Pres. Trump appointing Cindy McCain to key post?

We’ve all heard the old adage, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” If the reports are true, President Trump must be taking those words to heart.

What else could motivate him to consider appointing Anheuser-Busch beer heiress Cindy McCain to a State Department post? Under discussion is a broad-based position, perhaps ambassador-at-large, where she would focus on a specific issue, such as human trafficking.

The McCain’s discussed possible choices with President Trump during a dinner at the White House last month, according to an AP report.

A still petulant, failed presidential candidate, John McCain has done all he can to undermine Donald Trump since Trump won the GOP nomination. He withdrew his momentary support, and like his doppelgänger seat mate Jeff Flake, said he would not be voting for Trump.  McCain has actually referred to scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton asa rock star.” Flake claimed Trump can’t win and shouldn‘t win.” The McCain’s and their fully-packed daughter, Meghan — now gifted with a morning slot on the Fox network —  have made no secret of their deep animosity toward Trump.

On Election Day, Cindy McCain sported a white pantsuit, a “code” used by those supporting Hillary Clinton —- even giving rise to a hashtag #WearWhiteToVote.

Just prior to Trump’s inauguration, an easy to imagine salivating John McCain passed what he knew to be unverified documents, reported as a “dossier” — all later determined to be bogus — to FBI director James Comey, alleging secret contacts between the Trump campaign and Moscow along with allegations that Russian intelligence had personally compromising material on the then-president-elect.

No doubt about it — Cindy McCain, addicted to prescription opioids in the mid-1990s, stealing them from her own charity and misleading investigators about the facts — would be the ideal person to put in charge of trafficking — human or otherwise.

President Trump needs to rethink this plan.  It’s akin to bringing famished foxes into the hen house.


17 Responses to Pres. Trump appointing Cindy McCain to key post?

  1. Anna Gaines says:

    The McCain’s deserve to be removed from any public service and particularly in the Trump Administration. They are no role models by any measure. We’ve had enough corruption in the Presidency with Obama and company. No Need For These Fake Role Models.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    How could they all sit down to dinner together when it was obvious all along that the McCain’s showed their hand against Trump when he was campaigning for president. Like the Bush’s, they most assuredly voted for Hillary, with the exception of Meghan who said she’d vote for that McMuffin guy from Utah.

    Trump put Mitch McConnell’s wife in his cabinet and if it was supposed to help in friendship and cooperation with McConnell, the head of the Senate – we’ll see when Obamacare goes to the Senate. From where I sit, McConnell is no fan of Trump.

    The McCain’s are so inbred in the system and not on the side of the president. McCain and his little punk friend, Lindsey Graham, are always first to hinder Trump’s agenda. Is Cindy a “do-er” or is she the sit-on-the-board-of-directors type I wonder. I hope Trump knows what he’s doing. This way, however, Mr. & Mrs. McCain will probably see more of each other….which could be interesting.

  3. Jakesez says:

    I have supported Trump despite all the “Fake News” and other attacks, but please, no more McCain’s, Flakes or other establishment republicans. Trump is supposed to be very savvy and yet he would make this choice, I don’t think so.

  4. East Valley Conservative says:

    Even if Donald Trump is taking seriously the saying, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” providing Cindy McCain a position makes no sense. since McCain has had Trump in his sights since he won the GOP nomination. McCain is not only jealous of non-politician Trump for accomplishing what he dreamed of attaining during his decades long political career but Trump has done more in his first 100 days than any of his predecessors. The McCain’s have all made it clear they didn’t even vote for Trump which means they voted for Hillary!!!

    McCain is a globalist, funded by Socialist George Soros. They are both for open borders, as is amnesty supporter Jeff Flake. Trump puts “America First!” He’s bring jobs back to America and promises border security, which is why he won.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Never forget that Cindy and Megan McCain were some of the first to join the “No H8” campaign, where they were photographed with duct tape across the mouth with the words “No H8” printed on the duct tape, their eyes opened wide in fake fear.
    What are you gals trying to tell us?

    Meanwhile, did anyone see the delayed news out of UC-Santa Cruz last week? They kept a lid on it till it was over.

    Apparently a group of black students took control of a building on the UC-Santa Cruz campus for four days.
    The school’s Chancellor (a middle aged white man with a last name that might be Jewish) was “afraid” to meet with them because his life had been threatened repeatedly. Finally, last Thursday, four members of the group agreed to meet with the Chancellor at a “neutral” location on campus.

    Would you be surprised if I told you that the Chancellor AGREED to ALL DEMANDS made by the African American group?

    Number 1: Was it even ascertained that these trouble-makers were enrolled students who attended classes on that campus?

    Number 2: Why was a group of malcontents allowed to disrupt campus life by taking over an entire building and issuing threats to the Chancellor?

    Number 3: Where was Janet Napolitano?

    Number 4: When will the Chancellor be forced to resign?

    The malcontents will get “Rosa Parks” dormitories.
    No whites allowed. And the exterior of the buildings will be painted in purple, orange, yellow, and other colors that are “significant” to their “heritage”. Interestingly, they want NO BEDS.

    And now Emory University in Georgia has decided to give a FREE education to Illegals.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Saguaro Sam: Those were “Caribbean blacks” at UC Santa Cruz. Hence the colors the building was allowed to be painted. And from what I saw – they were women pushing for this insanity – and it was clear – they weren’t going to give up. This is called fascism – forcing a public university to bow to the demands of a few (radicals). Never mind the racism part. This is outrageous. I don’t even want to say what could come next.

  6. MacBeth says:

    Another well written post, SRAZ! I especially enjoyed the description of Meghan McCain as “fully packed.” My question is, how does she manage to stuff her face as she obviously does, when her mouth is running at double speed?

  7. PC and State Committeeman says:

    Politics is a dirty business but this collusion with the ‘enemy’ makes no sense. Keepin’ enemies close does NOT mean a place in the cabinet. He is not showing much savvy from Flynn to Chow, Ryan, Comey now McSlime who’s next? Reward thy enemy so they can stab ya in the front instead of the back!!! I hate to say it but when the other shoe falls methinks most of us will not be happy campers some might begin to feel the despair that we may lose it all. Pray Trump uses his discernment gene (if he has one) before anymore infiltration of the establishment renders him neutered and an unwilling (or unknowing???) puppet of the globalist traitors.

  8. Matt DeGennaro says:

    I see no upside to Pres. Trump appointing anyone from the known enemy camp to a position within the administration. The McCain’s fit that description to a “T.”

  9. Maggie says:

    Whoever is advising Trump on this matter has scant information about the vile man McCain is. It’s far more than the garbage McCain pushed during and immediately after the campaign. He is a known liar and will do whatever suits him at any particular time. Cindy McCain is not an independent agent, separate from her husband and daughter. From my perspective, appointing her to anything in the administration is tantamount to drinking arsenic laced coffee. Ask Dr. Kelli Ward about the depth of his lies. Most recently, she took the brunt of them.

  10. Saguaro Sam says:

    Who knew that we had a serial killer in Phoenix?

    In case the local media doesn’t cover it, here is the story from the New York Post, complete with photo of suspect:

  11. Hunter says:

    I am torn between amusement and disgust when I see Trumpkins making excuses for Trump. This appointment is not based on advisers or naivety. This is who and what Trump is and always has been. He is a demagogue and Democrat who ran as a Republican. He has Democrats in key administration leadership positions. He makes decisions based on emotion rather than logic (after all, he is a Democrat). Trump has a lot in common with McCain.

    It’s about time Conservatives in the Republican Party who betrayed the Conservative Movement by supporting Trump wake up and smell the coffee. Certainly, Trump is better than Clinton. But that isn’t saying very much. Trump is not serious about “draining the swamp” or implementing Conservative policies. Most of the other Republican candidates would have been better than Trump. Cruz certainly would have been better; I can’t picture him hiring Cindy McCain or Mitch McConnell’s wife for any administration position. Cruz would have shut down the government, if necessary, to repeal Obamacare and cut Federal spending. Trump talks tough, but he’s a limp noodle.


    Seeing Red AZ editor:
    How do I contact you with important news articles I’d like to see posted?
    Timothy Schwartz, 1st Vice Chair LD30 Republicans

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Timothy Schwartz:
      You don’t. We do not take submissions. Suggestion: Start your own blog.

  13. Philip Alu says:

    She can’t be as ignorant as John or Obama….

  14. PC and State Committeeman says:

    She married him and if that aint ignorance what is? Anyone who marries a man that did what he did to wife number one and if that isn’t enough reason how about she stayed with McStench even when he humiliated her in public. Well at least Comey is gone not soon enough but gone is good, maybe Ryan is next to be outed for the puke he is.