Jeff Flake: The face of hypocrisy lies through his capped teeth

Jeff Flake’s ongoing sabotage of President Trump’s agenda takes a back seat to campaign trickery

Did you get the latest missive from Sen. Jeff Flake? It’s titled,“More work to be done.” Showing no loyalty, he immediately attacks Barack Obama, his former traveling chum whom he accompanied on trips to Kenya and  Cuba and his frequent basketball playing buddy saying: 

“After eight years of government expansion through President Obama’s use of executive orders, we are working around the clock to make the government smaller.”

What a transformation. Of course his change of heart like others we’ve exposed, are election driven. That’s who Flake is. Our readers will remember that Jeff Flake’s mantra is “the beauty of a six-year term” is that voters have short memories.

Next, using the royal “we,” he compliments President Trump — the same man he saidcan’t win and shouldn’t win” the presidency —  and he would not vote for. Flake says:

“These first six months of a Republican government have been a good start: we’re slashing federal regulations, we confirmed a conservative Justice, and we passed legislation to reform the VA and provide better care for our vets.”

Utterly amazing! Deceiver Flake takes credit for “confirming a conservative justice” when he actively promoted Democrat Merrick Garland, Obama’s lame duck nominee to replace conservative Justice Antonin Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Flake also claims to have been integral to “reforming the VA and providing better care for our vets.” This claim is infuriating. Jeff Flake and John McCain allegedly represent Arizona, the heart of the disgraceful VA hospital scandal that left veterans dying as they waited months and years for care that never came or came too late, while administrators received hefty raises.

Then comes the astonishing closer as he asks for campaign donations:

“There’s more to be done, but while my focus is on getting America back on track, I’m engaged in one of the top Senate races in the country. I’m committed to a second term because our state needs a conservative vote—not a liberal one.” He adds, “Help lay the campaign’s grassroots foundation by donating whatever you can right now.”

This donation plea for a second 6-year term after spending 5 terms in the U.S. House, reneging on his 2000 promise to term limit himself to three two-year terms. When called out on his pretense, he smirked and said, “I lied.”

Donate so he can give us more of this?

Jeff Flake doesn’t mention his longstanding commitment to amnesty for illegal invaders since that issue is more incendiary than he wants to take on during a sure to be tough campaign cycle. If he’s reelected, count on him to do what he previously did the day after the votes were counted — he and McCain unveiled their ‘Gang of Eight’ amnesty scheme with the most liberal Democrats and two other Republicrats.

Flake inadvertently shows some integrity when he states, “We need change.” He‘s right. We need to vote for the proven conservative, Dr. Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate.

This is Jeff Flake. He’s number four in this infamous lineup.


7 Responses to Jeff Flake: The face of hypocrisy lies through his capped teeth

  1. suzanne2012 says:

    Flake, the man who refused to vote for President Trump, and we are expected to vote for him?

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    Another good one, SRAZ. You guys not only get all the facts, which I appreciate, but you substantiate them. That’s why I’m a loyal reader Jeff Flake is well named.

  3. State Delegate says:

    Jeff Flake is on a downhill trajectory and he knows it. But he’s got lobbyist cash in spades and that’s really what counts when it comes to candidates getting their message out. He has proven that he will lie and he’s only gotten better at it as the years have passed. He’s McCain’s double.

    The way to defeat him is to send links to these revealing posts out to your lists, and also to donate to Kelli Ward’s campaign. She’s the grassroots conservative. Flake is just what his name implies.

  4. East Valley Conservatve says:

    Jeff Flake’s propensity for distortions and outright lies is not a new thing. Ask anyone who’s known him since his early days. He’ll stab you in the back while glad handing you. He does it all with a smile on his face.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Everything—every thing—that has been done to get the country back on track since Donald Trump was elected in November has been done SOLELY by Donald Trump. He rolled up his sleeves and got to work for US on the day after the election, months before he moved into the White House.

    The media, including drudge and breitbart, has failed to adequately report that this past week was Trump’s “infrastructure week”. The story about the first coal mine to be opened in Somerset County, PA., in six long years appeared in the British press. He has rolled back hundreds of onerous regulations that hurt businesses. But all we read, aside from Russiadnauseum, is that he made the NYT sit in the back row of his presser with the prez of Romania yesterday.

    Meanwhile—and this is a stunner on so many levels,
    Mitt Romney has stated in an interview that when he thought that he was going to be nominated for Trump’s Secretary of State position, he telephoned Hillary Clinton to ask her opinion on it!
    And, according to Romney, Hilliar encouraged him to take the job if it was offered.

    If you know a little about U.S. history and the story about moving the U.S. capitol to Washington, D.C., you will remember that the area was nothing more than swampland (or marshland, if you want to be pc).

    Please, if you are so inclined, please continue to pray for the safety and good health of President Trump; his family, and his team.
    The First Lady and young Barron Trump take up residence in the WH in a few days.

  6. Hometown Guy says:

    Senate Conservatives Fund exposes Flake’s votes on the wrong side of the issues. That’s because he’s NOT a conservative.

    Conservative Review gives Jeff Flake an “F” score.

  7. Tucson GOP says:

    Jeff Flake cares only about Jeff Flake. With little to recommend him when he first ran for the US House of Representatives, he latched on to exposing “pork” spending, presenting himself as a fiscal conservative. He dropped that pretense long ago.

    What I’ve never understood is how Flake can purport to be a fiscal conservative when he is a solid amnesty advocate. Opening the floodgates to illegals is not only foolish but costly in terms of the social benefits they consume as we provide for them and their extended families. They are mostly uneducated and often engage in criminal activity once here. Taxpaying citizens educate their kids, absorb the costs of their medical treatment and when they require it, hospitalization, all of which illegals currently get. They qualify for SNAP and WIC which provide free food. They qualify for housing benefits. And when they fill up our jails, guess who pays?

    AMAC gives a handle on the astronomical costs to American taxpayers.

    This is Jeff Flake’s grand vision for America as he repeatedly presses for open borders. I live in Tucson, better known as Mexico Norte. Come visit, but brush up on your Spanish first. Acclimation is not a priority.