—–now that real cheap labor without the potential for giving the customers Hepatitis or other diseases which are spread by poor hygiene.

    When I was in high school and then college, I worked on local farms picking strawberries; cantaloupe, and watermelons. Long before we had SPF 50 sunscreen or Gatorade.
    It was an honest day’s work with very little pay, but it sure taught me to appreciate how Mother Earth provides for us and the importance of taking pride in your job, no matter how menial the task.

    The vast majority of Americans will be completely unable to cope if there is a major catastrophe.
    But they will be very able to blame and complain.

    May God continue to have Mercy on us.

    • Braveheart says:

      Poor hygiene is not an exaggeration!! As a college student in the Pacific Northwest, I picked green beans one summer. There were no port-a-potties or means of washing your hands. You moved off line, did your business and returned to fill your long burlap bag. I’ve never eaten green beans again, tho it’s unlikely anything is different with any other crops and no doubt much worse when they are grown and harvested in other countries.As a consumer and a former picker, I welcome automation!

  2. Vince says:

    Bashing President Trump has become a reason to get up in the morning for the left, who are still demoralized that lyin’ Hillary lost.

    The newspaper article also pointed out that American convicts are used on dairy farms with great success. They appreciate the opportunity to work and are learning skills.

  3. MacBeth says:

    I’m not a conspiracy theorist. Never have been. But I’ve never seen such a coordinated campaign against a president in my lifetime. There is undeniable collusion on all fronts, from the so-called entertainment industry to the media straight through to the George Soros led rabble rousers who gather to protest on a moment’s notice. Apparently none of them have jobs.

  4. Jakesez says:

    It is a good thing we lowly conservative have the intelligent elites like Kasich and McCain to over ride our feeble attempts to make America great again. This is why we not only need to drain the swamp, we also need to flush the toilet as far as the republican party is concerned.

  5. Maggie says:

    With a “honeymoon” like this, it’s easy to see why Donald Trump is pursuing a divorce….from the Bride of Frankenstein media.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Comey is a classless zero.

    Anyone see Congressman Trey Gowdy’s brilliant questioning of Comey this morning?
    Good to see Gowdy in his usual great form.
    Was worried last year that he appeared to be ill.

    Others asked Comey questions, which he successfully deflected by giving long, lead-in statements which offered nothing.

    Congressman Gowdy spun a giant web and lured him in.

    Not that it will mean anything.

    Meanwhile, the WH grounds have been breached 3 times in 8 days.
    Twice, Trump was in residence.
    The last guy told the Federal Protective Officers that he was on a
    “trial run”.

    Now we learn that someone got by the Secret Service at Trump’s Florida estate/resort and was able to take a selfie next to Trump’s portrait while standing in Trump’s private study.

    Obama is being kept safe and sound and at the ready on Marlon Brando’s private island near Tahiti.
    Narcissists cannot stand to be isolated.
    So there must be some enormous reward that he has been promised along with an all-you-can ingest buffet of drugs.

    Please pray. Thanks.

  7. Villanova says:

    For the most part, liberals are nothing more than posers, playing to their under informed base. That’s what we’re witnessing now. I finally stopped watching the “grilling.” Gorsuch is clearly superior to his detractors.