Intrigue follows Ben Toma, appointed to LD 22 AZ House

In the aftermath of state Representative Phil Lovas’ recent resignation from a Legislative District 22 House seat, the elected precinct committeemen of the district nominated three people to fill the vacancy.  The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors made the final pick, selecting Ben Toma. A warm congratulatory message was sent out by AZ GOP chairman Jonathan Lines.

Since the name Ben Toma was unfamiliar, we did a little research and found a litany of items in local newspapers.

In an August 31, 2016 election, Vice Mayor and Mesquite District Council member Bridget Binsbacher was victorious over Peoria City Council challenger Ben Toma, as reported in the Peoria Times.

Toma’s loss might have had something to do with this earlier Sept. 18, 2014 Arizona Republic report that he was being investigated. He was eventually cleared of the charges.  Ben Toma was previously appointed to the Peoria City Council.

The perennial appointee is obviously a man to watch.



6 Responses to Intrigue follows Ben Toma, appointed to LD 22 AZ House

  1. Observer says:

    I’m just curious as to how the selection was made by the Board of Supervisors. Why do they enter the picture rather than giving the district’s Precinct Committeemen the full authority? The PCs are elected and certainly closer to the district, its needs and the involvement of the candidates for appointment when a vacancy occurs. Does anyone know how the system works?

    • MacBeth says:

      I’ve wondered the same thing. The members of the Board of Supervisors can be from both parties. Why should Democrats on the BOS pick replacements to fill a Republican legislative district vacancy and vice versa? Republicans have no business being tasked with filling Democrat vacancies either. This is something that should rightfully fall into the category of the precinct committeemen and women’s duties.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      If there is a vacancy in the Arizona State Legislature, the Board of County Supervisors must select a replacement. The political party committee is involved in the appointment process only if the legislative district has thirty or more elected precinct committeemen.

      If the legislative district has 30 or more elected precinct committeemen:

      The secretary of state is required to contact the state party chairperson to give notice of the vacancy. The state chairperson must give notice of a meeting to fill the seat within three days of receiving notice.

      The precinct committeemen must nominate three qualified electors as replacements. If the Legislature is in session, this must occur within five days. If the Legislature is out of session, the committeemen have 21 days to nominate potential replacements. Each elector must receive a majority of the committeemen to earn a nomination. The chair then forwards the three nominees to the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors appoints a nominee from the three names. If the committeemen do not submit a list of names within the allotted timeframe, the Board of Supervisors proceed with the vacancy as if the district had fewer than 30 elected precinct committeemen.

      If the legislative district has fewer than 30 elected precinct committeemen:

      The Board of County Supervisors appoints a panel of citizen supervisors within three business days of a vacancy occurring. That panel has seven business days to submit the name of three qualified electors of the same political party as the previous incumbent to the Board of Supervisors. Within five business days of receiving the list, the Board of Supervisors must select a replacement by a majority vote. The person selected to fill the seat serves the remainder of the unfilled term.

      (I googled AZ Legislative District 22, and the website was among the selections. This info came from the posting on and was attributed to the AZ State Constitution.)

  2. Longtime GOP PC says:

    What qualities did Ben Toma exhibit to the Board of Supervisors that made him the superior candidate to fill the House vacancy over Frank Carroll and John Heep? It would be enlightening to know.

    I also agree that the PCs should make the decision rather than the BOS.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    McCain update:

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    • Saguaro Sam says:

      I apologize for weighing down the SRAZ site with the above.
      Didn’t realize that it would post this way.