British terror attack victims rise: 22 dead, 119 wounded

Recent news reports regarding the terrorist attack in a packed Manchester concert hall indicate the suicide bomber was targeting teenagers and young girls — the fan base who were attending the Ariana Grande concert. The bombs reportedly contained nails, intended to cause maximum trauma.

As frantic parents and family tried desperately to locate their children, depraved Islamic State (ISIS) terror supporters celebrated the carnage.

The UK’s Daily Mail carries full coverage.


10 Responses to British terror attack victims rise: 22 dead, 119 wounded

  1. Patriot Dad says:

    It’s about time we stop calling these monsters “suicide bombers.” They are homicide bombers. The victims are those who were slaughtered by the evil perpetrator(s) who happened to die along with those innocents targeted. The focus should not be the single death of the depraved Islamic terrorist, but rather on the innocent victims. Newscasters mindlessly call the vicious killers “suicide bombers.” We shouldn’t follow that irrational lead.

  2. Maggie says:

    There are no adequate words to describe the depravity of these Islamic monsters. I’ve read this deadly act of cowardice was carried out by a 23-year-old Muslim, who was “known” to British police. Where are the voices of the clerics denouncing such violent acts? Their silence is disgusting.

  3. Realist says:

    We keep hearing they are “radicalized Islamic fundamentalists.” When was the last time horrific crimes were perpetrated by radicalized Christians or Jews? Yet we are continually told “Islam is a religion of peace.” Sorry. Not from my vantage point.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Just like illegal immigration, the ‘people in charge’ wait way too long to address the problem – and when they do, the problem is never solved. John McCain and Jeff Flake don’t want to secure the border. That would take care of a good chunk of the problems of illegal immigration and terrorists bringing in drugs and weapons.

    They tell us to say something if we see something. Riiiiight! As Sean Hannity said last night, people who lived around the San Bernardino killers didn’t report suspicious behavior because of the insane P.C. brainwashing by the Left. So – over a dozen innocents died.

    My only comfort is that Donald Trump is president and we know where he stands. We need to support him.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      Sean Hannity is correct in his assessment and so are you, CSB, in yours. With every passing day I realize Donald Trump makes me prouder of his presidency than I ever imagined I would be, although I supported him and unlike John McCain and Jeff Flake, I actually voted for him and didn’t attempt to hand over the country to the unprincipled Hillary Clinton.

      I’d like to know why the two Arizona Senators were never reprimanded by then-Republican state chairman Robert Graham for their unapologetic assist to the most corrupt and radically leftwing presidential candidate in memory. If elected Precinct Committeemen openly support a Democrat, they are removed from their posts. It’s in the bylaws.

      Does anyone here have an answer to this? I’m very curious how McCain and Flake managed to get a pass for violating a fundamental party principle.

      • Doc says:

        …could it be that the AZGOP is owned, lock, stock, & barrel by mcSkidmark & his cronies? Me thinks, YES! These 2 liars need to have the incoming terrorists camp out at their houses!

        …let’s see how Mrs. McCain feels about wearing a hajib…

      • Ellsworth says:

        Once again you hit the nail on the head. The AZ GOP has but one single mission as we move forward to 2018. Regardless of what better qualified candidate might be running, the party elite are in the tank for the worst candidate of all: Jeff the Fake. How this could be when he repeatedly trashed the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who went on to win the presidency—even without Fake Jeff. There were no reprimands for his help for Hillary Clinton. He should have been shown the door. But like it or not, there is a religious component to this , since the current and former GOP chairmen are all members of the same church as Flake. Count on the fact they won’t hang him out to dry!!!

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    And he is identified as a muslim whose parents are Libyan “refugees”.

    You know about Manchester, England, right?

    Just last July (2016) in Manchester, in merry old England, the politicians there had circulars delivered to the doors of English citizens.
    Suggesting that the British folks get rid of their pet dogs, because the muslims are offended by dogs.
    The politicians are too cowardly to even deliver their own circulars.

    And, had I been there, I would have urged everyone to go and adopt as many dogs as they could afford to care for.


    And then, on Christmas Eve, 2016, during a British radio broadcast that is traditionally set aside for British pastors to give a Christmas mini-sermon (the Brits and Europe, in general, no longer tolerate Christianity in anything other than micro-mini doses), the broadcast was instead turned over to creepy Prince Charles, heir to the throne.
    Prince Charles used the 15 minutes to give a pep talk about the importance of embracing muslims and their “religion.”
    Note to Chuck: They’ve already said that their flag would fly over Buckingham Palace.

    Last evening, as this tragedy unfolded, the British politicians were giving statements. They were “shocked”. Others were “horrified.”
    They are All accessories to murder, and not just pertaining to this time.

    The new head of the Metro PD in London is Ms. Cressida Dick.
    Although she previously botched many important investigations in her career, she was nonetheless elevated to the top spot.
    She is a lesbian whose live-in is also a so-called police officer.

    And Still to this day, a percentage of police are unarmed.

    Yet, just a few weeks ago, Ms. Dick announced a radical change in her police agency. Yes!
    The change is this: Both male and female officers will now be outfitted with the same HATS. No more distinction between the hats worn by male officers vs. those worn by the females. So—-Unisex Hats will save the day.

    Onward, Christian Soldiers
    Marching as to War
    With the Cross of Jesus
    Going on Before.

    Christ the Royal Master
    Leads against the Foe
    Forward! Into Battle
    See HIs Banner Go. . . .

    ( from an old Christian hymn)

    If you are so inclined, Please pray to the one true God in Heaven and ask for Forgiveness and Mercy.

    We are fighting evil.
    Prayer is our weapon.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Heads Up!!

    Sean Hannity is tweeting that Soros and his organizations are going after both his radio show and his TV show.

    All because Hannity is the Only one who has decided to look into the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.

    Remember Podesta’s email (which was revealed by WikiLeaks).
    He stated that he was All For getting rid of anyone may have leaked info.

    Tune into Hannity’s FOX show tonight. He says that he will be making a big announcement.