Liberal clowns turn Supreme Court confirmation into circus

Emblematic of the Democrats’ unhingement syndrome over SCOTUS nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch is radical leftist Sen Jeff Merkley. The Oregon senator is desperately trying to ratchet up his political profile from zilch to a 2020 Democrat presidential candidate.

Merkley was such an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter, he was the lone U.S. Senator to endorse the self identified Socialist over scandal plagued Hillary Clinton.

Merkley’s 15-hour convoluted filibuster stunt begun Tuesday evening, concluding Wednesday morning, is a contrivance to block Pres. Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch. The chicanery revealed showboater Merkley as nothing more than a vacuous windbag.  Merkley referred to the vacancy left by the unexpected Feb. 13, 2016 death of Justice Antonin Scalia, as a “stolen seat” that is “being filled by an illegitimate and extreme nominee.”

Despite these shamelessly deceitful Democrat antics, with more scheduled today, we are reminded by the Washington Examiner that in 2006, when he was nominated to serve on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, Neil Gorsuch won unanimous confirmation including Democrats and Republicans.

Know this: These actions have nothing to do with Judge Gorsuch. They have everything to do with Merrick Garland — Obama’s lame duck Supreme Court appointee who was not confirmed.

15 Responses to Liberal clowns turn Supreme Court confirmation into circus

  1. Braveheart says:

    These political machinations display the left for the hypocrites they are. The libs must have forgotten that their agenda was soundly rejected by the overwhelming vote for Donald Trump last November.

    As to Merkley, interesting that his name rhymes with Berkeley, the West coast bastion of liberal indoctrination..

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    John McCain rises to offer his wisdom—and to talk about John McCain.
    I think he’s losing it! He’s as much a clown as the Democrats.
    This Neil Gorsuch Debate Is Going to Be the Worst

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    If you have not been paying attention to what has been happening in Venezuela over the past two years, you should do a little reading.

    The president of Venezuela, Mr. Maduro, took a thriving oil-based economy and plunged it into, first, a socialist hellhole that destroyed the middle class. Photos of once-middle class working folk diving in dumpsters regularly appeared since 2010 in the foreign press.
    Photos simultaneously appear of the government bigwigs and the elite still dining at sumptuous banquets.
    Banks are closed. Public services have almost stopped. There is a dire shortage of medical services and life saving medication.

    Mr. Maduro and his Supreme Court have joined together to nullify the country’s legislative body.

    Venezuela is now officially a dictatorship—this having been accomplished in a few short years.

    You can bet that Obama is super envious of Mr. Maduro.

    We must stay vigilant.

    Meanwhile, on the heels of B&M Obama being gifted with 60 million dollar book deals, we now learn that the Joe & Jill Biden will similarly be raking in beaucoup bucks.

    Flatiron Publishing has announced that Uncle JoJo will be writing not one but TWO books and Jill will write one.

    Perhaps one of JoJo’s books will solely revolve around his groping escapades—it could be a book of photos, since his tactile tactics are well documented.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Saguaro Sam: I heard on the radio that the poor, pathetic people in Venezuela are walking the streets with clubs, sticks, baseball bats killing animals for something to eat.
      We vacationed in Caracas years ago and it was a beautiful place. The Rockefeller name was big in Venezuela. They had a huge family farm in one of the small towns, and of course the oil business. Venezuela today has the largest oil reserves in the world, larger than the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. It’s criminal what the Marxists do to a once thriving country and its people.

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        Yes, I have been reading since last summer that people in Venezuela have had to resort to killing and eating their pets.
        May God have Mercy on US and on the whole world.

    • Michael Bryan says:

      If only Obama had unified government to create his dreamed of Socialist hellscape…. Oh, right, he did for the first two years of his Presidency. And what did he do with it? Obamacare: Romneycare in a new suit. What a socialist devil! Obama was closer in political leanings to Eisenhower than to Chavez.

  4. East Valley Conservative says:

    With a quick Google search I was able to locate this five year old SRAZ post I remembered which showed the leftwing democrat federal judges and other liberals John McCain and his then senate seatmate Jon Kyl voted to confirm.

    When I reread it, it’s clear we’ve been had by these RINOs who are clearly democrat colluders. Jeff Flake is no different. He advocated for confirming democrat Merrick Garland for the US Supreme Court though he loudly proclaimed his refusal to vote for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

    NEVER FORGET: The none-too-bright, but exceedingly arrogant Jeff the Flake was willing to turn the presidency of the United States over to liberal icon Hillary Clinton and the Supreme Court majority to the democrats!! He’s running for reelection next year.

    • Michael Bryan says:

      Please don’t assign McCain, Kyl, or Flake to us liberals: we won’t have them. Whatever they are, they are not liberals. Perhaps they are just sane: I can see why you might not like that.

      • Matt DeGennaro says:

        To paraphrase an old truism, If McCain, Kyl and Flake walk like liberals and quack like liberals they are not conservatives. They are not even Republicans. They give RINOs a bad name. What they have shown themselves to be are democrat hypocrites in GOP clothing. And they only wear that attire when they need votes from dupes who don’t pay attention to their schemes.

        I come from a family of liberals. I know of what I speak. They think McCain is one of them.

      • Pima Pal says:

        Why come here to insult this site and its readers? I doubt many of us have ever visited your site.

  5. Michael Bryan says:

    Record correction: Garland was not “not confirmed”; he was never given a hearing or a vote by the GOP. If he had been given a hearing and a vote in which he had failed to achieve 51 votes, or 60 to invoke cloture (in which case I’m sure the GOP would NOT have killed the filibuster), then it could honestly be said that he was “not confirmed.” As it stands, your claim that Garland was not confirmed is obscurantism eliding the fact that the GOP stole Obama’s final SC nomination — and just got away with it. They will come to rue that power grab.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

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    • Villanova says:

      How do you account for the fact that Gorsuch received unanimous approval when he was nominated for the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals? Democrats thought he was worthy of their support as did Republicans. What’s changed about him now? Liberals have decided to politicize this Supreme Court appointment. Thank God Judge Neil Gorsuch is not a Ginsburg, Sotomayor, Breyer or Kagen. He’s a thoughtful originalist in the manner of Scalia. Aren’t there enough liberals on the high court to suit you? Would you like all justices to see issues through your fun house skewed lenses?

      Remember when former ACLU lawyer Ginsburg said sh’d prefer another style of government if she were advising Egypt? Ours is too old and outdated for her tastes. Do you agree with Ginsburg?