A vile goodbye from a sour Stephen Lemons

Brags about dancing on the graves of conservatives

Stephen Lemons is a columnist for the giveaway Phoenix New Times tabloid. Fitting the definition of a rag, it’s worth exactly what people pay for it.  After years of spewing hatred aimed at conservative elected officials, Lemons is taking his sour tour on the road, moving to Alabama. He describes his new gig this way:

“I’m leaving due to an offer from another outlet, as the grown-ups say, an organization that sues the pants off racists and gives their property to minorities.”

In Lemons’ small-minded, self-loathing world, those who don’t march in lockstep with him qualify as racists.

We are intentionally not posting a link to his farewell column. For most of us, taking a shower at work is not an option, and readers of his column would definitely feel the urge to lather up with a disinfectant.

Lemons is a cockroach who has made a living creeping through dung heaps. If he finds nothing other than his own droppings, he’ll construct something by deadline in order to sensationalize the mundane and satisfy his own decadent interests.

He is fond of flinging words made up by the left to further their causes. “Nativist” gets a workout, as has “birther.” He is not above portraying contrivances as fact.

Stephen Lemons insults a former Arizona governor as a  “pathetic, grizzled, uneducated boob,” saying he looks forward to returning to Arizona to dance on the grave of that still agile and healthy Republican, in the same way he claims he previously did on the tombstone of U.S. Sen. Jesse Helms. He finagles the opportunity to refer to the Republican senator who died in 2008, as a racist, but withholds any mention of Democrat Sen. Robert Byrd, who had once been an active member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Hate monger Lemons, routinely decimates former 6-term elected Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and thanks the Phoenix New Times for giving him “carte blanche to wreak as much havoc as possible on the octogenarian autocrat.” Below a cheery photo of himself, Lemons is quoted, “Just the thought of Arpaio being booked makes me smile.”

This is how vermin Stephen Lemons signed off his final column:

“Sometimes, cutting a jig over the corpses of mean-spirited, race-bating troglodytes — once they’ve passed of natural causes — is the best you get in this life. And I’ll take it.”

Nice guy.

He’ll be a real asset to the radical left-wing hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, his new gig in Montgomery Alabama.

7 Responses to A vile goodbye from a sour Stephen Lemons

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Stephen Lemons referred to himself as “The Feathered Bastard.’” I don’t know what the “feathered” referred to, but he assessed himself well.
    Good riddance to this miserable purveyor of garbage, passing as news at a free, porn filled tabloid.

  2. Joseph Bickley, Sr. says:

    The Phoenix New Times is a newspaper? You mean, like, to READ??
    But I always picked up editions to tear into strips to afford my redworms a comfy home. That’s the best use for it, and my worms apparently agree because the element makes them thrive.
    ‘Course, I had to stop filching free copies once I realized the more I took, the better PNT’s “circulation” looked on paper, meaning they could convince even more gullible advertisers to fritter away expenses on meaningless crabapple psycho-politics.

    • Villanova says:

      Your point about the advertising is well taken and something I had not previously thought about. For several years I’ve been taking copies from the dispenser near my office to line the bottom of my city provided plastic garbage bin. The strange thing is, the filth in the New Times keeps the garbage bin clean!!

  3. State Delegate says:

    Thanks for the link exposing the Southern Poverty Law Center for the hate mongering group it is. On just my initial perusal at David Horowitz’ Truth Revolt, I saw the following conservatives among the SPLC’s long list of “extremists“:
    Joseph Farah, WorldNetDaily,
    Frank Gaffney 
    Robert Spencer
    Pamela Geller
    Larry Pratt, Gun Owners Of America
    and of course, David Horowitz who is not conned by this radical group.

  4. Maggie says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. This “sour lemon” will find plenty to hate in Alabama.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Or maybe he could sign on with Media Matters, the Soros-funded organization.

    Here’s how they took O’Reilly down —-they gave “education seminars” to executives from companies that advertised during O’Reilly’s hour on FOX.

    Take a look:
    “The day before Fox fired O’Reilly this week, the anchor’s lawyers tried desperately to save his job with ‘evidence’ that he was being targeted by a smear campaign, a new report claimed.”

    “On Tuesday, O’Reilly’s legal team debated sending Fox emails that showed how a liberal watchdog group was celebrating the success of its campaign to get advertisers to drop his show. ”

    “The April 13 email from Mary Pat Bonner, a Democratic fundraiser who served as ‘donor adviser’ to former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign, announced that two conference calls would take place on Thursday and Friday with Angelo Carusone, the president of liberal watchdog group Media Matters, Politico reported. ”

    “Media Matters had reportedly spearheaded what Bonner called an ‘advertiser education campaign’ to have 80 companies drop from advertising on The O’Reilly Factor due to the mounting sexual harassment allegations against the prime-time host. ”

    “Bonner, whose consulting firm the Bonnor Group connects big money donors to liberal groups seeking donations, heralds the success of her firm and Media Matters’ “advertiser education campaign” against the longtime Fox host. ”

    “The purpose of the conference calls she discussed in the April 13 email were to discuss the success of the campaign so far, and our plans moving forward.’ ”


    It wasn’t about O’Reilly. He’s never been a conservative.
    It was about sending a message to those who watch his show.

    It’s about dismantling any and all media that even remotely gives Trump any coverage.

    It’s about controlling and destroying Trump by keeping factual information from being seen or heard by the masses.

    • Braveheart says:

      Troubling information such as this has become pervasive. Conservatives and/or Trump supporters are targeted for extinction, regardless of their value. In O’Reilly’s case, it wan’t just to the network that benefited, in terms of massive advertising revenues, which they were willing to give up to oust him. The other factor (to use O’Reilly’s programming name) is that he’s been a relentless educator of the masses. Soros and the networks want us dumbed down. An undereducated populace is easier to control. The liberal educrats are accomplishing that in the government (public) schools.