Joe Arpaio and the facts get skewed in NYT report

Count on the New York Times to write a n inaccurate article on former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The intent of reporter Fernanda Santos was clearly to skewer the career lawman who was repeatedly elected by Maricopa County voters to an unprecedented six-four years terms.

If Fernanda was named Colleen McClanahan, would she have been given this assignment in which she conspicuously interviewed only Hispanics who were erroneously led to believe that Arpaio was targeting them without cause. His workplace raids exposed illegal alien profiteers — business owners and their agents — who hired illegal foreign nationals at substandard wages. Those in the U.S. illegally were rightly booked.

In what clearly appeared to be a personal vendetta carried out by a federal judge timed to coincide with the General Election in which the popular Arpaio was on the ballot running for a seventh term, he was charged with criminal contempt of court for ignoring U.S. District Judge Murray Snow’s order in a three-year old “racial-profiling” case. Arpaio acknowledged violating Snow’s order but insisted the breach was unintentional.

Arpaio was made to sound pathetic, when he is anything but. At age 84, he is quick-witted and robust, with an excellent memory and thoughtful demeanor. Reporter Santos portrays Arpaio as virtually friendless, left to look back wistfully over his expansive career. That, too, is delusional on her part. He still rates standing ovations and has maintained an unwavering base of loyalists.

The article briefly focuses on Arpaio’s successor, Sheriff Paul Penzone, but neglects to mention that Socialist billionaire George Soros, who is contemptuous of national borders, funded his campaign as part of a massive effort to reconfigure the U.S. Justice System. Penzone, who  refers to illegal aliens as  “guests” meets Soros’ criteria. Also missing from the report is the fact that Penzone had roughed up his former wife while a sergeant on the Phoenix Police force and was placed on administrative leave.

Santos scores another deception as she writes, “Fiscal conservatives deserted Arpaio, weary of the rising costs of his legal bills.“ Missing is any reference that Paul Penzone is angling for a $10 million budget hike for the upcoming fiscal year, which she obviously considers unworthy of mention.  Apparently the sidelong glancing Santos is only able to focus her negativity on Arpaio, which she then pumps up with flaccid “facts.”

Arpaio’s renown Tent City has been dismantled by Penzone, who has negatively referred to the cost saving effort as a “circus.”  The tents are military surplus, the same tents our service personnel bunk in. Here in Phoenix they are air-cooled.  In the Middle East desert, there is no such accommodation for our troops.

Included in the interview is a 31-year-old state legislator, identified as “a son of Mexican immigrants” (legal? illegal?) who represents the West Phoenix district where he grew up. He recalls seeing sheriff’s deputies “going down my street, raiding homes in my neighborhood.” This is a brazen lie. Such raids would only take place with a warrant issued in criminal cases, yet the bogus recollection is included as part of Fernanda Santos’ report. If his neighbors were drug dealers or murderers, he neglected to mention it.

The New York Times, it should be remembered, is the same newspaper that in 2008 — during John McCain’s failed presidential bid — wrote a piece on Arizona politics, highlighting then-congressman John Shadegg. He referred to his constituents who believe that a sovereign nation has a right to secure its borders, asxenophobic and intolerant.”  Shadegg is no longer a congressman.  He’s now earning a lucrative salary as a DC lobbyist — and no longer insulting us.

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  1. Braveheart says:

    Sheriff Arpaio was also hammered relentlessly by the Arizona Repulsive newspaper. We finally dropped our long time subscription after their ruthless treatment of this good man and their defense of whatever scams Señor Juan McAmnesty. and Jeff Fake perpetrate against Arizona citizens The newspaper’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president was the bridge too far for us.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    I read the NYT column yesterday, as it was linked on drudge.

    Published just ahead of Sheriff Arpaio’s June court date, it really Did portray him as sad and pathetic.

    And then the reporter interviewed and wrote about Penzone and the other guy, a State Legislator, who comes across sounding like a troublemaker with only one agenda.

