Top Dem praises McCain’s efforts against Pres. Trump

If you’re a conservative Republican who has wondered whether “mavericky” Democrat colluder, John McCain has ever had a “finest hour,” wonder no more.

Democrat U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking minority member on the House Intelligence Committee, recently offered high praise for Arizona Republicrat John McCain, saying his strong criticism of President Trump marks McCain’s “finest hour.”

The Friday interview on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” can be seen on The Hill. Interestingly, YouTube advises the video has been removed.

“I think frankly this is John McCain’s finest hour,” Schiff said during an appearance with Maher. “I wish we had more Republicans in the House, or maybe even one in the House, who is willing to follow his example.”

McCain has been adamant in his calls for an independent commission to investigate Russia’s purported efforts to meddle in the 2016 presidential election, as well as the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Moscow. There is no evidence of either, but facts are insignificant to the still smarting, failed presidential candidate John McCain, who made it clear he would not vote for Republican nominee Donald Trump. McCain’s underling Jeff Flake also refused to vote for Trump, saying,Trump can’t win and shouldn’t win.”

Schiff used McCain’s words to pitch the need to reverse the Republican majority congress, stressing the importance of a Democrat controlled House or Senate or both because, “this president needs a restraint.”

McCain is obviously more than ready to help Democrat Schiff in his quest. And Jeff Flake? Arizonans should commit Flake’s six words to memory and apply them to him as he runs for a second six-year senate term in 2018. Arizonans deserve to have an actual principled Republican — not Hillary supporters — representing them when they vote for a candidate with an “R” following their name on the ballot.


12 Responses to Top Dem praises McCain’s efforts against Pres. Trump

  1. William Heuisler says:

    McCain should be investigated and prosecuted for cutting off all attempts to locate and rescue hundreds of POWs and MIAs in Vietnam.
    McCain Blocked a 1992 Senate POW-MIA search-and-rescue bill called the “Truth Bill,” HR1147. McCain Blocked 1996 Senate hearings for the POW-MIA“ Missing Service Personnel Act.”

    • Doc says:

      As I’m sure you’re aware, & most here @ SRAZ are as well, this slimeball was BEING investigated, & his “goose was basically COOKED”, right before the 9/11 terror attack. Whisky-Tango-Foxtrot?!?! Why isn’t THAT investigation re-started? He committed a Crime…as I recall. Do you Mr. Heuisler, or does anyone else here have any info on this?

      I ask this RESPECTFULLY, not as my usual Smart-A** self…

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      Everything you say is true. McCain, known as “songbird” by his fellow captives in Hanoi for his numerous anti-American propaganda messages, has worked tirelessly for decades to shut down any investigations into our own POWs and MIAs.

      McCain has also spent his entire career aligning with Democrats to the determent of Republicans. Who can forget the restrictive McCain-Feingold, intneded to hamstring free speech and Republicans? It was finally overturned by the Supreme Court. He sided with Ted Kennedy on amnesty for years, and is still more committed to the invaders than American citizens. Now his partners are liberals UpChuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, MIchael Bennet and Robert Menendez, who joined wit McCain, Jeff the Flake, Lindsey Grahmesty, and the deceptive slickster Marco Rubio. It never ends.

      We must unload RINO Jeff Flake in 2018, or he’ll become as entrenched as McCain. When Flake was in the House, he promised to limit himself to 3-two year terms. When he campaigned for a fourth (of SIX terms), he laughingly said, “I lied.”

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    No one messes with T-Rex. Who better to get in McCain’s face.

    Rex Tillerson gives John McCain much deserved smackdown

  3. Hunter says:

    The real problem in Arizona is NOT that McCain and Flake are RINOs. It IS that they keep getting elected as Republican nominees in primary elections. Conservatives have to face up to the sad fact that most Arizona Republicans are not conservatives (even if they call themselves conservatives). They also, for the most part, don’t care about the Republican Party Platform; at best, they pay lip service to it. That’s why we get RINO election results in Republican primaries in most of the state.

