Jeff Flake’s new gimmick to win conservatives

Political ploy intended to garner votes is a stale scam

Jeff Flake, rightfully concerned about his lagging popularity as he gears up for a 2018 reelection campaign, has a shiny new object to grab your attention away from his less than stellar commitment to Republican principles.

Even the left-of-center, Hillary endorsing Arizona Republic had to admit that according to its own poll, Flake’s numbers are weak.

His most recent fundraising email, using John McCain’s “Friend” salutation, touts his efforts, along with McCain, of course, to sever Arizona from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Flake says the court is too large to be effective. He backs that up with the protracted time — up to 15 months — he claims it takes “to make a decision because they are so backed up in their work.”

“I’ve introduced a bill with John McCain that will split the 9th and create a new, 12th Circuit Court of Appeals because Arizonans and other Western states don’t have the bedrock principle of swift justice found in the rest of our nation,” writes Flake.

Before he moves to the money plea, using bold italicized type Flake intones, “Justice delayed is justice denied,” neglecting to credit British Prime Minister William E. Gladstone who said those words in 1868.

“Join me in fighting for a solution for Arizona,” Flake implores. “We need courts that are fair and effective for everyone, not political institutions. Let’s make it happen; chip in $5, $10, or whatever you can today to bring justice to Arizona!”

We’ve removed the links to his donation page, since even $5 is too much to send to this Republicrat phony. Money is the least of his problems. He’s been amassing plenty from lobbyists.

Flake blathers about the size of the court and its backlog of cases, slowing its actions.

What he doesn’t mention is that the Ninth Circuit is a crushingly liberal monopoly and one of the most overturned circuit courts in the nation, since those facts don’t matter to increasingly left-leaning Flake. This is not Flake’s first trip to this political well. He also introduced this legislation during the 114th Congress, but it didn’t receive a vote. The current version has a single cosponsor, John McCain. Congress has considered proposals to break up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals dating back to 1941.

After meeting with Democrat Merrick Garland, Obama’s lame duck Supreme Court nominee, Jeff Flake tried to fast track him to the High Court. Make no mistake, Flake is a mirror image of John McCain and his former senate seatmate, Jon Kyl, who both voted to confirm liberal Democrats to the  Ninth Circuit and other federal courts.

When Flake first ran for congress, he latched onto the issue of eliminating “pork,” the term used for non-essential spending. Forming another federal Circuit Court will incur massive costs, though Flake omits that fact. Amnesty supporting Flake has never addressed the astronomical costs associated with turning illegal aliens into citizens or its impact on actual American citizens.

Let’s review who Jeff Flake actually is:

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9 Responses to Jeff Flake’s new gimmick to win conservatives

  1. Kimball says:

    I’m more than grateful to SRAZ for exposing Jeff Flake. You once referred to him as “marginal” a term I’ve “borrowed” and used myself when discussing him. I’ve known Flake and his family for years, and this site has nailed him as no one else has. You’re doing a fine service. I ask all who read this post to send a link to their statewide email list. Having this information will matter when Flake’s reelection rolls around. He’s a libertarian, and has never been a conservative.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Flake is aware that just last week, the WH announced that Trump is taking a hard look at the Federal court system.
    And Flake never fails to jump on the bandwagon that perpetually circles D.C.

    Meanwhile, regarding the flap over Trump firing James Comey—-

    Remember this little timeline of coincidence?

    May, 1993: FBI, under Director William Sessions, opens investigation into First Lady Hillary Clinton’s “Travelgate”.

    July 19, 1993: Then-President Bill Clinton fires his FBI Director William Sessions.

    July 20, 1993: Long-time friend who joined the Clinton WH team, Vince Foster, is found dead in Fort Marcy Park in D.C. (The circumstances and investigation into his death were highly irregular and like no other death investigation that I have seen.)

    It was Vince Foster who was once quoted as saying, “Here, ruining people is considered sport.” He was referring to D.C.
    Nothing has changed.

    As to the Clintons, Chelsea is in London promoting her newly published book on global health. Who knew that she was an expert on anything besides defrauding the public?

  3. durabo says:

    I’m a PaleoConservative who despises Communists, Democrats, liberals and Republicrats. I would rather see a declared leftist in office than a backstabbing, gutless Repugnican like Flake. WTF, the voting balance would not change, anyway: both of our fake Republican US Senators vote with the Commiecrats, anyway! Flake and Juan McRino (aka “Songbird”) are a disgrace and an insult to Arizona.

    If I donate any money, it will be to anyone who opposes this flaky political whore in the primaries.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      There is not only a choice, ..there is an excellent choice. Her name is Dr. Kelli Ward. She survived a vicious primary full of outrageous attacks by John McCain. She is now more than ready to anticipate the same onslaught from McCain Junior, Jeff the Flake.

      Visit her website. Press the yellow donate button. She needs our help to beat back the RINO establishment. If we don’t go to bat for this stellar candidate, we will deserve more of the same. McCain has been in office for decades.Flake lied about term limiting hiself in the US House and is now trying to dig in his heels in the US Senate. Unlike the bought and paid for sellout Flake, Kelli Ward doesn’t have DC lobbyist funding. She needs us, the grassroots of the Republican Party to mobilize and elect her.

    • Patriot Dad says:

      What do low carbohydrates have to do with politics? Does this type of word tossing make you feel superior to the rank and file, hard working conservative activists? Besides using odd language to describe yourself, what do you do to further the conservative message and generate votes for those who will carry it?

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I will not vote for somebody who worked closely with and helped radical Obama on his leftist agenda. Opening up ties with communist Cuba was a bust. Cuba still calls us names and Americans aren’t traveling there. Airlines are cutting flights. Plus, he’s helping the Democrats with his constant anti-Trump behavior.

    Mark Levin took a phone call from a man in Snowflake, AZ recently. Mark was kind of mocking the name. The caller said it’s named after the Snow and Flake families. Levin made a comment about Jeff Flake – don’t remember what he said and the caller said something to the effect that I’m not a fan. He sounded pretty clear about how he felt.

  5. Philip Alu says:

    He will probably win hope not….
    Two of the biggest traitors in America and both from AZ…..
    McCain should be recalled and jailed with Flake…Treason…..

    • Doc says:

      DUDE!…you stole my “Thunder”…if gravity would just stop working long enuff for those 2 criminals to fall off th’ side of th’ PLANET…America would be SO MUCH Better off…

  6. Kent says:

    Excellent expose of Jeff Fake!!