Georgia CD 6 election is one to watch

Dems hope of reclaiming  the U.S. House is the thrust propelling liberal Ossoff

Today we’re looking at Georgia Congressional District 6 runoff race, taking to heart House Speaker Tip O‘Neil message to Americans, “Al politics is local.”  O’Neil was a Democrat who was actually a friend of Republican President Ronald Reagan’s.

Georgia’s 6th congressional district special election failed to produce a clear winner Tuesday falling just short of the 50 percent threshold needed to win, and  throwing the unconventional race into a June 20 runoff. This time contenders are liberal Jon Ossoff and former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel, who proudly calls herself “a lifelong conservative.” Her Issues Page attests to that fact.

Democrat Ossoff is a 30-year-old documentary filmmaker and former congressional aide, who doesn’t reside in the district he wants to represent. Nontraditional Ossoff and his girlfriend of 12 years haven’t bothered to move into the district or get married. He says it’s enough that he lived in the district as a child.

Ossoff has raised an astronomical $8.3 million mostly from out-of-state donors, in a 18 person race in which the top two candidates — regardless of political party affiliation — vie against one another  This political skew is known variously as Top Two or Jungle Primary, a concept effectively disenfranchising voters, is pushed by the far left-leaning  Arizona Republic. The newspaper’s hope it that the only choices available are two Democrats. Columnist Robert Robb is the stand-alone voice against this con job. We’ve linked to his 2012 article. Acquaint yourself with this deceptive  scheme.  It will be back.

Ossoff’s puerile campaign theme is “Make Trump Furious,” offering no solutions to the citizens of the district as he runs to represent a traditionally Republican stronghold. He’s gained reliably liberal celebrity endorsementsFully 95 percent of his money came from out-of-state donors, demonstrating a further disconnect with the Georgia district.

The 6th congressional district has been in GOP hands since the 1970s, providing a stronghold for former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who represented it from 1979 to 1999. This election has been characterized as a referendum on Donald Trump and a wake-up call for the GOP. It is neither. It’s rooted in high dollar fundraising and Hollyweird glitz heaped on an unqualified liberal.

The winner will replace Republican Tom Price, who left the seat vacant when he was appointed Health and Human Services secretary by President Trump. Candidate Trump won the district by a slim 1% margin, giving Dems hope for a victory.

Though Ossoff lacks personal political experience himself, he is a former intern to U.S. Rep. John Lewis who declared then-president elect Trump “was not a legitimate president.” Ossoff was also an aide to genius U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson, who worries thatGuam will tip over and capsize(must watch video) if U.S. Marines are stationed there.


8 Responses to Georgia CD 6 election is one to watch

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    The eventual outcome of this Georgia race will have major consequences nationally if the Dems are successful in promoting their weak candidate, Ossoff. Whether we like it or not, money matters. John McCain is the perfect example, outspending his conservative challengers 10 to 1. Incumbency has worked for him, giving him longstanding access to deep pocketed lobbyists who return his favors with bags of cash as well as funding PACs that decimate his solid opponents.

  2. MacBeth says:

    For Ossoff to theme his campaign using “Make Trump Furious,” clearly identifies the foolishness of the vacuous left. Those who vote for or financially support him are not concerned about a constituency or values. They are revenge seekers. It’s as simple as that.

    Ever notice that Republicans don’t stage national protests as the Soros activated left does? I wasn’t alone in my visceral dislike of Liberal Obama, but he was elected and I waited him out and was happy to see Donald Trump elected to repudiate all Obama stood for.

    • East Valley Voter says:

      This seemingly insignificant Georgia U.S. House race is anything but. If the Dems take this district, they will be empowered to move forward with a vengeance.

      It’s true we work rather than protest, but we’ve got to work even harder. We’ve definitely got to replace Jeff Flake who’s moved from his Libertarian roots to the far left. Yesterday’s SRAZ post reminded me again of how important it is to oust him.

  3. Jakesez says:

    That is my all time favorite statement . Thinking that Guam will tip over if all those marines move to one side of the island. I use it to show how stupid many of those in congress can be.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    This is much bigger than the Georgia Peach, Mr. Ossoff.

    It’s about turning red States blue. With greenbacks liberally spent by Soros.

    Less than two months ago, Harper Magazine splashed a picture of a rodeo cowboy on its cover and painted it blue.
    Their cover story was about ‘how to turn your town blue’.

    Meanwhile, the feminist group Ultraviolet (anyone ever heard of them?) is now advocating that the entire FOX News network be dismantled, claiming that FOX participated in the “cover-up” regarding allegations of sexual harassment as to both O’Reilly and Roger Ailes.

    And the Murdoch boys, James and Lachlan, are said to be urging old man Murdoch to “clean house.”

    Meanwhile, still the sound of crickets when it comes to investigating and dismantling the Clinton crime organization.

    Watch out, Sean Hannity and conservatives everywhere.

  5. PC and State Committeeman says:

    As per the Republican’s usual MO to divide the vote with a extremely large number of candidates rather than rally around the strongest and most principled Republican. I would highly recommend our Party members read Richard Viguerie’s book TAKEOVER. Rather than a clash of egos we need to look at who is best for the office not who we like.

  6. Seeing Red AZ says:

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  7. Hunter says:

    If Trump and Ryan had pushed, passed, and signed into law a simple Obamacare repeal bill, this would not have been close. The Democrats would not have come close to 50% of the vote. Republicans aligned with Trump did the worst in the election; probably because he didn’t get Obamacare repealed.