Twitter erupts with concerns about John McCain’s health

Inability to rationally communicate raise questions he’s had a TIA or mini-stroke 

John McCain, no friend of President Donald Trump, is not a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee (how could he be?) but he wrangled a spot to grill fired FBI Director James Comey — trying his damnedest to get Comey to implicate President Trump in the “Russian probe.”

McCain failed miserably.  Comey, however, did make himself look incompetent at best and a scoundrel at worst, as he admitted giving copies of his meeting notes to Daniel Richman, a Columbia University law professor/friend with explicit instructions to get them high visibility coverage.

As to the envious McCain who can’t imagine political novice Donald Trump captured the job McCain has spent his lifetime dreaming of — sitting in the Oval Office — he continues to undermine President Trump at every turn.

Twice as he questioned Comey, John McCain referred to President Trump as “Mr. Comey.” No wonder James Comey told McCain he was “confused” by his line of questions. (video under link.)

Follow this. Emma Loop is a reporter covering Capitol Hill for Buzzfeed.


7 Responses to Twitter erupts with concerns about John McCain’s health

  1. Vince says:

    John McCain isn’t well past his prime. He never had one. He’s a mean and spiteful man who should have been replaced years ago. He embarrasses himself and the rest of us with his moronic antics.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    McCain is the best example of why we need term limits.

    You might want to re-visit the 2008 article from the L.A. Times regarding McCain’s history as a pilot in the US Navy.
    He destroyed multiple aircraft, and in some cases lied to protect his hyde in explaining the reason that the plane crashed.

    Keep an eye on Senator Kamala Harris (D)(CA).
    Currently, she is Obama-lite.
    She got her start by being the arm candy for some old activist coots.

    James Comey’s testimony should open our eyes to the fact that the Rule of Law and the US Constitution have been thrown in the dust bin by the “intelligence community”
    we, the people, should be very afraid.

  3. Maggie says:

    He’s living proof that money can buy a senate seat. He’s not only able to outspend his challengers, but also lies about them. IIf it takes health problems to remove him, I hope that happens and then he can recover without inflicting so much damage. He’s got plenty of home and even a wife to spend his time visiting.

  4. MacBeth says:


    Democrat senate minority leader Chuck Schumer said that after hearing Comey’s testimony yesterday, “America is looking a whole lot darker.” If a Republican said that, he or she would be out of office in a hot minute and apologizing for making a racist statement.

  5. VINOAZ says:

    As much as I despise McCain he was almost on to something in all that fog. Comey is biased, likely a Democrat and a never Trumper. We know Russia hacked the DNC and the DNC refused to cooperate with the FBI. Comey is a snake, a liar and a fraud.

  6. Kathy says:

    McCain may be reaping what he has sowed over the years. The lies are catching up with him and he may be losing his mind.

  7. Observer says:

    McCain’s mind has been showing signings of deterioration for quite some time. That’s why he traveled with Joe Lieberman previously and Lindsey Graham now. He’s needed help on the issues for as long as I can remember, but that’s never kept him from yammering.