McCain & Flake’s amnesty pal Schumer is a jerk

Sen. Chuck Schumer’s bad behavior not limited to the senate

No one has ever accused Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) of being refined. He is known for being shrill, petty and arrogant. In fact, he has long been described by friend and foe alike as an “incorrigible publicity hound”

This Fox News report detailing Sen. Chuck Schumer’s lack of basic manners, self-control and unhinging over other people’s election choices in inappropriate settings, explains why he was the go-to-guy for John McCain and Jeff Flake when they put together their infamous ‘Gang of Eight’ amnesty scheme.

The Arizona duo chose four of the furthest left Democrats and two other Republicrats to join them in their failed misadventure. So committed is Schumer to open borders, he introduced a bill in 2012 intending to kill Arizona’s SB1070, and similar laws throughout the country as he anticipated the Supreme Court could rule in favor of the states.

Anytime you hear the words “Immigration Reform,”  “Comprehensive,” or the phrase “Our immigration system is broken,” let your antenna rise to their highest level, since those are the words used to suppress the truth about the invasion that is taking place in the United States. Our immigration system is generous and welcoming to actual immigrants who enter this country legally and choose to become Americans. Don’t allow the amnesty peddlers and illegal labor profiteers to confound our language.  Illegals are neither “immigrants” nor “migrants.”

The question to ask McCain and Flake — if they ever come out of hiding and actually face their constituents — is, “Why are you intent on expanding the Democrat Party?” 

Ann Coulter wrote,Hispanicked GOP elite: They’ll respect us in the morning,” four years ago. Her facts still apply although the figures have undoubtedly increased. If you read it in 2013, it’s time to reacquaint yourself with a healthy dose of reality. If you missed it, this is your chance. Coulter addresses the myth that Hispanics are “natural Republicans.” The information is invaluable as President Trump prepares to fulfill his campaign promise of building a wall along our sovereign southern border. We have a right to know who is entering our country and public officials have a moral obligation to protect Americans in these perilous times.


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  1. Realist says:

    It’s said a picture is worth a thousand words. I’d up the ante on the one. How much clearer could the traitorous collusion between liberal Schumer and our pathetic, supposedly Republican Arizona Senators be? They are all grinning broadly at the prospect of unloading a disastrous amnesty for those who disrespect our law and border. What great citizens such people would make!!

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Let him have it!
    From: “Van Esser –”
    Date: March 28, 2017 at 1:45:25 PM MST
    Subject: Participating in Sen. McCain’s 3/29 Facebook Live Town Hall Meeting?
    Participating in Sen. McCain’s 3/29 Facebook Live Town Hall Meeting?
    Mar. 28th, 2017
    Leap: Locally Educating & Appearing Personally
    Participating in Sen. McCain’s 3/29 Facebook Live Town Hall Meeting?

    Dear Arizona activist:

    This is your chance to take action! One of the most powerful things any citizen can do for the cause of reducing overall immigration is to visit with their Member of Congress and raise the issue of immigration.

    Sen. John McCain will hold a Facebook Live Town Hall meeting at 2 pm PT on March 29th. This is a great opportunity so please submit questions in advance at this link:

    Thanks in advance for your assistance!

    Talking Points

    Many of us voted for Trump because of his desire to crack down on illegal immigration. But you’re already talking about forcing him to trade immigration enforcement for amnesty. You should be ashamed of yourself. Despite what you and the biased media say, reversing Obama’s amnesty policies is a necessary return to sanity. I want you to support that before injecting your open borders agenda.

    I support a pause in resettling refugees from terrorist-producing countries. If we can’t vet them we shouldn’t get them. We need to reassess the whole resettlement process because it’s better to set up safe havens for refugees near their countries. There, we can help 10 for each one we resettle in the U.S. I hope you will support these policies.

    I want an immigration system that serves the national interest like President-elect Trump promised. Chain migration harms our national interest because it allows in extended family members without regard to their skills or financial security. It drives down wages, particularly for our most needy citizens. I’d like you to commit to ending chain migration this year.

    We need to free up jobs for the long-term unemployed and our least fortunate citizens. Congress can do this by requiring all employers to check for work eligibility through the federal E-Verify system. Those ineligible to work in the U.S. should not hold jobs Americans need.

    The debate over sanctuary cities is absurd. No elected official can convince me it’s necessary to protect criminals from deportation. Contrary to what politicians like you say, President Trump is not trying to make police enforce immigration laws. He’s just asking them not to obstruct what ICE is doing to help. It’s about time someone stood up for the victims of crimes committed by those here illegally.

    I have read the horror stories from former tech workers who were fired and forced to train their foreign guest worker replacements before leaving. The current H-1B visa program allowed this to happen. Please support legislation that decreases H-1B visa numbers and reduces the likelihood that cheaper foreign workers will replace Americans.

    van esser
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    • State Delegate says:

      This is a sham town hall meeting. In actual town halls those elected to public office face their constituents in a public forum. Many people are not on Facebook and don’t want to be.

      The “live” phone hookups are the same con game, making it appear they are answering voters. Each question is known in advance and fed to them so they can finesse an answer…if they take it at all.

      This is a big time fraud perpetrated by those who are paid well with salaries, benefits and perks for “doing the people’s business.” What a joke. The only business any of them care about is getting reelected. Believing these fake town halls amount to anything aids in that endeavor. IGNORE THEM.
      What if they gave one of these fake parties and nobody showed up? THAT would be far more effective. They deserve to be embarrassed. Showing up makes us an accessory to their crimes against us.
      Please refresh your memories with this:

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        Agree with you 100%. You can read the questions people are asking McCain. Here’s one:

        Sonya Heller Irey Sen. McCain, Thx for your outstanding service representing Arizonans like me. It was an honor to meet you last year and hear your promise of support for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) patients. Your outstanding staffer David suggested several actions, which Sen. Markey has agreed to co-sponsor for ME Awareness Month in May. I’m here to take you up on your offer and ask if you will join Sen Markey to support ME patients? We need you!

        I hope Sonya follows up with McCain. He’s busy undermining Trump and criticizing him from foreign shores. That’s a lot of work for an old geezer. I have found McCain’s staffers rude and obnoxious if you criticize something he does.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Chuck Schumer went full-on crazy in an upscale Manhattan restaurant the other day over an acquaintance’s wife who voted for Trump. He went ballistic on her. Schumer is the one who got Anthony Weiner started in politics and to this day, they are very close. I thought Harry Reid was evil and still do, but Schumer has him beat.

    I was at a breakfast get-together yesterday and one of the people passed around a petition supporting Kelli Ward which several people signed, including me. This was a social event, not political so there are people working for Kelli Ward now to go against Flake.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      The Fox News report linked in the second paragraph of this post details the appalling incident at the restaurant. Schumer is just as out of control as Flake and McCain. President Trump’s overwhelming victory speaks to the frustration of American voters, yet these despicable, self serving so-called representatives of the people keep getting reelected. Incumbency pays off well with infusions of lobbyist money, making it incredibly difficult to oust these slugs.

  4. Jakesez says:

    I think it is going to be next to impossible to defeat Jeff Flake. You talk about signing a petition for Kelli Ward, which I have also done, as if this is significant. However, I am in the home building business and almost every builder has a flyer going out to the trades backing Flake and requesting contributions. Also, almost every RINO establishment republican in all out republican offices will support Flake. Now count on all Mormons which will vote for him. Tie that in with the McCain machine and the ability to select your opponent in order to split your opposition and you can see why I feel sorry for Kelli Ward. We need to go all out against flake even in the general election. Yes, even if we lose the senate race, we will rid ourselves of a democrat in sheep’s clothing. Better to be beaten while facing your enemy than to be stabbed in the back by your “Friend”.

    • CD 8 PC says:

      Defeated through self fulfilling prophesy? You can do better than that.
      Kelli Ward knows the establishment machine she’s up against after what she encountered with McCain, who engaged in preposterous lies. She bears the scars of battle which will only make her stronger.

      • Jakesez says:

        Hope you are correct, but hearing the truth can make you aware and stronger. Hiding from the truth can prevent you from being prepared.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    The incident last weekend at the posh NYC eatery involving Chucky Cheese Schumer now has two versions, one of which was verified by the very wealthy woman who was verbally accosted.

    The husband and wife, who are very wealthy NYC Republicans who supported Trump, were approached by Schumer and he did his best to embarrass and humiliate them in public for being Trumpsters.

    The female diner verified the facts to a reporter from the NYPost and they published–with her permission—her account of the incident.

    The female diner told the NYPost reporter that the incident only served to make her proud that she had voted for Trump.

    Anyone see the photos today of Hillary, wearing black leather, in San Francisco? She’s gone into full-blown Dem dementia mode,
    using her learned long ago radical philosophy to tell the mush heads to “resist” and “fight back”.

    All she needs is to peel off into the sunset on a hog with Huma hanging on for dear life.

    Maybe she’s in northern CA to visit her other BFF, Janet Napolitano.