Sen. Jeff Flake: Unable to draw a crowd

 Sen. Jeff Flake, making a campaign stop at the West Valley Arizona GOP Office, was unable to draw a crowd. This photo was taken in the middle of his presentation. 

The purge of Arizona’s conservative activistsreplaced by McCain recruits, is all too evident. The sole purpose of McCain’s conservative cleansing was to provide voting proxies to enable his surrogates to control the Republican Party structure in Arizona. Jeff Flake was not a passive observer in this scheme. Jon Kyl, who Flake replaced, also engaged in this trickery.

This paltry lack of attendance is the result of their efforts.

The fact that both Jeff Flake and John McCain were vocal opponents of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, isn’t a plus for them in a state that gave all of its GOP electoral votes to now-President Trump. And Flake, running for reelection in 2018, will find it difficult to mend fences with the grassroots who have long distrusted him — with good reason.

Showing an utter disregard of good sense, he is compounding his disconnect by bringing in establishment crony Mitt Romney to stump for him at two events. Flake must have forgotten this embarrassing turnout Romney generated on behalf of McCain.

The Arizona Republic which consistently endorsed him in his previous House raceseditorially called Flake “a coward” in 2013 for one of his vacillating Second Amendment positions. The Republic also went apoplecticcalling Flake a “mere politician,” over his change of heart on legalizing millions of illegals. His varying views on the same issues are campaign-driven since Flake has no moral compass. With his finger to the wind, he can support or reverse course with ease.

As evidenced by the lack of attendance at his events, the folks are catching on. His ever-present, often inappropriate, smirk isn’t working for him these days. Neither is baring his chest.

Flake is being challenged by Dr. Kelli Ward, a family practice physician and conservative former two-term state senator. US Senate terms are six years long.  This is our opportunity to right the political ship that has been taking on fetid water far too long.  Replace Jeff Flake.

10 Responses to Sen. Jeff Flake: Unable to draw a crowd

  1. VINOAZ says:

    Wonder why the hall was not filled with those who are upset with him? He has to go. McCain need to be recalled. A recall effort will really make him more angry than he already is.

    • Ellsworth says:

      Jeff Flake can’t smirk his way out of this embarrassment. He should be a political goner, but he has amassed large sums of lobbyist money
      and his church will continue to support him, which is why Mitt Romney is appearing in Tucson and Phoenix on Flake’s behalf.
      This is his FEC report:

      Dig deep for Kelli Ward. She needs to be competitive to beat this deceptive snake.

  2. Jakesez says:

    you are correct. Why wasn’t the hall filled with anti-Flake committeeman? Dr. Ward, this would be a good job for one of your staff. Organize the opposition.

    • Doc says:

      I’ll bet a bottle of Maker’s Mark that the reason there weren’t any “detractors” in mcFlakey’s little gathering is because they weren’t ALLOWED in! That criminal liar KNOWS who hates his slitherin’ guts!

  3. Anthem Al says:

    It isn’t a hall. It’s the Sun City GOP office.

    • Former GOP PC says:

      Regardless of where this was held, it’s a pathetic showing for a US Senator—even one as flaky as Jeff Flake. The message is clear: No one wants to hear his lies anymore.

      The senior crowd in the west valley have been reliable volunteers in their retirement communities. Now they’re having trouble even staffing the office. Many of them were victims of McCain’s purge of conservative precinct committeemen. The fact is these US Senators don’t represent us. Many of us are tired of giving our time and money to their campaigns, only to get kicked in the teeth.

  4. Doc says:

    …maybe he shoulda’ hired some of his mentor’s viet-cong ass-0-ci8’s to fill th’ joint up!

  5. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    We should use Jeff Flake’s vile words against Donald Trump to define Flake.
    As he was making stops on every network that would have him, Flake said “Donald Trump can’t win and Shouldn’t win.”

    That sentiment should ricochet back to him. I’ll never vote for this RINO jerk again.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    This took place in the very location that McCain and his minions tried to shut down a year or so ago.

    Notice the large pic of Ronald Reagan on the wall.
    compare and contrast

    No contest.

  7. Saguaro Sam says:


    Paul Ryan and John McCain are on their brooms again.
    This time flying to Utah to huddle with Mitt Romney at his expansive and expensive “retreat”.

    Sort of like the 3 Witches in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”.

    Act 4, Scene 1, around a bubbling cauldron:

    Say the 3 Witches in unison:
    ‘Double, double toil and troubly
    Fire burn and cauldron bubble’

    Google Act 4, Scene 1 if ‘Macbeth’.
    The dialogue fits. Utterly and completely.