Mitt, McCain, other RINOs openly conspire with Biden at summit

What might appear to be the strangest of bedfellows are actually quite compatible

For those who have wondered about the warm affinity between John McCain, Jeff Flake and Mitt Romney, wonder no more. It extends beyond the obvious fact that they are all iffy Republicans

All three — McCain and Romney are previous GOP presidential losers—are known to be Republicrats masquerading as conservatives, as it suits their political aspirations. Pulling the wool over the eyes of constituents is a practice skillfully honed by these politicos bereft of principles.

This past week, Romney was featured at two back-to-back Arizona-based events for troubled candidate Jeff Flake. Like McCain, Flake made it clear he would not vote for Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee. Trump’s victory creates a hurdle for candidate Flake who is already widely distrusted for his wildly vacillating positions and his steadfast support for amnesty for illegal invaders.

The Salt Lake Tribune exposes the strange familial associations in this article, Former VP Joe Biden to headline Mitt Romney summit in Park City. As you read about Biden’s American Possibilities PAC questions concerning the attendees and their motives will no doubt swirl.

Many of the usual suspects will be on hand at the three-day, invitation only conference in the Utah resort area. House Speaker Paul Ryan, Romney’s former VP running mate and Sens. John McCain and his devoted shadow, Lindsey Graham will be in attendance.  Jeff Flake can’t risk attending since he’s up for reelection and the timing of this soiree doesn’t play well for him.

SRAZ recently posted Mitt Romney endorsements? The ties that bind RINOs, which includes Hillary Clinton’s campaign ad “Agree,” featuring Jeff Flake and Mitt Romney along with other Republicans In Name Only. Oddly, the AZ GOP and its leadership remained silent in the face of Flake’s transgression. But Republican voters still have a voice. Use it to put Flake out of his political misery of contorting to rein in his leftward bent whenever he campaigns.

Dr. Kelli Ward is the conservative choice.


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8 Responses to Mitt, McCain, other RINOs openly conspire with Biden at summit

  1. Mohave Mike says:

    Kelli Ward is the real deal, which is why she was lied about and brutalized by RINO John McCain when she had the temerity to challenge him. He posed with ISIS fighters and called them “freedom fighters.” Her husband Col. Michael Ward, Arizona’s National Guard flight surgeon.served in Mideast war zones on several tours of duty.
    She knows the difference.
    Flake is a pompous ass who has never held a real, private sector job other than as a lobbyist for a west African uranium mining consortium with ties to Iran. He’s never served in the military. Arizonans deserve better than this slippery zero who has spent a lifetime at the public trough.

    • Doc says:

      We all need to be ready for the same crap used to defeat Dr. Ward in her election bid against mcTraitor AGAIN against mcbootlicker (mcFlake)! Our ?senators? DO NOT want a true conservative representing Arizona in the U.S. Senate!

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    It’s been reported by multiple news outlets that HIllary; Biden, and Mike Pence have individually filed paperwork to start PACs.

    Meanwhile, take a look at the “students” who are roaming the grounds of Everest State College in Olympia, Washington.
    What started there about two weeks ago continues to escalate.
    If I hadn’t read the story and the caption under the photo, I would have thought that this photo taken in the SoMA district in San Francisco. Carrying bats and wearing high-top boots, looking all butch, etc.

    The president of the college has signed on with these thugs; the female chief of campus police states that she and her staff cannot insure the safety of white people, and the Governor is MIA.

    Perhaps Grandpa Joe-Joe can feed them some pablum while Grandmama HIllary reads to them from Rules for Radicals.

  3. State Delegate says:

    McCain and Flake were both booed and the recipients of turned backs and walkout by elected state committeemen when then Republican state chairman Robert McGraham slipped them in through the back door and onto the stage at the Statutory meeting. That proved to me that those in the know are not the ones who elect these charlatans.

  4. Vince says:

    This information puts the adage “birds of a feather….” in context. What a disgrace!!

  5. Kathy says:

    The Never Trumpers unite behind Biden, finally they are coming out of the closet. Alas we already knew who they are and how deranged they are. Don’t be fooled Flake is right with them.

  6. Jakesez says:

    What they expect is for our short memories to go into effect. How many remember Clinton selling grave sites at Arlington for a $50,000 political contribution. These elite republicans are just like democrats in that they expect anything they say today will be forgotten by the next election.

    We must keep reminding each other who are the bad guys and who are the good guys. If we wait for them to tell us, black will be white and night will be day. Don’t relay on any politician for your information or guidance.

  7. Doc says:

    UPDATE!! So, “slow-joe” biden want R.I.N.O. mitt to run for ?senate? & states this at th’ li’l shin-dig up in Utah with mcMentally-impaired…: