“Russian collusion,” liberal hypocrisy and of course, McCain

As the left-wing media relentlessly accuse President Donald Trump of collusion with the Russians — a charge he and his key staff present at the meeting,* deny — we bring you the hot mic exchange picked up between then-President Barack Obama and outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

This video evidence of actual collusion in March 2012 somehow missed getting the same negative scrutiny from the Obama-adoring press. Read the full text in The Weekly Standard.

Fast forward to the new Trump administration, and the media — still unable to fathom that Hillary Clinton lost — are salivating at the preposterous thought of impeachment.  Arizona’s embarrassment and failed presidential candidate John McCain, who made it clear he was not voting for Donald Trump as the GOP presidential nominee now ridiculously declares, “Trump’s scandals have now reached Watergate proportions.”

McCain should know a thing or two about scandals, after having been deeply entangled in the notorious Keating Five career-destroying savings and loan scandal. Through his contacts, he was able to slickly maneuver his survival while others weren’t so fortunate. Financier Charles Keating, Jr., with the help of five U.S. Senators, bilked investors, and spent time in prison after the $150 billion collapse of the S & L industry in the 1980s.

*Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State; H.R. McMaster, National Security Adviser; and Dina Powell, Deputy National Security Adviser were present at the meeting.


19 Responses to “Russian collusion,” liberal hypocrisy and of course, McCain

  1. Former GOP PC says:

    John McCain is fortunate he was Jim Hensley’s son-in-law and had the money and pull to extract himself from the Keating Five scandal virtually unscathed. Others were not so lucky. He is a marginal man, from a good family, who married up. He got into the US Naval Academy because his father and grandfather were Admirals. McCain graduated at the bottom of the class. For his own repeated collusion with Democrats over the years, he has been censured by elected Republican state committeemen. I know, since I was one of them. He was greeted with boos and turned backs, while others walked out of the auditorium when he and Jeff Flake were brought onstage at a state meeting. John McCain has never represented Republicans, which is why he calls himself a “maverick.”

    After the censure, he was so enraged, he and his operatives instituted a purge of conservatives from the party ranks, running RINOs and Vietnamese against us.


    My wife and I were longtime volunteers for the GOP and were taken out after years of dedication and work on behalf of the Republican Party. John McCain doesn’t care about the party, he only cares about himself.

  2. Kathy says:

    Bottom line is the establishment, Dems, RINOs and deep state are against We the People!! We voted for President Trump – legally.

    They are mad as hell and now they are conintuing to expose themselves to be the liars, deceitful, power-hungry, America hating people/politicians they are. They hate We the People – they despise us. They think we are here to work for them as slaves.

    Well, guess what – We are NOT slaves and We do know what is best for ourselves which is LESS government. We know Freedom is not free and there is a high price paid protecting it. Vote Flake out in 2018 and sadly we will have to wait 5 more years to do the same to McCain.

    And today Manning is out of prison – Obama’s commute of his (yes his) 35 year sentence. Traitors all.

  3. Hometown Guy says:

    The votes in our household proudly went to Donald Trump. We’ve NEVER voted for McCain. Our support of Trump has not wavered. He was marked by the left from the day he first won the nomination. Their fury was set in stone when he won the presidency. He has appointed a Republican to the US Supreme Court, which was crucial for this country.

    We’d all vote for President Trump again. None of us regret our vote.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    SRAZ: Thanks for posting the video of Obama colluding with the Russians. If only some ‘fair and balanced’ TV news program would play it so the Left doesn’t conveniently forget about their Dear Leader caught in the act, not that it would matter.

    I heard the Keating Five referred to as the Criminal Five the other day and I believe it was on the Rush Limbaugh show. He can’t stand McCain and has McCain bashing skits on every so often.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      I join in the thanks for the well timed reminder of Barack Obama in the role as the actual Russian colluder. Best of all, it was not a contrivance, but caught on tape and recorded on an open mic for ll to see and hear. Obama’s body language is especially telling as he backs away and goes into an “I didn’t take the cookies that you thought you saw me take” pose. It would be funny if not so dangerous and pathetic.

      Where was the shrieking media then? Not a peep from a single reporter as I recall.

  5. Hunter says:

    There are two fundamental problems.

