We read the AZ Republic so you don’t have to

Hammering Republican state legislators is latest gig

The Arizona Republic made much ado of the fact that its endorsement of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race was an aberration.  After all, it claims to be a conservative newspaper. Still it said “Hillary Clinton was the only choice to move America ahead” despite her “flaws.”

“Flaws?” The newspaper has obviously mastered the art of understatement.

Arizonans, too smart to believe such absurdities, voted for Donald Trump — who won the state by 91,234 votes, carrying 11 of the 15 counties. Trump took all 11 electoral votes.

On his powerful coattails, Republicans increased their force in state legislatures across the country, controlling both chambers in 32 states,  leaving Democrats at their lowest level since the Civil War. The GOP increased its majority of governorships. The U.S. House and Senate are both majority Republican.

Yet read the daily newspaper and you’d think Democrats were the people’s choice. A case in point is columnist Laurie Roberts, who veered away from her tales-of-woe specialty to hammer state legislators. This was not a wholesale bashing, as a former columnist routinely engaged in, calling the entire assemblage by the politically incorrect term, “dwarves.”

No. Roberts selected her targets very carefully, never referring to their stature. It was her perception of their lack of gray matter she focused on — naming seven whom she promised “will make your jaw drop.”

What a surprise to find that each of the “standouts in the theater of the absurd” are Republicans. 

The newspaper is a contemptible farce, mercifully fading fast. It has shrunken in size and uses oversized — oftentimes, half page photos or illustrations — to take up space. Content consists in large part of pre-written pap that bears no resemblance to news. Entertainment and dining are given prominence. More than occasionally the same article will appear a day apart, or even in the same issue, with a few pages separating them, earning it our nickname of The Daily Regurgitation. We also refer to it as The Periódico de la República de Arizona for its unswerving  open borders stance.

The editorial cartoonist is unable to depict anything other than gross mischaracterizations of the President of the United States. With nothing else to draw but wild orange hair, his cartoonist wife has filled in for him.

Newspaper ads are overwhelmingly for retirement homes and hearing aids, which indicates the demographic who still subscribe. The newspaper’s front page often runs a box urging readers to “Go Deeper With Digital,” since the costs of printing and distributing a daily dings the already savaged bottom line. After layoffs and buyouts of longtime employees, ASU Cronkite journalism students have become the unseasoned glue that holds the disheveled mess together. Their commitment to the First Amendment is questionable.  In 2009, after inviting Sheriff Joe Arpaio to participate in a forum, the students in the audience began loudly chanting Bohemian Rhapsody, drowning him out as he attempted to respond.

Do those in charge at the Republic actually expect anyone to take seriously the views of the skewed editorial board, the toady columnists and rude student reporters who disrespect the First Amendment?

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  1. Ajo Joe says:

    I’m old enough to remember when the newspaper was conservative, with a real op-ed page that featured conservative guest columnists along with other points of view. It was owned by Eugene and Nina Pulliam who ran a newspaper that employed journalists with a commitment to truth and reported facts, not editorials passing themselves off as news, After subscribing for decades, we dumped our subscription after the contemptible Hillary endorsement. We should have done it long before, but that was the final straw.

    • LD 23 PC says:

      The Republic has been a joke for years. It lost any semblance of sanity when Keven Ann Willey took over. We cheered when she moved to Dallas, but her mark stayed behind, much like a dog’s scent left on a tree.

  2. William Heuisler says:

    Joe, I’m not sure the Republic was ever Conservative in the truest sense of the word; irresponsible is being kind.

    Remember how they covered-up for Kemper Marley’s paying to car-bomb their own reporter, Don Bolles, who was writing critical articles about Marley’s race-track and mob connections – how they covered for Governor Castro when he ordered his Attorney General to subsume a Maricopa County (Marley) Grand Jury to State level and then cancel it. That AG, BTW was named Bruce Babbitt, and the Republic covered his numerous Vegas faux pas over the years also.

    The Pulliam’s Editor, Duke Tully was a stolen valor fraud and their editorial page editor, Murphy was a nasty alcoholic who ran down an elderly woman named Viola Faber in broad daylight with dozens of witnesses and left the scene. That investigation was killed also – to the point of threatening police Captains and detectives and then ignoring the “accident” except in a carefully edited obituary.

    The Republic rooted against Evan Mecham both before and after he beat their favorite corrupt politician, Burton Barr 60/40 in a primary. Pat Murphy then attacked Mecham every day until Mecham was wrongfully impeached; and Murphy also maligned a guy named Heuisler who sued the Republic for libel. They escaped that suit by apologizing for every lie, but still having the Judge declare private-citizen Heuisler a “Public Figure” who could not show “Actual Malice” because he couldn’t read drunken hit and run Editor Murphy’s mind and use it as evidence to collect money for libel.

    Conservative, Joe? Only for show; remember they backed our Goldwater and Pennsylvania’s Scranton over the years – men who talked Richard Nixon into resigning over a two-bit burglary.

    I’ll bet you read more “real news” in this sloppy comment than in years of Republic reporting. Google it all – good bedtime reading.
    My book about some of this is a novelized account (names and places changed) appropriately called “Casual Executions: assassination in Arizona” reviewed and sold on Amazon.
    If you read it and don’t like it I’ll pay you double your money back.
    If you read it and like it, you must write an Amazon review.

    • Seen It All says:

      Good information, Bill. Much of it jogged my memory regarding “those bad ole days/” I absolutely remember how Evan Mecham came from behind and stunned all of the Burt Barr supporters with his victory that they never saw coming. It reminds me of Donald Trump. Evan Mecham ever should have faced impeachment, a criminal trial and a recall. He was a good man, but not their man and they wanted him out. Rose Mofford was a disaster, but has morphed into a saint. The Arizona Republic didn’t report on her excesses and ineptitude. Before Nordstrom Department store was built in Scottsdale, she actually had the DPS use its airplane to transport her and a bunch of her friends (who landed cushy jobs in her administration) over to San Diego to hit the yearly big sale. The newspaper gave that outrageous misuse of state money and personnel scant coverage and only because it had been leaked and they couldn’t avoid it any longer.Rose Mofford was better known for being a softball and typing champ than being a governor. At that job, she didn’t rate a D..

  3. Casper says:

    After we cancelled, we’ve saved the money we would have spend on the newspaper subscription in a coffee can each month. It doesn’t take long to add up. We’ve taken some nice trips and thank the lefties at the Republic for our good times. There are far better sources for news than the stale tripe doled out by the AZ Repulsive,

  4. East Valley Conservative says:

    Glad SRAZ included the spectacle that took place at ASU’s School of Journalism. I watched the video and was shocked, not only by the moronic students, but by the administrator in the room who told the students he attempted to quiet, “We appreciate the verses.” He should have issued the ultimatum, “Stop this silencing of free speech or you will be escorted out.” That might have been too harsh for the “snowflakes” who have rarely heard a reprimand in their lives, likely being told since infancy how “awesome” they are.

  5. laura4272014 says: