Pres. Trump delvers key speech to Arab world

Calls for stamping out “Islamic extremism”

President Trump’s Speech begins at 1:23

*H/T NBC News


11 Responses to Pres. Trump delvers key speech to Arab world

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    America IS great again. After 8 long years in the political swamp, we finally have a U.S. President who is taking charge. The Saudis have treated President Trump with respect.

  2. Clementine says:

    Barack Hussein Obama refused to even acknowledge “Islamic extremism” exists, although the rest of the world sees plenty of evidence of the evil it perpetrates. Bravo! Donald Trump!!

  3. aridteri says:

    Truly, a man of courage.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    As I watched the fantastic speech by President Trump, I couldn’t help but wonder if Zuhdi Jasser regrets his outspoken contempt for Trump and declared that he wouldn’t vote for him.

    Donald Trump made Zuhdi’s job easier today.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      I was a fan of Dr. Jasser until his denigration of Donald Trump outstripped his sense of reason. If he didn’t intend to vote for Trump, then fine…don’t. But his blasting negativity severely diminished Jasser and turned me off. He fell into the same league as the Obama supporting Republicrats John McCain and Jeff Flake

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      PS I forgot to add that Pres. Trump’s speech and his and Melania’s demeanor have made me very proud. Saudi King Salman is respectful of Pres. Trump, which matters to me.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Here’s a very short article praising President Trump

    It took a non-politician… | The Last Refuge

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    The “Arab News” ran a front page pic of First Lady Melania Trump and described her look as respectful and conservative.

    Certainly not the rags, albeit expensive rags, from J. Crew that Moochelle and her off-spring were partial to. (she just had to keep showing off her sizeable biceps)

    President Trump is working very hard for US.

    Meanwhile, in California:

    On the heels of Gov. Moonbeam Brown referring to California Taxpayers as “freeloaders”, the CA State Democrats held their convention.

    Ever the most tone-deaf and least classy of homosapiens, they wildly yelled and screamed, “F*** Trump, while raising to the sky the middle fingers of both their left And right hands.
    It is truly amazing that they are still able to walk upright.

    Who are the Real animals now?

    As Trump works tirelessly, Obama is photographed flailing a 9 iron on a golf course in Italy. Skinny legs and all.

    It gives me great pleasure to know that the biggest narcissist in the history of the world will Never, Ever be skillful at the game of golf.
    And that is something that really, really gets under his thin skin.

    • State Delegate says:

      Democrats are generally foolish since they believe in preposterous notions such as the government has money to endlessly spend. They conveniently forget that we provide the resources the government mostly squanders.

      Put them together in a convention setting and their foolishness takes a back seat to their vile, base nature as you point out here.

      After reading your articulate comments over an extended period of time, I know you’ll remember the 2012 Democrat national convention when they booed the inclusion of the word “God” in their platform and jeered Jerusalem as being in Israel. Those in charge of the meeting tried to cover up the horrible optics and even lied about the vote three times.

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    The Gang of 2 making idiots out of themselves. Did they “blast” Obama for not confronting the Muslim countries on human rights? I’m really getting sick of McCain’s constant harassment of Trump.

    McCain, Rubio blast Trump for not confronting Saudi Arabia on human rights – Washington Times

    • Kimball says:

      John McCain is incredibly jealous of Donald Trump’s many successes—especially winning the presidency when McCain and Flake supported Hillary Clinton!!! Unlike McCain, Trump is actually accomplished and didn’t rely on marrying an heiress, but on his own business acumen. Trump’s massive achievement is the fact that he has raised a bright, well educated and close family, though two of his five children have different mothers. They obviously respect him and get along with Melania and Barron. Few people have the ability to put that dynamic together as flawlessly.

      John McCain so desperately wanted to be president his teeth itched at the prospect. But Republicans have disdained his so-called “maverick” image for decades. All it actually means is that he consistently veers away from the Republican Party to promote and vote for Democrat issues.

      I’m a lifelong Arizonan and can proudly say I’ve never voted for the phony. I also have known Jeff Flake for many years, which is why he doesn’t get my vote either.