Jihadist terrorism: The “new normal” is unacceptable

Justice Dept. asks SCOTUS to let temporary travel ban take effect

The UK’s Daily Mail reports another deadly attack by radical Islamic terrorists has hit London, less than two weeks after jihadist murderers targeted their blood lust on a crowd of mostly young girls and women following a concert in the Manchester arena. The 22-year-old terrorist made numerous trips to Libya, his parent’s homeland, where he learned the cowardly techniques of mass slaughter of innocents.

The latest — dual London Bridge area attacks — in which a van plowed through a crowd of pedestrians, followed by gruesome knifings with 12-inch blades —are the third jihadist deadly assaults on British soil in just 10 weeks. This rampage resulted in 7 dead and over 45 wounded.

The Islamic-based contagion is spreading and taking lives in Western Europe and the United States. But wanting to protect ourselves from what Daniel Greenfield descries as the “new normal,” brands us as Islamophobes. Greenfield, a journalist and scholar who focuses on the radical left and Islamic terrorism, rightly identifies Islamic terrorism as a war. In his latest column,Europe’s next big war,“ he unequivocally states, “The only way to stop that war is to stop migration from terror states today.”

During his campaign, President Donald Trump sensibly advocated banning travel from terror sponsoring nations. In view of the ongoing violence we have been exposed to since Sept. 11, 2001, it was a compelling reason many Americans supported his candidacy. After election, on Jan. 27 he attempted to implement restrictions involving 7 terror sponsoring nations: Voices on the left accused him of  anti-Muslim discrimination. A revised list of 6 counties, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Syria and Yemen, omitting Iraq — noted that they were either state sponsors of terrorism or their territories were so compromised that they were effectively havens for terrorist groups. On March 6 it too, was shot down by federal judges, who declared it violated the First Amendment religious protections of Muslims.

“This executive order responsibly provides a needed pause so we can carefully review how we scrutinize people coming here from these countries of concern,” U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said.  Included is the ability of specific individuals to be able to request waivers, which will be given on a case-by-case basis.

The Justice Department announced it is “confident that President Trump’s executive order is well within his lawful authority to keep the nation safe and protect our communities from terrorism. The president is not required to admit people from countries that sponsor or shelter terrorism, until he determines that they can be properly vetted and do not pose a security risk to the United States.”

On Thursday, the Trump administration requested the U.S. Supreme Court allow the temporary ban to take effect.

Stay tuned.


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  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    If this Supreme Court, with a more rational majority, doesn’t take the case and decide in a reasonable manner that protecting Americans is a fundamental responsibility of government, there is no hope for our future. Giving the green light to terrorists signals the end of America as we know it.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      Let’s not forget that Ariz. Sen. Jeff Flake, who refused to support or vote for Pres. Trump, busied himself promoting Democrat Merrick Garland for the US Supreme Court. Garland was Obama’s lame duck choice.

      Fortunately actual Republicans disagreed with fake Jeff Flake and approved Trump’s nominee Neil Gorsuch, who had a longstanding legal relationship and respectful friendship with Justice Antnin Scalia. Fittingly Gorsuch replaced Scalia on the Supreme Court.

  2. Realist says:

    Murder is the calling card of “radical Muslims,” but where is the outrage from the rest of the faithful? Their silence sounds a whole lot like acquiescence.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      It’s times like this that I wait for Zuhdi Jasser to stand up and defend innocent human beings being terrorized and slaughtered by ruthless Muslim terrorists who are now on a hyper jihad during Ramadan.

      He went out on TV saying he would not vote for Donald Trump. He let people know how he felt about that. He was shaking so much, I thought he would pass out.

      Zuhdi – where are you today? Where are your “moderate” followers? When will you make even a dent in the religion of peace?

      • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

        Dr. Jasser has become a disappointment. It now appears his political bent is rooted in his faith regardless of his past statements that won him so many fans. Has he been threatened for previously speaking out? We will never know. I heard him speak on a couple of occasion in the past and he certainly won me over with his seemingly rational approach. When he came out against Donald Trump, I put him in the same category as John McCain and Jeff Flake.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    In the early edition of Daily Mail on Saturday, there was a column entitled, “Parents’ Joy”, about a British-born Muslim convert who had gone off to join ISIS and was now ready to come home to Britain.
    Jihadi Jack is his name. His parents, who are not Muslim, are beside themselves with joy that he will be coming back to Britain and welcomed with open arms.

    Just two weeks ago, after the Manchester attack, British authorities announced that there were approx. 3000 KNOWN terrorists in Britain.

    Just one week ago, during what the Brits call their “Bank Holiday” weekend, the authorities told citizens to go out and have a good time on the heels of the Manchester attack.

    How many candles; balloons; stuffed animals; bouquets, and benefit concerts do we need?

    Tonight, if all goes as planned, another concert will be held by Arianna Grande, Miley Cyrus, etc. in Britain. 90,000 people are expected. A “Ring of Steel” is said to be in place to protect everyone.