    • State Delegate says:

      While I agree with the initial part of your comment, I don’t think your premise that most Arizona Republicans are not conservative is factual — based on my years of interaction with voters as an elected precinct committeeman. As I discuss the candidates and issues going door to door near elections, I find that what I hear as issues of concern are keeping our Second Amendment rights intact and wanting to know if the candidate is pro-life. Both of these are CONSERVATIVE issues.Those who favor abortion never use the term “pro-life.” They prefer the term, “pro-choice,” even though the choice they refers to is killing a baby. which they call a fetus.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      I think in the case of McCain – and Flake – voters are woefully uneducated. That explains decades of McCain in Washington. If a Democrat like McCain runs with an R after his name, he’s in. There are more registered Republicans in AZ than Democrats. Jay Leno started asking people in the street questions – now all the late-night shows do it – and you see the average person doesn’t know much about politics, when a political question is asked. It’s pathetic that some people I know vote – and don’t know the issues. They go by the ‘R’ or ‘D.’

      I wonder how many Republicans know how much Flake helped Barack Obama with his agenda. I don’t think they’d choose him in 2018 over a true Republican like Kelli Ward if they followed him over the past few years.

      It took a major Leftist fool in the White House for 8 years destroying this country to get people’s attention to turn out and vote. They voted for the ‘R.’

  4. Hunter says:

    This state has a lot of precincts. Some are very conservative, but it is obvious many are not. Otherwise we wouldn’t get the statewide results we get. As a side note, just because people talk conservative doesn’t mean they actually vote that way on secret ballots if they even bother to vote.

    By the way, if I’m asked whether I’m pro-choice, I always say, “Yes, I believe all parents should be able to select the primary and secondary schools their children go to.” Liberals only believe in choice when it’s something offensive or worse.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    McCain is a drain on the American taxpayers, and has been since his Naval Academy days.

    Remember the story in the L.A. Times several years ago?
    Even before U.S. Naval officer McCain was sent overseas, he had already destroyed 2 or 3 aircraft, according to the story.

    On one occasion he “signed out” a plane so that he could fly to a football game and somehow crashed it. And another plane went in the drink off of the coast of TX. Persons interviewed for the story said that it was completely unprecedented that any pilot would be allowed to get away with this behavior. And then there was the incident between his plane and the deck of an aircraft carrier. All of this and more in the L.A. Times story.

    No native son is he.
    Carpet bagger is the descriptive term that fits here.
    He has never pretended to embrace Arizona, nor has he done any helpful thing for Arizona citizens (ex: Rob Krentz) or law enforcement officers (ex: Brian Terry) who have been victimized by criminals who have invaded our country.

    He is an accessory.
    And I am not talking pearl earrings or a Patek Philippe wristwatch.

    If he goes horizontal while still holding court in the swamp, no doubt that either Cindy or Megan will have a bejeweled crown placed on her head by Chuck Schumer and have her azz measured for a new Senate seat made of the finest Corinthian leather.

  6. terry dudas says:

    Don’t forget the dirty campaign McCain waged against Kelli Ward last year. The Republican party didn’t repudiate it either; it was disgraceful.

  7. Hunter says:

    McCain always runs dirty campaigns against other Republicans.

    The real issue is this: Why do Republican voters keep voting for McCain?

    I’ve known many “conservative” Republicans who regard serious conservative Republicans as “right wing whack jobs.” As long as these “conservative” Republicans are in leadership positions (both Republican Party and elected officials), people like McCain and Flake will continue to win.

    • Former GOP PC says:

      Unfortunately, the AZ Republican Party leadership have their noses deeply embedded in McCain’s liberal ass. The people of the state are the losers. He has portrayed himself as a Republican to get elected, but by his votes and actions, is clearly a left-of-center democrat who has degraded the GOP.. Low information voters and those who don’t pay attention have bought into his campaign lies and kept him in office. The same can be said of Jeff Flake, who became a Republican to run because Losertarians don’t win. The AZ Republican party would rather win with liberals than be righteous players and support conservatives.

      McCain is vicious and purged conservative elected precinct committeemen who censured him from their unpaid posts.. THEY, not him are the backbone of the AZ GOP. Former GOP Party chairman Robert Graham never made a peep when these good people were systematically removed.

      The party has no ethics. it wants to win, regardless of the creeps like McCain and Flake it works to keep in office.