Confidence rises, stocks surge to record highs

Americans react favorably to Trump’s “America First” policies

Despite all of the hoopla from the left following President Trump’s sound decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, the Dow Jones Industrials responded by rising 62.11 points, or 0.29 percent, to close at 21,206.29 — reaching its first intraday record since March 1, as well as its second straight record close. The S&P 500 gained 9.01 points, or 0.37 percent, to end at 2,439.07. NASDAQ soared with intraday and closing records — advancing 58.97 points, or 0.94 percent, to close at 6,305.80.

Also on Friday, the Labor Department reported the U.S. economy added 138,000 jobs, according to the monthly jobs report released by the Bureau of Labor StatisticsThe unemployment rate, now at a 16-year low, fell to 4.3 percent.

5 Responses to Confidence rises, stocks surge to record highs

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    Michael Bloomberg, the ultra-rich NY Dem, has announced that he will pay $15 million to the U.N. for “America’s share.” Go ahead, Mikey. I’m sure that George Soros will reimburse you and reward you.

    Now mayors across the U.S. are stating that they will keep their cities IN the climate agreement. NYC’s comrade Bill deBlasio and the mayor of Pittsburgh were the first two to jump on this bandwagon to nowheresville.

    Comrade deBlasio, who rides in a taxpayer-provided limo—even to the gym—with a full complement of security staff leading the way And following his limo.

    Useful idiots marching to Soros’ tune.

    The Mayor of Mesa has found that his photograph has been used in a catfishing scheme by someone on the dating website, (as reported on today).

    And some guy in Arizona has been issued a driver’s license while being allowed to wear a metal colander on his head for the photo op. He is claiming that his religion calls for it—-a “pastafarian” is he. (from today)

  2. PV PC says:

    After 8 years of wandering in the Obama desert, how refreshing it is to have a business man as president who actually cares about America. No apology tours for Trump. He puts America First, which is what any American president should do. Of course the markets are reacting favorably. The ‘community activist’ caused greater divisions in our nation than we’ve seen since the 1960’s.

    My business demands cause me to travel frequently. Regardless of which country I visit, long time contacts finally get around to wanting to know the “truth” about Trump. I make a point of telling them all that I supported Donald Trump for president and have never regretted my decision. Most of them have heard nothing but negatives and are pleasantly surprised. They have loads of questions and I have loads of answers.

  3. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Regardless of the Trump hating news deluging us with negativity about the President, those of us who pay attention to the facts understand that Donald Trump is giving our country a much needed boost, which is reflected in these markets bounds. May God bless him and keep him safe to continue to act in our behalf. What a treat after the last 8 years.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I don’t miss those eight long years of seeing the Obama’s behaving like communist dictators taking long, expensive vacations, flying AF1 to NYC for a “date night,” and throwing parties at the White House for friends all while the economy never regained strength after the recession. ISIS was created under the previous president and he never fought them – he just called them the JV team. I can’t think of one thing Obama did to make this country better in any way.

    President Trump is the complete opposite. Things are going great only a few months after winning the election. He’s quite amazing in all he’s accomplished. It’s too bad the sore-loser media won’t report it fair and square. We have to stand behind him and support what he’s trying to do. Finally – we have a businessman who puts country first and not a politician who put their reelection first.

    • Patriot Dad says:

      The best barometer of the country’s optimism and confidence is the stock market. It has repeatedly reached record highs since Trump was elected.
      You’re right about Obama furthering ISIS, who he refused to identify as Islamic, although that’s what one of the letter I’s in ISIS stands for.
      We must do all we can as parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors to counter the public school sponsored brainwashing of our youth, who voted overwhelmingly for Obama and even socialist Bernie Sanders. Engage them in conversation. Enlighten, don’t preach. Ask them questions and wait for an answer. Then calmly give a conservative response. Hillsdale College and Prager “University” offer free online courses on our Constitution and how our freedoms actually compare to the rest of the world. It’s crucial the next generations understand these issues, or all is lost. They are not getting any of it in school these days.