    Penzone, safely sitting behind a desk, holed up in his ivory tower, looking very casual—no uniform or suit for him.

    Meanwhile, Hannity caves in to pressure from Soros via James Murdoch.
    Murdoch’s wife, Kathryn, is a huge Clintonite and has done work for the Clinton Climate Change shakedown, er, initiative.
    She has on many occasions tweeted disparaging words about our President, but she has very kind words for Ivanka and Jared.
    And that is disturbing.

    Obama to speak with Merkel before a crowd estimated at 100,000 in Berlin. Adoration on steroids.
    The Germans have already sipped the Kool Aid, so why not bathe in it?

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      We purposely did not include a link to this vile pile of excrement, passing itself off as news.

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        “I would rather be governed by Jefferson Davis than be abused by a set of newspaper scribblers who have the impudence of Satan. They come into camp, poke about among the lazy, pick up rumors and publish them as facts.”

        General William Tecumseh Sherman
        West Point, Class of 1840

      • Seeing Red AZ says:

        Conservative Since Birth:
        Splendid quote!! Excellent response to The New York Times!

  3. Vince says:

    Just read that the open borders pope gave President Trump short shrift when they met, refusing to return his greeting or even smile. Then he asked Melania Trump what she was feeding him. The portly pope is hardly a Slim JIm himself. If he intended to treat the president rudely, he should not have booked the meeting. I refuse to call it an “audience,” since he is just a man who puts his pants on one leg at a time, if he wears any under his skirt!

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      As a Catholic, I don’t consider this pope legitimate. The legitimate pope ‘for life,’ Pope Benedict XVI, was strong-armed out by Leftists so that we had two Marxists working the same ‘refugee’ game – Pope Francis and Barack Obama. I read that George Soros was involved which should surprise no one.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Ron Johnson from Wisconsin. The RINOs don’t hear us. This is another very complicated government program which will end up being ignored and we’ll be stuck with quasi-legal and illegal people again.

    Republican Senator Floats Back-Door Amnesty (This is Laura Ingraham’s website.)

  5. Mohave Mike says:

    Those in the know in Maricopa County realize Joe Arpaio was a dedicated lawman who did the job he was repeatedly elected to do. Those who believe the liberal news fabrications, especially those emanating from the leftist Eastern press are the ones who voted for Penzone. I hope some of the illegal aliens he considers “guests” greet him in his own home, push him out of his favorite chair as they change the channels to Spanish language TV and demand food, a case of Dos Equis beer, trendy clothing, the keys to his car and spending money. Those are his constituents and they deserve each other.

    • Doc says:

      …uuuhhh…I believe most of the “guests” prefer Mrs. mcStain’s “Bud Light”…just sayin’…

      • Mohave Mike says:

        I suspect you’re right. I’m not much of a beer drinker…prefer a cool gin and tonic with a lime twist, especially as the weather heats up. As usual, you made me laugh!!

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Off topic, but here is a touching statement from our lovely First Lady, Melania Trump today:

    ‘My visit to Bambino Gesu Children’s Hospital (at the Vatican) today was very moving. To spend time speaking to and coloring with children who have such positive spirit despite illness was an amazing gift.’

    ‘The time I spent with the little ones in the Intensive Care Unit is something I will never forget, and I will pray for each of them daily. I want to thank the doctors, nurses and staff of the hospital, who all do such beautiful and critical work.’

    The First Lady added: ‘Upon landing in Belgium, I learned a young boy and his family who had been waiting for a heart transplant was informed that the hospital has found a donor. 
    ‘I read a book and held hands with this special little one just a few hours ago, and now my own heart is filled with joy over this news.’

    Check out the photos, all of them.
    You never saw MO doing this.

  7. terry dudas says:

    Thank you, Sheriff Joe, for all your efforts on our behalf. You are a STAR!