Global Cyber attack likely to be repeated Monday

The international cyber attack that hit at least 200,000 victims in 150 countries on Friday, could be repeated on Monday and into the week, according to Europol Director Rob Wainwright. He issued the warning on a Sunday program, describing the global reach as “unprecedented,” with the ability to paralyze governments, rail lines, hospitals and other essential services.

Reuters news agency has more here.


3 Responses to Global Cyber attack likely to be repeated Monday

  1. Realist says:

    These incidents are horrific since they not only have the ability to impact the business sectors of our county and others, but also hospitals, financial institutions and other crucial services.

    We’ve heard rumblings about our crumbling infrastructure, but no person in authority has actually done anything about it. I’m not talking roads, but those things we depend on. FEMA and the American Red Cross put out PSAs late at night, so as not to alarm the populace. They advise us to put an emergency kit and plan together as to where family members would meet in the event of a disaster. Easier said than done. if Mom and Dad work in two different parts of the valley and the kids attend three different schools and phone service is down. That includes cell phones.

    To complicate matters is the food supply, which will grind to a screeching halt if the refrigerated trucks don’t run. Most vehicles are computer based these days and a shut down of the power grid will affect them all, as well as electricity and water supplies. It’ important to keep ample food and water stored for each person in the household. In the winter, have blankets available for warmth, medications should not run low, especially if a family member’s life depends on them. First responders will not be responding. We will all have to take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

    Think about what you would do in such an emergency There will be no reruns. No one will share their supplies, since they won’t want to deprive their own family, not knowing how long the outages will continue. Preppers are not fools, they are prepared.

  2. CD 8 PC says:

    Such criminals need to be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Fasten your seat belt, it looks like a turbulent week ahead.

    These cyberattacks are happening because of leaked info out of OUR NSA. Start there to find the perps.

    And on Wednesday, the pansy Chelsea Manning will get her/his get out of jail early card from the Fed prison in Kansas. She says that she wants to go swimming. (Is that code for something strange?)

    Now, Chucky cheese Schumer is looking for Repubs to join his cabal to obstruct Trump’s new pick for the FBI directorship.

    Don’t forget that a top Dem congressman is calling this moment in time as ‘John McCain’s finest hour’.

    So sabotage and treason are now being considered the hallmarks of a ‘finest hour’?

    Judge Jeanine Pirro is the Only one in TV media who has repeatedly invited members of Congress and other Fed agencies on to her show to discuss the U.S. power grid. The only responses that she has been able to drag out of these swamp dwellers is that they agree with her—-our entire power grid is very vulnerable.
    But the solutions are unavailable to the mortal man, apparently.
    Plus, it costs $$$. Just how much, no one knows.

    Anarchy may be just a click away.

    Guard your soul.
    And your water supply.