AZ Republic: Ain’t nuth’n ‘t see here, move along

The post titled,We read the AZ Republic so you don’t have to,” (Apr. 2) referenced the failing newspaper’s lack of content and journalists replaced by ASU Cronkite students, following multiple layoffs and buyouts of longtime employees. The students, often filing reports that sound like whodunit short stories, filled with colloquialisms and shaky grammar, have become the unseasoned glue that holds the disheveled mess together

The newspaper has shrunken in size and content and plays mainly to an aging demographic, which explains full-page ads for hearing aids and others touting the benefits of living in retirement homes, where “you’ll make new friends.”

The front page often runs a box urging readers to “Go Deeper With Digital,” since the costs of printing and distributing a daily dings the already savaged bottom line.

Leave it to the Daily Regurgitation — so nicknamed for its propensity of running the same report and photos just pages apart — in the same edition — to make liars of us in our claim that we’d read the newspaper so the rest of you don’t have to.

It turns out there is actually nothing to read. Here’s the Monday edition’s  rundown:

National (purchased AP feed) and local news: 5 pages

Sports: 3 pages:

Best Life: (entertainment, movie listings, comics): 3 pages

USA Today insert (Gannett cousin)  serves as a paper plumper: 3 pages

This edition of the  lack-of-news newspaper came gift wrapped in a plastic bag printed with the words, “Contracted Carriers Wanted….Routes available NOW!”

Recruiting senior citizen readers as pre-dawn delivery workers is a novel business model. So is increasing the price as content continues to diminish. Most egregious of all is insulting the few remaining readers with daily doses of scurrilous attacks on President Trump. Prior to his victory,  the petulance was preceded by a Hillary for President endorsement that the newspaper — followed by a sappy editorial, in which it actually characterized itself as conservative and a victim — admitted its stance caused subscribers to cancel.



5 Responses to AZ Republic: Ain’t nuth’n ‘t see here, move along

  1. Realist says:

    If this rag is conservative, pigs fly. Only liberals with no sense of reality would say the newspaper has even a passing acquaintance with conservatism. I’m surprised anyone employed by the newspaper can even spell the word. Obviously they lack any knowledge of what conservatism represents. Advocating on behalf of limiting our Second Amendment rights is not conservative.

    • Patriot Dad says:

      The AZ Repugnant is a joke. For the editorial board to characterize this newspaper as conservative doesn’t qualify as an insult, it is a massive disconnect with rational thought.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Today in history—-the anniversary of the Allied invasion of occupied France, June 6, 1944.

    Eisenhower leading the Allied forces against the ruthless German Rommel.

    Less that 15% of the Allied forces had Ever seen combat, and the English Channel had not been used by an invading force since 1688 (due to its treacherous currents and weather conditions).

    Tens of thousands of American lives were lost in Operation Neptune and Operation Overlord.

    Look at what happened in Paris today and Never Forget those who fought and died for US and those who defend US still.

    Say a prayer, if you are so inclined.

  3. Mohave Mike says:

    I live in Kingman. There hasn’t been home delivery here for several years. No one I know misses having a load of crap dropped in their driveway. Internet and cable news provide instant coverage, not day old editorials passing themselves off as reporting. Stale news with a liberal bias isn’t worth the pulp it’s printed on.

    • Obispo says:

      Cable news doesn’t cover Kingman, that’s why it’s important to support local newsgathering efforts. I hope you get your local paper (I hope you HAVE a local paper). The Republic is spread too thin. You can’t cover a metro area of that size with the staff cuts they’ve seen over the past decade. All but abandoning their zoned sections (a newspaper within a newspaper with very local stories) was a big mistake. Gannett, unfortunately, also places a value on news based on page views, not what’s important to the community. I feel sorry for the journalists who are there. The morale must be through the floor. But it is a worthy and important profession, and I hope the good ones keep at it.