Calif. Dems threaten border wall contractors

A trio of California Democrat lawmakers have issued a warning for contractors who sign up for President Donald Trump’s border wall construction project along the U.S./ Mexico: Build it, and we will divest from your company.

This latest act of defiance stems from President Donald Trump fulfilling his campaign pledge to secure our nation’s sovereign, but easily breached border, with a wall. This issue was a winner with American citizens, who swept him into office last November.

The state lawmakers have introduced the cagily written Assembly Bill 946 that would compel the state to drop its pension investments in any companies involved in the construction project.

“This is a wall of shame and we don’t want any part of it,” Assemblyman Phil Ting said in a statement. “Immigrant stories are the history of America and this is a nightmare.”

What Ting neglects to add is that actual immigrants arrive legally. Illegal aliens use stealth to enter our country, and once here facilitate their existence and access to social services by using stolen or fraudulent identification.

He has another ace up his sleeve to “put more money in the pockets of those who need it most.” He devotes a page of his legislative website to checking eligibility forfree money from the government.” Of course the government doesn’t generate money.  Hardworking taxpayers are the ones he desires to fleece, with his “You Work, I Eat” scheme.

Assembly Bill 946 sprang to life on Monday, three days after the U.S. Customs and Border Protection requested proposals forborder wall prototypes.

The proposed legislation requires the California Public Employee Retirement System and the California State Teachers Retirement System — the two largest public pension funds in the nation, with investments of $312 billion and $202 billion, respectively — to liquidate investments in any company involved with the wall’s construction within a year. It would also require the pension-fund management to report a list of those companies to the Legislature.

This lunacy is the brainchild of Democrats Phil Ting (San Francisco), Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (San Diego), and Eduardo Garcia, (Coachella), who must have missed the news that on March 21 alone Customs and Border Protection agents reported seizing over $40 Million in cocaine headed for American streets.

Ting’s district includes the sanctuary city of San Francisco where Kate Steinle, 32, was senselessly murdered by an illegal alien, repeat drug felon, using a stolen gun. He had been deported five times, and was just released from jail. She was strolling the pier walking arm-in-arm with her father when her life was cut short.

In 2011, ABC 10 News in San Diego reported the Shi’a Muslim terrorist group Hezbollah has a long-established foothold adjacent to the city. Does Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, who represents the area, care?

We need a wall.  We need it now.


6 Responses to Calif. Dems threaten border wall contractors

  1. MacBeth says:

    It’s been said before, but certainly bears repeating here. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  2. State Committeeman says:

    That these people could win election to the California Assembly (legislature) says as much about the voters as it does about them. America’s security and the safety of our citizens is not their concern. Posturing and offering “free money” secures their position. No wonder Mexico is known as Mexifornia.

  3. Observer says:

    This video shows California Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown welcoming the President of Mexico and telling the illegals in the audience how welcome they are in California.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    California is Mexifornia. More and more cities and towns are run by Hispanics, elected by Hispanics – all of whom are Democrats. Once very Republican towns (Palm Desert as an example, once represented by Conservative Sonny Bono, then his R wife) are now and will be forever run by Democrats. Malibu just voted to become a sanctuary city. They won’t allow Americans on their beaches, but now allow illegal aliens to feel safe in their wealthy community. California politicians are blinded by ideology. Keeping the population safe and drugs out aren’t a priority.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Funny, when you live in Arizona you want the wall. When you live in (progressive/Democrat) Connecticut, its racist.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Today, the President of Turkey, Mr. (T)Erdogen, stated that soon Westerners will Not walk safely in their streets.
    This, after another brown-skinned, bearded Mohammed mowed down innocent people near the Parliament building in London.

    It made me sick to see the photo of first responders giving AID to him. Attempting to give him the breath of life.
    He died. Filling yet another spot in a special corner of hell.

    Innocents have “mysteriously” been mowed down on streets around Europe for several weeks now. CCTV has captured images of cars being purposefully directed towards groups of Westerners and causing injury and death.
    But——nothing to see here.
    Keep your eyes closed and carry on.

    Just last week, (T)Erdogen told Muslims in Europe to have “many babies, 4 or 5. . .”

    The invaders rioted for hours in Sweden over the weekend, burning and destroying everything in their path. And not one arrest was made. No attempt was made by Swedish authorities to quell the riots.

    RE: California
    The politicians in California are mentally ill.

    Did you not see the story about the massive flooding in Oroville, CA a few weeks ago? The infrastructure of that dam was left to decay and floodwater and concrete and overgrown scrub floated away homes, businesses and agricultural areas.

    One man in the town tried to sound the alarm. He went to city hall And to the water district offices in the days before the spillway failed.
    This man had, for decades, documented the total lack of upkeep at the dam. He even filed a lawsuit several years ago. To no avail.

    The mayor of San Jose (where Oroville lies) admitted a day after the flood that the city of San Jose And the water district had “failed” the citizens.

    You can check the San Jose Mercury newspaper.

    You will see that the mayor of San Jose, a proud Latino man, has spent the past year on his soapbox, railing against Trump.

    San Jose, whose politicians call the area “the capital of Silicon Valley”. So much brilliance abounds there.
    All those politicians and tech geniuses can’t even figure out how to sound an alarm to warn residents of billions of gallons of water headed their way. No alarm system exists.
    For one of the largest dams in the world, no alarm system exists in case of emergency.

    But, hey, Gov. Moonbeam Brown just a few days before the dam burst, released 65 Billion Dollars to fund the First 25 (twenty five) miles of the new high speed bullet train.
    The train to nowhere.
    But going there fast.