Janet Napolitano: She’s only gotten worse

Right thinking Arizonans dealt as best they could under the oppressive, radically left-wing Gov. Janet Napolitano. It wasn’t easy as she repeatedly slashed her veto pen over excellent bills — earning her the moniker J-No,  unwaveringly appointed partisans to the state courts, and declared her bonding to open borders with her notorious statement, “You show me a 50-foot wall and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder at the border. That’s the way the border works.”

We all knew Janet Napolitano never had a commitment to securing America against invasion.

Who knew she was also a crook?

Breitbart features a revealing article by Chriss W. Street that reminds us of how fortunate we are to be rid of this wretched liberal who abandoned her gubernatorial post to join the Obama administration as the ineffectual Secretary of Homeland Security. Now as the coarse and boorish president of the University of California system, Napolitano is accused in this recently released 167 page report by the California State Auditor Elaine Howle of hiding $175 million in budget surpluses while continuing to raise student tuition.

The audit found that the UC spent $32.5 billion on expenses during the 2015-16 school year to fund 10 campuses, five medical centers, and its Office of the President headquarters. Although the UC states that its “fundamental missions are teaching, research and public service,” the UC only spent “$6.7 billion (21 percent) on teaching, “$4.6 billion (14 percent) on research” and “$630 million (2 percent) on public service.” The other $20.6 billion (63 percent) was spent on non-fundamental activities.

This Los Angeles Times editorial tries its damndest, wildly contorting language using “might not” twice in the single headline, to give cover to Napolitano as it questions the audit. This is an example:

“The audit puzzlingly implies that non-restricted funds are either being hoarded or misspent on illegitimate uses instead of direct student services. One of the supposedly problematic projects it names is UC’s Washington Center in the District of Columbia, where students from all campuses are eligible to live in a dorm and take courses. If this isn’t a direct student service, it’s hard to imagine what is. Other uses of the money include helping undocumented students who fear deportation and reducing UC’s carbon footprint.”

Could the newspaper’s agenda be any more clear?

This may, might, could convince the equally far leftist California Gov. Jerry Brown (brief video), but not many others. Janet Napolitano needs to be replaced.


6 Responses to Janet Napolitano: She’s only gotten worse

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    Janet Napolitano is a very close friend to the Clintons.
    When she left DHS to take that position in California, I thought that the Clintons were taking her off the radar so that she could be Billary’s first pick for the Supremes. Because Nappy has always stayed so very far off the radar and deep in the closet.

    Speaking of closets, a judge in CA has ruled that transgenders in the State’s correctional facilities MUST be allowed to dress and wear jewelry according to the gender with which they identify.

    Meanwhile, thegatewaypundit JIm Hoft tweeted out a pic yesterday of John McCain ‘being treated like a rock star’ surrounded by fans at Reagan International in D.C. (AARP-aged folks still drinking the Kool Aid)

    McCain, still stirring his cauldron, continuing to demand Trump’s tax returns.

    Gee, Johnny, not being very appreciative after Trump had you and Lindsey over to the WH for dinner last week.

    • Anthem Al says:

      If voters would pay attention, neither John McCain nor Jeff Flake would be able to draw a crowd—or a vote. This does not speak to their appeal, rather the lack of actual facts known by the low information electorate.

  2. Maggie says:

    That video of Jerry Brown is very disturbing. The USA is not Mexico Norte!! It must be the Mexicans who keep him in office. Even mainstream Democrats can’t be onboard with that insanity.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I wondered how she ended up in Phoenix:
    “In 1984, a year after receiving her J.D. from University of Virginia, Napolitano worked at the Phoenix law firm Lewis & Roca. Napolitano worked at the firm for 10 years, making partner in 1989.” Lawyers usually end up in politics to our detriment.

    The un-charismatic head of Homeland Security made headlines when she said rightwing extremists (those opposed to abortion and immigration along with returning vets) were risks to the U.S. Now she heads up the UC system and under her ‘guidance,’ the school provides ‘sanctuary’ to on-campus illegals. She said nothing when Berkeley brownshirts rioted over an appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos, who is a gay independent, not a “conservative.” It then resulted in not letting Ann Coulter speak at the Berkeley campus, the “birthplace of free speech.”

    She’s an extremist and extremely dangerous to those who care about this country.

  4. Kimball says:

    Janet Napolitano was the worst governor in my memory and I’m an Arizona native. The unions are her pals, and I’m including the firefighters who put up all of her campaign signs and the teachers unions who send home information about her issues in grade school student’s backpacks. When I called to complain I was given a load of BS by the principal’s office staff.

  5. Casper says:

    Surely you’re able to use Google? Check the facts before you post comments. Don’t tell others to do an “investigation” you could easily do yourself.

    She was born in New York, Her father is Italian, not Mexican. They lived in New Mexico, not Mexico.

    Writing in all caps is tantamount to screaming. Take it easy.