Did Obama’s NSA illegally spy on Sheriff Arpaio’s prosecution?

Jerome Corsi, writing for INFOWARS details in this Bombshell report what he describes as clear parallels to Obama’s wiretapping of Trump.”

You won’t want to miss this report, which contains a timeline of the Arpaio civil rights case, “created with the assistance of the Operation Dragnet whistleblower and made public in a federal hearing that disseminated the timeline to the public. It was provided to Infowars.com, and is reproduced in full.”


9 Responses to Did Obama’s NSA illegally spy on Sheriff Arpaio’s prosecution?

  1. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Somebody should have bothered to ‘spy’ on this guy, Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama, before he was in a position to do damage to this country and its people. If anyone deserved ‘spying on,’ it was Obama. The “vetting” he got from George Will and Dianne Feinstein in the dark of night at Feinstein’s Georgetown home didn’t get it.

    I don’t doubt for a minute Obama’s NSA spied on Sheriff Joe. Obama’s administration made Sheriff Joe miserable for 8 years. Obama’s still at it with others he doesn’t agree with. We’ll be dealing with that scourge for a long time to come.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    FBI-led investigative team examines role of conservative news sites in Russia campaign | McClatchy DC

    Article mentions Breitbart and Info Wars (“far right” news sites that possibly influenced the election).
    Comey is in the middle of everything it seems. Never saw an FBI director so “out there.”

    • Kathy says:

      Comey has aided Hillary Clinton since Whitewater and probably more than we will ever know. The man has NO integrity.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    FOX News has suspended “indefinitely” Judge Andrew Napolitano from his guest analyst job at the network.

    Judge Napolitano stated on several shows over the past week that he had information that Obama used British intelligence agencies to gather information on Trump; his family; his business ventures, and his associates.

    Little pansy Shep Smith had one of his monthly hormone-related meltdowns on air, denouncing Judge Napolitano’s statements.

    Meanwhile, with the face that could stop a clock, old Maxine Waters has been pounding the impeachment drum weeks before Trump was inaugurated. She’s their designated driver.

    • Fed Up says:

      Interesting. Hadn’t heard that. Judge Napolitano has too much integrity to be useful to Fox News, which is no longer what it once was. The “fair and balanced” schtick has turned into jumping through hoops for John McCain, even stooping to hire his overweight, tattooed, air head daughter. Fox also has as many liberals on its panels as conservatives. “Fair and balanced” has become distorted and unbalanced. I rarely watch it anymore.

  4. Just the Facts says:

    The so called whistleblower who is not mentioned by name is one Dennis L. Montgomery, who was a paid, confidential informant for then Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Montgomery worked on the often debunked Obama birth certificate investigation with Mike Zullo and Sheriff Arpaio. Jerry Corsi, the man who wrote this article, also worked on the birth certificate investigation with Arpaio. In U.S. District Court, Arizona division, in court testimony by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, given under oath, in the Melendres v. Arpaio case, Arpaio was asked if the information that Dennis Montgomery provided him was “junk.” Arpaio’s testimony was “Yes.” Two former U.S. intelligence officers who reviewed Montgomery’s information, according to court transcripts, labeled Arpaio’s whistleblower as a “fraud.” Dennis Montgomery’s background is also detailed in the article, “The Man Who Conned the Pentagon” published in Playboy magazine several years ago. This is but one more clumsy attempt to manipulate the thinking about Arpaio as he faces his criminal contempt trial next month in U.S. District Court in Phoenix Arizona. I predict that there is a booking mug shot in Joe Arpaio’s future. Hopefully, President Trump will ignore this nonsense. And yes, President Trump should have fired FBI Director Comey within minutes after Trump was sworn into office. Too late now.

    (I will be amazed if this comment ever sees the light of day and comes out of moderation and is published on pro-Arpaio, “Seeing Red AZ.” )

    • Just the Facts says:

      Thanks for publishing my comment.

      • Seeing Red AZ says:

        You’ shouldn’t be so quick to bet against SRAZ. While we are definitely supportive of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and believe he has gotten a bum rap and biased judge in Murray Snow, we try to be fair to other respectfully given opinions. This is a politically conservative site, so it follows that most of our commenters are of the same mindset.

      • Just the Facts says:

        I’m politically conservative as well. So, I must be on the right site. SRAZ, please tell me what information did you utilize to determine that Judge Snow is biased and Sheriff Joe got a bum rap? Did you attend all of the court hearings?

        I recall a WND.com article written by reporter Bob Unruh, that claimed that Judge Snow’s wife stood up in court and screamed that her husband didn’t like Arpaio. I was in court for all of the Arpaio civil contempt proceedings and that event never happened. I called Unruh on his less than honest reporting and he never responded. Unfortunately, some conservatives seem to have embraced the tactic of dishonesty to fight the lies coming from the radical left. I’m a firm believer that conservatives should fight liberal lies with truth. If we fight the libs with dishonesty, we are no better than the left.

        I for one saw several things while I attended the hearings. Arpaio’s legal team seemed to be caught flat footed and surprised by the revelations that continued to unfold in court. I saw Arpaio attorneys trying to defend Arpaio, who I believe, was less than forthright with his own attorneys. I saw Arpaio not comply with orders of the court. The order that Arpaio preserve the 50 hard drives that his confidential informant provided to Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse in Seattle, was ignored to the point that Judge Snow ordered the U.S. Marshals to seize the evidence from the Sheriff’s Office. I witnessed one of Arpaio’s subordinates lie under oath. I witnessed evidence that was revealed in court that presented the allegation that Sheriff Arpaio was actually investigating Judge Snow. I watched one of Arpaio’s posse members claim the 5th over 220 times in two days. What was he so concerned about, if he did nothing wrong? I could go on. But unless one actually witnessed the events unfold in court, one never would have seen the precarious position Sheriff Joe Arpaio put himself.

        I believe that Sheriff Arpaio is facing an uphill battle regarding the criminal charge that will unfold against him in court next month. As a former Sheriff Joe supporter, from what I observed in court, much of this legal mess is, unfortunately, of Arpaio’s own doing.