    Astonishingly, this morning, the Metropolitan Police Service assistant commissioner stated that an “unprecedented number of rounds were fired by the police” last night————-FIFTY ROUNDS.

    The first officers on the scene at London Bridge HAD ONLY BATONS. (Is that what they mean by a “ring of steel”?)

    Britain is scheduled for a general election to be held on June 8.
    Prime Minister Theresa May, a conservative, has only a one point lead against long-time Socialist politician Jeremy Corbyn.
    Corbyn says that even his cat is a Socialist.
    Corbyn also has stated at recent public rallies that he would NOT authorize use of Britain’s Trident nuclear deterrent if he were to be elected and should Britain come under attack. The Russian Navy has been trolling the English Channel for months now–just last week with nuclear submarines.

    On a positive note, yesterday in Ottawa, Canada, 5000 Canadian citizens showed up for a PRO TRUMP rally. They are tired of their girly-man self-proclaimed feminist Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.
    Justin’s mantra is “Diversity is Strength”. There is much speculation that Trudeau is a practicing Muslim.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    JIHAD EXPLAINED: (By David Wood)

  5. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    England has suffered deplorable acts of violence at the hands of these often home grown radicalized Muslims. The country has bent over backwards to accommodate these vile perpetrators by electing a Muslim mayor of London, implementing Sharia courts that run counter to the British legal system, and having taxpayers fund Muslim schools where much of the hatred is instilled in their youth.

    Obviously coddling the enemy of freedom isn’t working out so well.

    France has Muslim immigrant communities that are so crime filled, the police refuse to enter the areas, where unemployment is sky high and most are fully on the public dole.

    Angela Merkel has turned Germany on its head with the same lax enforcement. The Scandinavian counties are no longer homogeneous, but filled with Muslim “migrants” who have turned Sweden into the rape capital of the world.

    Leftist Europe has a “migrant” crisis that dooms the politically correct nations. The Europeans birthrates are not at replacement levels while the Muslims have large families. They will take over without bloodshed, but prefer to assert themselves with butchery.


    Thank God Donald Trump is trying to save us from the same fate. The courts have foolishly put up impediments. Let’s hope the Supreme Court takes this case and protects Americans.

  6. Anthem Al says:

    Regarding Dr. Mohammed Zuhdi Jasser, this is a revealing 2012 post on Right Side News that I have saved. Read it and make up your won mind as to where he stands. This was obviously pre-Donald Trump:


    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Anthem Al:

      The article you posted confirmed my belief that Mohammed Zuhdi Jasser is a Muslim first. This is a Judeo-Christian nation no matter how he and Barack Hussein Obama try to change it. They are speaking the same language. He is lying to us when he’s on TV. That slow, monotone, deliberate speech makes me distrust him. Interesting info on Fox News/Murdoch/Alwaleed.

      No wonder he was a nervous wreck on TV after President Trump announced his “travel ban.” He’s not in favor of what’s good for America and Americans. Just as I thought.

      Thanks for posting.

    • Sally Forth says:

      Quite a revealing article. Thank you, Al. I’ve heard Zuhdi Jasser speak and must admit I was taken in by the sincerity and charm.

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    And the interim U.S. Ambassador to Britain, an Obama appointee, is tweeting hot and heavy in support of the muslim mayor of London who thinks that these attacks are just life in the big city and who tells everyone in the twitter universe ‘don’t be alarmed’.

    Britain’s current Prime Minister, Theresa May, Fired 20,000
    (not a typo) police officers several years ago in her previous positon as head of the Home Office. Cost-cutting, she said.

    On Friday, hundreds of Muslim men completely shut down the street in front of Trump Tower in NYC. They were in their prayer position.
    A stunt orchestrated by muslim activist Linda Sarsour, who said that ‘we want to show you what NYC looks like. . . ‘
    They men were protected by a human barricade made up of activists.
    No police in sight.

    If Christians were as devoted to God in Heaven as the muslims are to their false idol, we’d be in a better position to crush the head of the serpent.

  8. Kathy says:

    Remember McCain has deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. McCain attacked Congressman Trent Franks and Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann when they were calling out Obama for putting many MB in our Govt. Also don’t forget McCain stood proudly with an Al Qaeda leader posing for pictures.
    The enemy is here and waiting to attack, be prepared.

  9. Doc says:

    “Walk softly”…& carry a LARGE BORE HAND-CANNON!
    …armed with batons…the British gubmint has the blood of innocents on their hands. And America will to if we allow our “law-makers” to go down the route they’re traveling. I believe we oughtta’ take away any “bodyguard” staff paid for by US for D.C. Politicians except for 2-A believing Executives….and see if mcTraitor & his minions would still like to travel down their ongoing path…. see instructional video attached:

    • Doc says:

      I believe the character’s name in the movie (the “leaking guy”) & who was gonna’ go to PRISON…was “Mustafa”.

      Do th’ math…