Salvadoran “refugees,” Mexican Mafia bring terror to US cities

Despite dozens of vicious MS-13 gang members — mostly illegals — captured in a  Los Angeles raid, AZ Sens. McCain and Flake remain committed to amnesty

Following a three-year investigation involving multiple law enforcement agencies, dozens of members of the murderous MS-13 gang have been charged in a Los Angeles federal court in what law enforcement officials called one of the most significant busts of the transnational gang in its notorious decades-long history.

Among those arrested is a former head of the entire gang in Los Angeles and a dozen high-ranking members, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Central District of California announced in this statementThe vast majority of these gang members are illegal aliens.

“This gang is responsible for murders –- both of rival gangsters and innocent bystanders –- as well as drug dealing and extortion in many communities in the Los Angeles area,” said Acting United States Attorney Sandra R. Brown. “With thousands of members here in the Southland, the gang’s power is widespread –– power which it maintains with severe acts of violence.”

The investigation involved nearly two dozen law enforcement agencies led by the FBI, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Drug Enforcement Agency and the Los Angeles Police Department.

“This gang uses coercion and intimidation while inflicting horrific violence in the neighborhoods where they operate,” said ATF Los Angeles Field Division Special Agent in Charge Eric Harden. “Today is a great win for justice and a heavy message to the community. Law enforcement will combine their resources and all our areas of expertise to cripple these organizations. We will win, they will lose.”

MS-13 started three decades ago on the streets of L.A., and was originally made up young illegals from El Salvador. Today its tentacles reach throughout Central America and across the United States — from the west to east coasts with a series of gruesome slayings recently in New York City. Last month President Donald Trump singled out the vicious gang as “one of the gravest threats to American safety.”

Yet Arizona Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake, who led the failed 2013 Gang of Eight amnesty scheme with a gaggle of the most far left Democrats and a couple of other RINOs, remain dedicated to gifting rights belonging to Americans to illegal invaders from Mexico and Central America. They no doubt hope to wait until after Jeff Flake’s 2018 reelection bid before flipping on the neon “enter here” switch and rolling out the amnesty welcome mat again. Don’t provide the opportunity. Stop Jeff Flake with your ballot.

Dr. Kelli Ward offers Arizonans a far better, conservative choice — unlike Republicrats McCain and Flake who both refused to vote for the 2016 GOP presidential nominee — now President Donald Trump.


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  1. Casper says:

    As a border state unprotected from illegal invaders, Arizona is the unwilling host to many criminals, just as those described in this post. We have lost innocent citizens to crimes, including drug dealing, random shootings, robberies, drunken drivers, etc. commuted by criminals who cross our border. I find it appalling that the Arizona Republican Party continues to support McCain and Flake, when they are complicit in the invasion with their Gang of 8 antics. If they think their amnesty shams will attract former illegals that they grant amnesty to the Republican Party, they’re dreaming. I’m sick of hearing about our shared values.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    MS-13 gang members include teenage females who are just ruthless as their male counterparts.

    Currently there is an enormous gang problem in the boroughs of NYC, but the media has a tight lid on it. But those who work in ERs; ORs and at the ME’s Office know all about it.

    What is rarely discussed is that our “correctional institutions” are incubators for gangs and for terrorists-in-training.

    You don’t hear much about correctional officers. But they are paid way too little as compared to their duties and responsibilities.

    The decades-old idea that most prisoners can be rehabilitated in prison has not proven to be anywhere near accurate.
    Prisons are merely breeding grounds for gangs and other extremists and recycle bins for repeaters.

    Pay attention to what is being rolled out this week:
    The cover-up of the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich is coming unraveled. It appears that he Did give WikiLeaks thousands of documents relating to Hilary’s campaign. D.C. is on edge because of revelations that are about to come out.

    So what do they do? They roll out ole Billy Bush, who was fired from his TV gig after the Bush/Trump tape was found on a dusty shelf somewhere and aired before the election.
    Yep, Billy Bush is making the rounds this week to talk about his hurt feelings.

    Distractions and gossip and lies make up their playbook.
    Complete with footnotes containing the names of all those murdered in order to preserve The Cause.

    • MacBeth says:

      What you say about prisons being breeding grounds for gang recruitment is true. They are also recruiting hubs for converts to Islam. Blacks have been part of that scenario for decades. More recently, formerly Catholic Latinos are converting to Islam in large numbers. The commonality that draws the previously adversarial groups together is their unity against those they view as ‘white oppressors” — forgetting affirmative action programs that have frequently given minorities advantages based on ethnicity over their better qualified white counterparts.

  3. Kathy says:

    Only when MS-13 gangs physically attack McCain or Flake themselves or their relatives will these two actually change their tune. Which won’t happen because they have their armed protection so they don’t have to rub arms with us little people. I don’t wish them harm. These two men have so much blood on their hands because of their actions that it will never wash off.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      Last year, a lovely young lady who was working as a volunteer at a “refugee camp” in Germany was brutally assaulted and murdered. You might assume that her parents would want the perp to be severely punished, but you would be wrong.
      The murder victim’s father is a big muckity-muck official with the European Union. He was quoted as saying that he forgives the poor refugee.

      Meanwhile, the guy, young Mr. Rojas, drove his car for 3 blocks on the sidewalk in Times Square last week, killing one teenaged tourist; severely maiming her younger sister, and sending 22 others to the hospital, well he says he came there with a plan to kill people. The photographs taken by those in the immediate area show a raging, screaming man who had to be tackled by the bouncer at Planet Hollywood. Seems that there were No police officers nearby at the time—–Hhhmmm.

      But guess who got involuntarily thrown into Bellevue Hospital (famous for its psychiatric wards) over this?
      The Victim’s Father!! Yep, he was at home in Ohio when he learned that one daughter was dead and one was severely injured while visiting NYC with their Mom. And when the grieving father heard that the perp gave a statement saying that he had planned the whole thing with intent to kill, he went to the jail and told police that he wanted to kill the perp. He was immediatedly and involuntarily taken to Bellevue.
      Apparently in NYC, government officials no longer understand grief.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Why do we always wait so long to act. I remember reading about the El Salvadoran MS-13 gangs years ago. According to SRAZ post, they’ve been around for 30 years. Well, now they’re ‘established’ in all parts of our country – running around like savages and it finally got the attention of some in the news media. Long Island, NY has a real problem with these illegal alien criminals. Politicians know about this stuff, but don’t rock the boat and people die.

    I know a woman from El Salvador, an American citizen, but she has a real thing (‘pride’) about “her country” – and she doesn’t hide her opinion of “white Europeans.” She also has no use for “Mexicans.”
    Needless to say, I don’t put up with that, so she’s mouthing off elsewhere. We let all kinds into our great country and some don’t appreciate it or never should have been let in.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    You just gotta read this RE: John (Juan) McCain

    From the great conservative, pro-American website, whose brilliantly patriotic founder and editor is Judi McLeod.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Wow! Great article.

      Author sums it up nicely: “John McCain’s “soldier” is unworthy of the appellation. No soldier he. His pathological disloyalty toward his own, to his voters, party, the nation, and his inability to discharge his duties honorably, is unworthy of the designation “Senator.””

    • Kathy says:

      Nailed McCain perfectly!!!!!!!! Thanks Sam