Easily resistible offer to win Mitt tickets for Jeff Fake* events

A couple of guys named Tad and Josh have been sending out Jeff Flake breaking news emails. The first one heralded a chance to win tickets to a June 2 luncheon where failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney would appear in Tucson on behalf of fake Republican Jeff Flake. The Flake campaign was even holding a contest in which a lucky winner could score a free lunch.

Then came the follow-up .announcement which reached dizzying political heights Republicrats only dream about. Romney was also coming to Phoenix to stump for Flake. A reception has been scheduled later the same day.

The invitation tells recipients that the dual appearances are due to “popular demand,” leading us to wonder who these clamoring Mitt supporters are. Two tickets to the Phoenix reception can be had for a mere $5 donation — a bargain at half the price.

Who can forget when Mitt headlined a Mesa event for John McCain and only a handful of people showed up? Booking the LDS stronghold of Mesa is considered a sure thing for attendance for Mitt, but as this photo in the Arizona Daily Independent shows, that was not the case. Romney has never done well promoting lackluster Arizona U.S. Senate candidates. Octogenarian McCain tried to return the endorsement favor when Romney was running for president, and confused him with Barack Obama. (Embarrassing video in link).

We’re not including the ordering information since today is the deadline. Besides it’s doubtful the conservatives who routinely read SRAZ would likely be interested.

At 70, Romney still hungers for elective office. According to this report in Utah Policy, the Republicrat is now giving serious thought to running for the U.S. Senate from Utah, if Orrin Hatch retires. No wonder he’s stumping for Jeff the Fake Republican who bragged that he was not voting for the GOP presidential nominee. With Flake and McCain, Romney’s election would secure three solid votes with the Democrats.

*Not a typo

9 Responses to Easily resistible offer to win Mitt tickets for Jeff Fake* events

  1. State Delegate says:

    This would actually be funny if not so pathetic.

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    Flake definitely deserves to lose. He has never represented anyone but himself. If you long for conservative representation in Washington, please join me in supporting Dr. Kelli Ward.

  3. Kathy says:

    Don’t waste $5 on this reception, you will end up losing your lunch – use your hard-earned money wisely – donate to Dr. Kelli Ward’s campaign!

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Romney should give it up already. He doesn’t fare well in politics. He cannot connect with the people. He was a one-term MA governor. Does he move to wherever there’s an opening in the GOP?? Next: Utah?! He just spent a fortune redoing a house on the cliffs of LaJolla. Psst – nothing happening in California for a Republican, Mitt. Well, he does have a spot on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire should duty call there.

    Go away, Mitt.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      Mitt and McCain have something in common.
      They are both carpetbaggers.

      Maybe Mitt is eyeing that House seat that Jason Chaffetz is vacating. Chaffetz giving up a pretty good gig as chairman of a powerful committee in the House. Leaving to take a better gig at FOX, according to the rumor mill.

      MItt should stay home and take care of his wife. She’s had M.S. for years and that is a terrible disease which is greatly exacerbated by stress. Shame on Mitt.

      Meanwhile, in the Swamp:
      A Vietnamese guy has been using an abandoned apartment to practice venipuncture, it appears. He has been paying homeless people and drug addicts if they allow him to draw blood from them. And he’s been storing the blood in containers.
      Of course, he was arrested and released and has a lawyer.
      Same guy who has spent time in prison for writing prescriptions for narcotics while working for a rheumatologist.
      The perp is not a licensed healthcare worker or healthcare professional.
      What was he going to do with that blood and why was he released into the public?
      Very concerning.

      • Former GOP PC says:

        The Vietnamese guy might be interested in running as a McCain Precinct Committeeman. That was the ruse McCain’s operatives used after he systematically took out longstanding conservative precinct committee in their home districts and replaced them with….Vietnamese, who never show up at District Meetings.

  5. Kent says:

    I hope Mitt helps Jeff Flake out of office using the same tactics that served him so well.

  6. Hometown Guy says:

    Flake’s emails are coming at breakneck speed and tinged with an air of desperation.
    Here’s an example signed by the Flaky one himself. The salutation addresses the recipient by name with the word “Hey” preceding it. Classy.

    “I just wanted to be sure that you have seen our emails about the Phoenix Reception Contest over the past few days. This time next week, I’ll be with Mitt at a reception in Phoenix and I’d love for you to be there with us!

    The event is about to sell out, but I’ve reserved two tickets to the reception for one of my supporters and their guest. The contest ends at midnight, so be sure to enter right now by donating $5 or more to support my campaign.

    This morning, my team announced that the contest winner will also get a photo opportunity with Gov. Romney—this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

    There are only a few hours left until the contest ends. Be sure to make a donation and enter today!
    Hope to see you there!
    Jeff Flake”

    • Observer says:

      When RINOs say “the event is about to sell out,” that’s a sure signal it isn’t. The Flake emails sound increasingly worried that his Mormon “big leaguer” isn’t bringing in the flock. Mitt sure didn’t generate enthusiastic crowds for John McAwful