Monday morning quarterbacking: To your health!

What better way to start the week than doing a bit of Monday morning quarterbacking? We’re not talking sports here.  It’s the epic health care debacle that took place on Friday, as House Speaker Paul Ryan was ordered by President Trump to pull the bill Ryan had shepherded —  just prior to the vote.

Former Senator Jim DeMint, president of The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, assesses the American Health Care Act, that was sold as the answer to candidate Trump’s campaign pledge to “repeal and replace” Obamacare.

The Ryan plan, derided as “Obamacare Lite,” or “RyanCare,” caused conservatives to balk at putting their stamp of approval on it.

DeMint sees the events that unfolded on Friday as an opportunity for Congressional leaders to start over. It takes only a single minute to read,There Are Plans Ready That Truly Repeal Obamacare.”

As President Trump moves to put tax reform on the front burner, it will most likely be without Paul Ryan’s choreographing.  

On Friday, we called for the replacement of Speaker Ryan. Judge Jeanine Pirro shares that thought. Here’s her view, given in her own inimitable style: Paul Ryan must go. Now.”


12 Responses to Monday morning quarterbacking: To your health!

  1. MacBeth says:

    Paul Ryan was repeatedly described as a “reluctant” supporter of GOP nominee Donald Trump. He’s never been dependable, and is looking out for only one thing, which is his own burning desire to be president.

    He’ll get as much support from me and other conservatives in that endeavor as he has given to Donald Trump the candidate, and Donald Trump, the President of the United States.
    I have never trusted him, and wish President Trump had put his reliance elsewhere.

  2. Hunter says:

    As you indicate in your post:

    “House Speaker Paul Ryan was ordered by President Trump to pull the bill Ryan had shepherded”

    Trump is in charge and ultimately responsible for this fiasco. Ryan should go because he did not bring a clean repeal bill up for a vote and let everyone go on record. If Republicans couldn’t pass a clean repeal bill, then any Republican voting against a clean repeal bill could be clearly identified as a RINO and targeted in the next primary. If Trump vetoed it (assuming it passed in Congress) then we could hold him directly accountable.

    The negotiations for what will replace Obamacare need to take place AFTER it is repealed. There is room for negotiation on the replacement, but there is no room for negotiation on a simple repeal (at least for conservatives).

    This disaster was driven by Trump with support by Ryan. Attempts to deflect blame away from Trump is just agenda driven propaganda that does not reflect reality.

    Republicans in Congress should live up to their promise to Republican voters to simply repeal Obamacare regardless of what Trump wants.

    • Braveheart says:

      I voted for Donald Trump and have no regrets. I did not vote for Paul Ryan, but I have plenty of regrets that the people of Wisconsin were so snowed by Mitt McRomney’s former running mate that he ended up in a position to harm our Republican president and the rest of us, as well.

      It was candidate Donald Trump who made Repealing and Replacing of ObamaCare the focal point of his campaign. Paul Ryan is an establishment tool, who has never stood with Trump. Repeal and Replace was never his issue.

      • Hunter says:

        Trump pushed this bill as much as Ryan did. The fundamental problem is that there needs to be a repeal first. Then a replace. Doing both at the same time is not manageable. Unfortunately, many Republicans are fine with Obamacare and just want to tweak it to make it better. Trump feels the same way, apparently. Conservative Republicans disagree.

  3. Longtime GOP PC says:

    Where was this guy? As Majority Whip, Steve Scalise should have had a better handle of the votes. He also fell down on the job even letting this bill get as far as it did without alerting President Trump to the lack of support. It’s fine to be positive and say we’re leading a rescue mission, but it’s fr preferable to be smart. Scalise should follow Ryan out the door. We need leadership that actually supports President Trump and the American people who voted for Trump largely on his promise to “REPEAL AND REPLACE” Obamacare.. That’s not what the president or the rest of us got.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      THIS is the guy I don’t trust at all! He’s a sleazy member of the Ryan/McCarthy/McMorris-Rogers, et al establishment. He will and has undermined conservatives since day one. He knew the Ryan bill had only 16-17% support, but they went ahead and took a vote. I am so glad that Judge Jeanine called him out! She hit the nail on the head with that opening statement. Scalise SHOULD follow Ryan out the door. Can we ever rid ourselves of these politicians who think more about ‘the game’ than the country.

  4. Doc says:

    As several radioheads have stated in a minor way, & Mark Levin has stated VERY Clearly, these morons have had SEVEN GOD BLESSED YEARS to build a plan to get this DONE! And Ryan’s “plan”??? I disagree with Hunter (which I normally wouldn’t) that President Trump skrewed this up. This MESS TOTALLY Belongs to blabbermouth ryan. He’s boehner 2.0, & I’ve said that since he was elected “speaker”! He, like boehner, needs to bow his head in shame & step down…& take scalise with him. These clowns wouldn’t be worth a dollar if ya’ tied one to ’em…

    • Hunter says:

      If Trump pushed for a simple repeal and then started the process of replacement policies, a simple repeal bill would have been passed. Trump demanding that a replacement be put into effect without first doing a simple repeal of Obamacare is the primary reason Obamacare was not repealed. It is unclear that the replacement bill was actually a repeal rather than a simple adjust to Obamacare. The last thing we need is more “comprehensive” federal legislation. Just pass a simple repeal bill. Then work on specific free market reforms in clearly articulated legislation that doesn’t require citizens to hire lawyers and accountants to comply with.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    ​I think the doozy of a Speaker before him, put Ryan in place. They go back a long time together and Boehner’s still on the talk circuit.
    Paul Ryan’s Catastrophic Lack of Political Skill and Judgment

    “As the 2016 primary election season was about to begin, Ryan negotiated with the Obama administration an omnibus budget bill once more without bothering to find out what his party would and would not accept. And so he was surprised to find that his Republicans were more than disappointed: they were furious. His agreement funded almost every hot button issue that Obama was desperate to have funded and Republicans were just as determined not to fund: Obama’s illegal executive amnesty was funded, his Muslim refugee program funded, sanctuary cities funded, yet there was no money for a border fence.”

  6. East Valley Conservative says:

    Larry Elder offers yet another view of what health care should be and uses the thoughts of former presidents and the U.S. Constitution to back up his perspective.

    Personally, I think he’s right, but the pigs have been at the trough for generations and there’s no turning back. Too many Americans think they are entitled to other people’s money.

    • Ellsworth says:

      Larry Elder is correct. Good for him for having the courage to tell the harsh truths.

      These unconstitutional social programs were all brought to us by liberal democrats who know that expanding government and creating dependency expands their voter base. Those sucking at the public teat don’t want those who gave them the joy juice to go away. For generations now, they have lost all sense of personal responsibility and feel entitled to the money others have earned through educating themselves and hard work.

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    It continues, on all levels.
    Today breitbart news has been denied permanent press cards, referred to as “hard passes” by the US Senate Press Gallery.

    Breitbart has temporary press passes that expire in two months.

    Ms. Megan McCain has a lot to say today about the healthcare bill that was a DNR (do not resuscitate).
    She is, after all, a brilliant scholar of everything important and may even be teaching brain surgery online in her spare time.