Refurbishing of RINO Flake begins

Jeff Flake’s liberal image: The facts speak for themselves

Jeff Flake is running for reelection in 2018, but first he needs to figure a way to infect Arizona Republicans with pre-election amnesia. We need to forget his repeated declaration that he would not vote for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. In fact, he haughtily declared Trump “can’t and shouldn’t win.  Flake’s positions have left him with weak support, that even his often inappropriate grin can’t undo.

Now the AZGOP Daily Update, a creation of GOP state chair Jonathan Lines — billing itself as “The Only Official Newsletter of the Arizona Republican Party!” (Italics and exclamation point theirs) — which many regard as a slam at the popular Republican Briefs —- exhibits not only a chronic case of memory loss, but an acceptance of Flake’s marginal Republicanism.

Know this: There is not an iota of difference between Flake and McCain. They both relentlessly push amnesty for illegals, and maintained close relationships with then-President Barack Obama. Flake has colluded with liberals on gun controlMcCain advised Obama on forging his legacy. Flake met with Democrat Merrick Garland, Obama’s Supreme Court pick and actually opined that it was time to start thinking about confirming him.

The AZGOP Daily Update has taken up the whitewash, posturing with this redundant headline, “McCain and Flake Look To Help Law Enforcement Against Criminal Illegal Aliens,” obviously forgetting that ALL illegals are criminals — entering our country by stealth. Imagine that a group broke into your home while you were at work, helped themselves to everything you’ve worked to obtain— demanded you educate their kids and provide them health care and other benefits. When you returned home they wanted your car keys to pick up some friends to join the festivities. That’s what we’re dealing with as a nation.

Arizona’s devious senate duo tout their introduction of a bill “to continue the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) providing reimbursements for state, local, and tribal governments to offset the costs of incarceration for certain undocumented criminal aliens.”  Such a swindle should be renamed to form the acronym SCAM, which more honestly describes the conveniently timed bill.

Jeff Flake is a Libertarian who initially ran as a Republican to get elected.  He’s definitely not a conservative. His progressively close ties with Democrats are only scuttled when elections roll around.

And octogenarian John McCain? His amnesia is indistinguishable from senility (video). An economic wizard, he’s pushing for the elimination of dollar bills, replacing them with dollar equivalent coins claiming such a move will save nearly $14 billion in taxpayer money and generate at least $4.4 billion. He doesn’t explain how.  He’s already forgotten the dollar coins that were costly flops. One named for Lewis and Clark’s Shoshone Indian guide Sacagawea, was minted in 2000 and its predecessor the Susan B. Anthony coin, minted from 1979 to 1981, were impracticable and unpopularexactly like Jeff Flake, as reported by .AZ Family Channel 3 TV.

6 Responses to Refurbishing of RINO Flake begins

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    It will take more than a makeover for conservatives to forget the actions of Jeff Flake. He can’t have it both ways, slicing and dicing Donald Trump and then expecting Trump supporters to get behind him. It will never happen. I’ve known Jeff Flake for years. He’s a self absorbed egotist and not a very smart one. The East Valley gave him his start. I find it difficult to believe that the “connective thread” will be enough to keep him in the senate.

    • Observer says:

      Incumbency comes with perks. Even more than name ID are the bags of lobbyist cash that keep us saddled with these phonies.

      Once in a while we see incumbents ousted. A prime example was House Majority Leader Eric Cantor a squish Republican, who was so cocky he didn’t pay enough attention to Professor David Brat, who mowed him over without spending an iota of what Cantor spent.

      We can do that here with Dr. Kelli Ward, but we need to unify against RINO Flake and take the message exposing him to everyone we know. Ultimately, it was his Amnesty for illegals position that doomed Cantor. Americans are fed up with the criminal invasion, something Flake steadfastly supports.

      • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

        You hit the nail on the head, Observer. I agree that Flake is vulnerable, and also about the importance of having a candidate who can take him out of the senate. I believe we have that person in Kelli Ward. Her conservative credentials are unquestioned. Flake has moved further and further left and his position on what he calls “immigration reform,” and the rest of us know to be amnesty, is not in sync with those of us who are fed up with what are fundamentally open borders. Flake is exactly what his name implies. He doesn’t represent me or the majority of people I know and speak with on the issues.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Like McCain uses and abuses WWII; Korea, and Viet Nam era US military veterans, so Flake uses his Mormon peeps.

    Apparently, McCain gave an “exclusive interview” this morning to
    electrician-turned-KFYI-radio-talk-show-host Mike Broomhead.
    KFYI gives McCain free air time because Broomhead and the other guy from the 4 o’clock hour have NO IDEA on how to conduct an interview. So, they just let him talk.

    McCain is now a frequent guest on MSNBC since Greta Van Susteran jumped from FOX to MSNBC.

    McCain, on Greta’s TV show, called the leader of North Korea “crazy”. And there’s more.
    North Korea knows about it and they are not amused.

    Here’s the story.

    • CD 8 PC says:

      John McCain is a colossal embarrassment. Anyone who voted for him should be ashamed of themselves. He is nothing more than a self-serving jerk…. the name he frequently calls anyone who disagrees with him.

  3. Doc says:

    Ok, so 1st, th’ guy’s NAME is “broomhead”…think about that for a minute.

    2nd, mcSkidmark calling li’l kim names…so? Even a broke clock is right a couplea’ times a day. He’s doing that for a self serving reason right now, & that reason is “off-handed conservatism” in order to help keep his boot-licker/butt-kisser mcFlake in the senate.

    3rd, we need to get EVERYONE ON BOARD for Dr. Kelli Ward…and GET IT DONE RIGHT THIS TIME!

    Last, anybody within a hundred miles of a television or radio KNOWS that mcFlake said AND DID rotten things regarding President Trump during the election. And President Trump HANDILY carried Arizona. Ergo, mcFlake’s gonna’ haffta’ work his political backside off to overcome THAT skrew-up!