Liberal hypocrite mob emboldened by ability to repress free speech

On occasion we’ve posted columns under the heading, “Weekend reading guaranteed to make you smarter.” They’ve been written by well-respected conservative thinkers who had a message we thought our readers would not only appreciate, but actually benefit from.

Today is Monday.  The weekend is behind us. But the column by Derek Hunter posted on Townhall is definitely worth your time. We hope you‘ll take time to read, Is Ann Coulter The Last Conservative With Guts?”

Focusing on the left’s repression of speech that disagrees with its own, Hunter highlights not only the withdrawal of an invitation issued to Ann Coulter to speak at UC Berkeley — and her refusal to acquiesce — but also on the removal of prime time stalwart Bill O’Reilly, host of Fox News’ highest rated show The O”Reilly Factor.

Derek Hunter zones in on ground zero as he states: “To the fascistic left, Fox News can’t do right because its existence is wrong. As long as it exists, they will find something to be upset about and demand action on. And advertisers will cave. I don’t know what Bill O’Reilly did or didn’t do,“ he writes,  “but I do know nothing was proven.”

As to the issue of subjugating First Amendment freedoms on campuses that should be bastions of liberty, Hunter writes, “But the Nazi march across publicly funded college campuses to prevent students from inviting conservative speakers is a government issue. It’s a direct, unambiguous violation of the First Amendment. Where’s the outrage? Where are the public statements of condemnation? More importantly, where is the legislation to defund these indoctrination centers?”


8 Responses to Liberal hypocrite mob emboldened by ability to repress free speech

  1. Jakesez says:

    How about every time some advertiser refuses to use a conservative program or personality because of the conservative ideas being expressed, we make that advertisers name known. Then we assist in letting them know how we feel. If the lefty’s can do it so can we.

    • Braveheart says:

      I’ve made a practice of calling advertisers who advertise in the Arizona Republic newspaper and telling them that I’m taking my business elsewhere and why. It doesn’t seem to do much good. They all continue to advertise in the lousy local newspaper.

  2. They can only repress free speech if we allow them to bully us. We must physically resist these people. Next time a person tries to tell you to shut up – and physically interferes with you – kick their ass. My fondest wish is to have a young jerk try to interfere with me at a Trump rally, a Republican meeting etc.
    Don’t you wish you had been there when they “egged” that young lady at that Trump rally. Mad as Hell. Ever heard of a citizen’s arrest? I’ll even take the SOB to the hospital in the back of my truck.

    • Doc says:

      You Sir…are a Man after my own heart. These little mealy-mouthed spoiled brats need what their parents refused to give them…a Sincere, Full-Tilt ASS-WHOOPIN’!

      …th’ GOOD BOOK says, “Spare the rod and spoil the child.”.We’ll be doing the Lord’s work…

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    O’Reilly and his attorneys were in possession of emails being sent back and forth between the Soros-funded group Media Matters and feminist hoe TV lawyer LIsa Bloom (daughter of Gloria Allred).

    The emails clearly showed that Media Matters had been conducting
    “advertiser education seminars” to show the companies which advertised during O’Reilly’s time slot the error of their ways.

    These seminars were, no doubt, shake-downs on advertising execs.

    Hannity will be next. They have to shut down conservatives in the media so that Trump will no longer have an outlet.

    Too bad Greta and Megyn jumped overboard. They’d be sitting in the cat bird seat right about now at FOX.

    Meanwhile, here is a surprisingly excellent interview of Patrick J. Buchanan which was published over at Politico.
    A very interesting life.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Thanks for that fascinating article about Pat Buchanan. I learned a lot more about him than I previously knew. Very interesting.

  4. Attila The Hunny says:

    Here’s another fine commentary, you’ll also be glad you read: “Get Smart: “Fundamental Transformation” Demands Chaos”
    It exposes the Obama plan for chaos in America, which is exactly what we’ve witnessed under the Obama regime. It has reached a fever pitch since Donald Trump became president.
    This is definitely worth passing on to those on your email list.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      This is why he can’t, won’t ever go away—-take a look.
      Scroll down to see the 9 traits identified as the hallmarks of narcissistic personality disorder.

      An ordinary person with NPD would be avoided, if not shunned, due to the chaos and destruction they cause in every aspect of life.

      It is telling that the Left is now calling Trump a narcissist.
      Trump may have a very healthy ego, but he could never be mistaken for being a narcissist.

      Interesting that the psychiatric community, and those who publish the Diagnostic Statistical Manual, changed the descriptive diagnostic language and downgraded the severity of this destructive psychiatric disorder right after Obama became prez. No longer is it considered a mental illness. It’s now just a personality disorder.

      He is a highly dangerous individual who will destroy this country and possibly the world in order to feed his need for adoration.

      There is an old saying in the medical world: The operation was a success, but the patient died.
      With Obama: His fundamental transformation of America was a success and the America that we grew up in is dead.