No, Jeff Flake isn’t working to boost Trump’s policies

Once again hoping to con conservatives, Flake’s back in campaign mode

It’s time for a memory refresher. Two months ago, we alerted our readers to a new contrivance offered by Arizona Republicrat Sen. Jeff Flake and acclaimed by his seatmate John McCain. In fact, McCain was so taken with Flake’s rationale for the Boots on the Border Act of 2017, that he signed on as a co-sponsor — one of only three, including a Democrat.

This was our take at the time:Boots on the Border Act is just that…an act.” It’s worth reviewing to get the full context of today’s post.

When this amnesty supporting, open borders duo colludes on anything — and always with Democrats — expect the worst. They were the main agents behind the Gang of Eight amnesty bill in which they partnered with a quartet of far-left Dems: Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY); Dick Durbin (D-IL); Robert Melendez (D-NJ); and Michael Bennet (D-CO), plus two other RINOs: Marco Rubio (FL) and McCain’s dependable sycophant Lindsey Graham (SC).

The thrust of this legislation (S.595,includes textis to lower the requirements for Border Patrol agents, specifically dropping the necessity for polygraph tests for applicants with military or law enforcement background. Flake’s action to relax the hiring standards amends the current vetting requirement that Congress put in place in 2010 in response to reports of misconduct and corruption within the agency.

Flake’s actions are timed to make him appear to be expediting President Trump’s call to ultimately hire 5,000 new Border Patrol agents. The truth is, Flake’s actions are pure self-interest. Though Flake abhors Trump to the point of announcing during the presidential campaign,Trump can’t win and shouldn’t win,he realizes candidate Trump handily carried the state of Arizona as he swept to victory. Flake won his first senate term after major assists from McCain and then-outgoing Sen. Jon Kyl and still only carried a weak 3 percent margin. Since then, he’s riled the conservative base with his squishiness on a wide range of issues that matter to the solid voting bloc.

This border double-talk is not his first attempt to deceive this cycle. Although he promoted confirming Obama’s lame duck, Democrat U.S. Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, Flake’s now sending out requests for campaign funds based on his supposed adherence to principled conservative positions. Don’t be fooled. 

Flake’s latest gambit is a toothless proposal to remove Arizona from the liberal, but frequently overturned, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals — an issue that has been shot down since 1941Creating a Tenth Circuit Court would be an expensive fix that Flake knows isn’t going to happen, but has campaign resonance. Flake has even momentarily switched his long-held amnesty position for election expediency, just as he’s been on both sides of Second Amendment issues, depending on the audience he’s addressing.

The Arizona Republic which has consistently endorsed him, editorially called Flake “a coward for one of his alternating positions on gun control. The Republic also went apoplectic, calling Flake a “mere politician,” over his change of heart on legalizing millions of illegals. The newspaper needn’t have worried.  It was just campaign rhetoric, which he immediately veered away from following the election.

Between now and the election SRAZ will provide links to previous posts as a reminder of who Jeff Flake actually is. Today we gift you with: Jeff Flake: Reaping what he has sown


7 Responses to No, Jeff Flake isn’t working to boost Trump’s policies

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    Jeff Flake is not very bright, but is very cunning operator. His often inappropriate grins attest to the fact that he frequently hasn’t a clue on issues other than what he is force fed.

    For me the major takeaway was his vote against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, when the only other choice was Hillary Clinton. Flake is a major embarrassment. His constant bashing of Trump should have rated a reprimand from state Republican party leaders, but not a word was uttered.

    I was at the state GOP statutory meeting where both Flake and McCain were booed, and many elected delegates either turned their backs to them or walked out.

  2. Jakesez says:

    If we can’t defeat Flake this coming election we are just fooling ourselves into believing that the people are with us. It means that there are more fools out there than informed voters. Just what McCain and Flake want.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Flake and McCain would be better suited to fly around the world with fellow gypsy BHO.

    O is speaking to tens of thousands of people, with Merkel, today in Berlin. WE DON’T NEED NO STINKIN WALLS is the gist of his message, which goes hand-in-glove with McFlake.

    This is what was said, in part, by the globalist O today:
    ‘. . .In the eyes of God, a child on the other side of the border is no less worthy of love and compassion than m own child. You can’t distinguish them in terms of their worth or inherent dignity. . .”

    So, O drags out God again, when it suits his needs.
    His words might have been penned by Pope Frankie (or even Janet Napolitano, who found it useful to invoke the needs of children for her political purposes).

    A few days ago, after Trump released his budget, McCain quickly jumped on it with his tasseled leather loafers.
    The breitbart story was entitled, ‘McCain SaysTrump Budget Dead on Arrival’ (there’s a couple a too many words in that sentence)

    Meanwhile, closer to home, a story about the dismantling of Tent City:

  4. Sally Forth says:

    It would be more politically correct to say Jeff Flake has perfected the political two-step, but the simple truth is he’s a practiced liar.

  5. Frankly Speaking says:

    We’re all fed up with the deceit we get from Jeff Flake. I read it here frequently, both in the posts and the many comments. Despite all of our angst over the lousy representation we’ve gotten from McCain and Flake, McCain was still reelected. He was assisted by egomanical jerks like Alex Meluskey and Van the Radio Man, who didn’t have a prayer of winning, but siphoned votes away from the true conservative in the race, Dr. Kelli Ward. The only way to effect change is to stop repeating the same lunacy that led to John McAmnesty’s winning another 6 year term at age 80.

    Get behind Dr. Kelli Ward. She was brutalized by McCain and can expect the same from Jeff the Fake, but we can get her elected if we unite and commit to it. That means sending her a donation so she can compete with the lobbyist fat cat donors who keep these phonies in place. Let’s take control and get her elected!!

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Ratings – Conservative Review – Jeff Flake
    Conservative Votes 19
    Liberal Votes 18
    Missed Votes 2
    As of 4/18/17
    Liberty Score: 51 (F)

    Percentage Conservative Votes on a couple of issues:
    Civil Liberties 31% Conservative
    2nd Amendment 60% Conservative
    Immigration 40% Conservative

    What’s not rated is the huge amount of assistance he gave to the far left America-hating Barack Obama. I wonder what he misses more – playing basketball with his buddy or flying on Air Force One to faraway places. To me, that’s more important than his voting record – which can be manipulated for the folks back home.

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    Phoenix Convention Center, Thursday:

    Since the convention center security staff failed to stop a man wearing body armor and carrying a shotgun; several hand guns; ammo, and several knives, it is fortunate that a woman dialed 9-1-1.

    Phoenix PD is Not releasing the identity of the man who was taking photos of police officers and making statements about harming police officers.

    The convention center is hosting the 4 day event called Comicon.

    Here is info from the British press, as FOX 10 Phoenix does not seem up to the job: