Back to the future with Squaw Peak

Phoenix residents will have no trouble remembering the renaming of the majestic mid town focal point that is a hiker’s haven, an artist’s delight and casts a long purple shadow over parts of the Valley. Squaw Peak abruptly fell into disfavor with the PC crowd who suddenly declared the name derogatory to female native Americans.

From there it grew.  In 2003 Janet Napolitano, Arizona’s far left governor, hung her fedora on it. Not only did the favored name have to go, but it was being replaced with one honoring Army Pfc.  Lori Piestewa, a Hopi tribal member killed in the Iraq War — in an attempt to eliminate once and for all objections to the newly out of favor name. Napolitano later abandoned the governorship to join the Obama regime. In 2015, Obama followed the same path renaming Alaska’s Mount McKinley honoring assassinated Republican President McKinley to Denali — one used by Alaskan tribes.

The latest mountain rumble in Phoenix is not actually about Lori Piestewa, but the young mother’s life, cut too short, provided the spin for Democrats to use for their own political benefit. Liberals are adept at creating dramas and wringing the last drops of empathy from them in an effort to configure themselves as compassionate.

Napolitano’s thuggish renaming of the mountain was nothing short of ham handed.  Now following in her tracks is Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, who is ready to move on from his current political perch.  What he’s eyeing is following his good friend Napolitano to the governor’s office. A clever dude, he has opened an exploratory campaign for Secretary of State, frequently a direct route to the ninth floor of the executive tower. In past years Secretaries of State Wes Bolin, Rose Mofford, Jane Hull and Jan Brewer accessed that route to become governor.

Stanton is now attempting to override the homeowners in the Squaw Peak neighborhood who want to keep the unique name as their address. There have been outcries from the residents who have called public meetings, signed petitions and spoken before the city council to let their views be known.

In response, Stanton has ordered new signage erected directing hikers to Piestewa Peak.

The mayor lives on a street named Frier. Squaw Peak residents should petition the city to change it to something less offensive to vegetarians, vegans and members of PETA.. Tofu Drive has a nice, non-offensive ring to it.

5 Responses to Back to the future with Squaw Peak

  1. Vince says:

    This absurdity is par for the course for Greg Stanton. He’s eager to get tribal votes as he launches his back door bid for the governor’s office. He’s done such a lackluster job as Phoenix Mayor, why would anyone trust him running the state?

  2. MacBeth says:

    The last paragraph in this post seals the deal for me! I got a real laugh out of that!

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Whatever happened to playing to the majority on ways to make the city a better, safer place to live….real issues, not this trite p.c. stuff.

    • Braveheart says:

      This is what plays to the liberals whose votes Stanton needs. So many of them are on the receiving end of taxpayer funded programs that they don’t concern themselves with the real issues facing the city of Phoenix.

      Since the recent run-off election in which Debra Stark lied and outspent Chris DeRose, we now have a majority of libs on the City Council. How well will that work out doe the rest of us? I shudder to think of the ramifications of this election.

  4. Sgt. Preston says:

    Besides the homeowners on Squaw Peak Drive who prefer to keep the name of their street, there are numerous businesses that have that name—from a Hilton Resort to doctor’s and dentist’s offices. This is the most ridiculous preoccupation of what I assume would be valuable city time. The businesses can’t be forced to change their name, nor should they. I am beyond sick of political correctness in all of its latest incarnations.

    If Lori Piestewa had been a blonde white woman of Irish heitage, you can bet you butt she wouldn’t have a mountain named after her. Greg Stanton and his political ideologues need to grow up, cut out this foolishness and try to run the city of Phoenix responsibly.