    The first is that Leftists, RINOs, and the media (yes, I’m being redundant) are all after Trump using fake news. They are just throwing anything at him to see if it will stick in order to undermine him. Of course, they always do this with Republican presidents. It explains some of the media stories, but it would not resonate with the public unless some of their “stories” stuck due to doubts about Trump. The reason media attacks against Reagan never stuck is because Reagan was an honest, decent man who was very clear about his policy objectives and had the courage to pursue them.

    The second is that Trump’s presidential messaging is even worse than George W. Bush’s (something I thought could never happen) and Trump doesn’t even have half the humility and character that George W. Bush displayed in office. Trump continually undermines the statements members of his administration make. Bush had NO messaging which was bad. Trump has inconsistent, contradictory messaging which is a disaster. At this point, nobody can take anything Trump or his aids say seriously except when detractors parse what is being said out of both sides of the administration’s mouth to make Trump look as bad as possible. Since Trump is not a fundamentally honest, moral person, the attacks against him resonate. Even if Trump has not been shown to be a criminal, he is revealed as dishonest, incompetent, and foolish. Some of the image is due to amplification by the press, but there is something there to amplify. Also, Trump has no consistent public policies – he is a RINO – which also makes consistent messaging difficult.

    Real conservatives should be holding Trump’s feet to the fire for his incompetence and legislative failures instead of making excuses for him and blaming everyone else for his problems. Trump ran for president; he IS the president. If he’s not willing to do the job without looking like a foolish RINO laughing stock, he should resign and go back to his personal businesses. Trump should grow up and shape up if he wants to be an effective president promoting conservative policies.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      We endured 8 long years of a man with a mysterious past, no experience in politics, a dyed-in-the-wool Leftist who destroyed this country by tearing down our traditions, customs and laws.

      All of his screw-ups were covered up – except for a few (like the video above) and Navy corpse men, 57 states, RSPECT, embarrassing big league baseball first pitches (like a little girl) wearing mom jeans and bowing to every questionable head of state in the world. Senior citizens and vets were treated like second class citizens, illegal aliens treated like guests. But – he had presence – low key and civilized – unlike that guy Trump. Obama had a nice crease in his slacks and good diction. He was polite and treated people respectfully (except Bibi Netanyahu, Christians and Republicans). No one but the “fringe rightwing” complained about him. GWBush said nothing even though Obama blamed him for everything that was wrong.

      Trump’s been there four months. He’s up against a mountain of swamp dwellers who want the status quo. That includes the Republican party in D.C., the mainstream media and our two senators. This is a fight for survival. Either they’re gonna win – or we’re gonna win. If they win, I don’t even want to think about it.

      • Hunter says:

        It’s not clear that Trump was not a swamp dweller to begin with. So far, by giving in on an “Obama” spending bill and pushing a horrible “reform” to Obamacare instead of a simple repeal, Trump is not doing a great job. At this rate, if Trump wins, we might still lose!

        Obama was a sleazy anti-American President who had his faults covered up by sleazy anti-American media, but that still doesn’t make Trump someone draining the swamp. It’s a great talking point, but he doesn’t exhibit the will to actually follow through to get good results.

        Trump is vulnerable because he spends too much time spouting off stupidly instead of pushing a conservative policy agenda.

        Where is the funding for a border wall? Why are Planned Parenthood, the NEA, and PBS still being federally funded? Why only a nominal increase for Defense instead of what is needed to repair the damage Obama did? Why did the EPA and NIH get boosts instead of cuts to funding? Why are there no solid proposals for a corporate tax cut proposed to help corporations stay in America and create jobs?

        Those things require Congressional approval, but Obama could get what he wanted with essentially this Republican Congress. Why can’t Trump get what HE wants? He didn’t even threaten a veto. Or is what he is getting what he actually wants?

    • Capt. Marvel says:

      Obviously you’re not a supporter of President Trump. That puts you squarely in the Hillary/McCain/Flake corner of the political spectrum.

      Rather than arrogantly giving the President advice on how to govern, why don’t you rally behind him and stop giving his liberal detractors more ammunition to use against him? I’m making the assumption you’re a floundering Republicrat, rather than a dem, but of course only you can identify yourself.

      I’m ready to coin a new term: “Transpolitical,” meaning in need of surgical readjustment. It would not entail the trendy “sexual reassignment” that has captured the news, but would require those who have lost their political way to read the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights every day until they understand the concepts of freedom, liberty and the First Amendment. You, Hunter, would qualify for the first class.

      • Hunter says:

        Your assumptions about me are all wrong (except about being a supporter of President Trump). Since Trump has obviously not read the constitution, he would be the first to have to go through your treatment program. By the way Capt. Marvel, the Bill of Rights is part of the US Constitution. There are also other amendments that were made after the Bill of Rights. Maybe you should take your own class with someone competent (not you) as an instructor?

        I support the constitution and conservative values. If Trump promotes them, I’ll support him. If he doesn’t, I won’t support him. That applies to all politicians. I’m not a messiah worshiper like some people who post at this site.

        I don’t think it takes much in the way of arrogance to insist Trump not put both feet in his mouth and undermine his subordinates. Nor is much arrogance needed to insist that a simple Obamacare repeal bill and a conservative budget should be pushed through hard by a nominally Republican President and a Republican Congress. That’s what Republicans ran on.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      Proof, please, not just your opinion that President Trump is not fundamentally honest or moral.

      Was Obama honest and moral?
      Oh, yeah, he was honest when he said that he would fundamentally transform America.

      It was just revealed last week in the British press, in extensive reports, that when Obama wrote his book about his early years, he lumped every female that he had ever been with into one character. Leaving out his lengthy live-in arrangements with a woman of mixed race who is now a professor at Oberlin.
      They wrote each other letters about doing drugs and having raunchy sex. People who knew them then vouched for the drugs and their loud “escapades”.

      Interesting that Obama was continuing to see this woman romantically, by her own admission, for two years after he took up with Michelle in Chicago. For the interview, the woman said that she did “feel bad” knowing that she was still canoodling with BHO behind Michelle’s back.

      Also interesting is that, according to this old girlfriend, BHO told her that he was 100% sure that he would be president one day and that he could not marry her because he needed to marry a 100% black woman. Since this extensive article was posted in the British press a week ago, and there has been no retraction, one can assume that her account was truthful.

      Racist? BHO racist??
      Since this extensive article was posted in the British press a week ago, and there has been no retraction, one can assume that her account was truthful.
      I do declare, I’m about to have me a case of the vapors.

      Just today, it is being reported that BHO has called President Trump a “bullsh*tter.”

      It takes one to know one.

      • Maggie says:

        Obama is such a class act….NOT!

      • Hunter says:

        Obama was not honest or moral either.

        Trump has enough history to be judged dishonest and immoral. He is not a criminal, but he is still dishonest and immoral. There are numerous accounts of him cheating subcontractors not paying his bills. He uses vicious and often dishonest personal attacks against people who oppose him. Just recently, he said that he fired Comey based on Justice Department recommendations and then got on national TV and said he was going to fire him anyway.

        Being honest and moral is a higher standard than just being legal. Trump appears to be legal which appears to be an improvement over Obama, but he can be considered honest or moral only compared to someone sleazy like Obama or Clinton.

        I am surprised that there is an account of Obama canoodling with a WOMAN. I don’t dispute the account, but it only confirms that Obama is an immoral sleaze. It doesn’t affirm that Trump is honest or moral.

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I think we’re going to have violence, perpetrated by the Left, by the time the 2018 election rolls around. They’re out for blood.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      perpetrated by the Left and bankrolled by Soros.
      Soros destroyed Europe and then set his sites on US
      He should have been deported.

    • Hunter says:

      It’s interesting that most of the leftist violence has occurred in states or on campuses with strict gun control laws. In freer states and off campus where decent citizens are allowed to own and carry firearms, there don’t seem to be as many violent incidents. It it because states supporting the right to own and carry firearms tend to be conservative, or is it because leftist rioters are afraid they’ll get shot by people who won’t put up with their violence?

  7. Dennis O'Brien says:

    On the topic of John McCain…he get’s more disgusting with each passing year. He is a has-been consumed with jealous rage over the fact that he never won the presidency and political novice Donald Trump did. For this obsessive pettiness, he is ready to sacrifice the entire country. What a guy!. Jeff Fake is no better.