Turmoil in Yuma County resonates throughout AZ GOP

With the inclusion of a letter from candidate Connie Uribe, MD, Arizona Freedom Alliance exposes suspected chicanery in the election process as Yuma County Republicans elected their new chairman. Regardless of which of Arizona’s fifteen counties you reside in, this post is definitely worth your time since it provides background on not only the election of the Yuma Country chairman, but on State GOP chairman Jonathan Lines. He previously served as Yuma County chair and was handpicked by former state chair Robert Graham to succeed him. The duo’s sole goal is the 2018 reelection of McCain clone, derider of President Trump and amnesty supporter Jeff Flake.

Read more in the June 11, 2017 MCRC Republican Briefs which ably holds its finger to the pulse of the Maricopa County and State GOP.



6 Responses to Turmoil in Yuma County resonates throughout AZ GOP

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    This is all more evidence of the McCain takeover of the AZ Republican Party and his tentacles into the county parties. At this point, it’s not just McCain’s ego, but keeping his colluding twin Jeff Flake in place after McCain’s obviously encroaching dementia forces him out.

    Imagine if Dr. Kelli Ward is successful in trouncing Jeff The Flake? It would be nirvana for conservatives and spell the end of the RINO stranglehold (death grip) of McCain, his operatives and moronic twin Flake.

  2. Realist says:

    These clowns would rather see the Republican party destroyed than see conservatives calling the shots. The majority of Republicans I know identify as conservatives first. This is anathema to the squish Republicrats like Robert Graham and Jonathan Lines.

    As has been pointed out here by SRAZ and commenters, there was never any effort to rein in Flake or McCain as they denigrated GOP nominee Donald Trump and clearly stated they wouldn’t vote for him, effectively aiding Hillary Clinton.

    If they represent the Republican Party in Arizona, we’re in miserable shape. We’ve already lost two previously Republican held officers at the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office and the Sheriff’s Office. The Phoenix City Council now has a liberal majority. What has the lame GOP “leadership” done to hang on to the majority? In a word, NOTHING!!

    Both the Recorder and Sheriff had been held for decades by Republicans. We are clearly on a downhill slide with Graham and Lines. A concentrated effort to boot Lines should have begun yesterday.

  3. CD 8 PC says:

    The harsh reality is we’re in deep doo with Jonathan Lines, the current Republican state chairman, who is still taking marching orders from Robert McGraham. If any conservative Republican candidates expect an assist from Lines in 2018 they’ll find themselves pi**ing up a rope.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Interesting article that appeared in the Washington Post regarding McCain.

    He has logged approx. 75,000 air miles since November, trashing Trump and “reassuring” heads of foreign governments that Trump will be held in check.
    From Australia to Singapore to Cambodia to VietNam and all over Europe, McCain and two other senators (one Dem from Delaware and one RINO from Wyoming) have taken their traitorous show on the road.

    Maybe in his travels he will encounter a pilot who is as good as he was. . . . .

    Yuma must still be a hot spot.
    I remember encountering him—in what anyone else would consider a professional setting— as he was surrounded by a group of fawning 20-somethings and was screaming into a cell phone at some poor slob. Screaming about ‘the money’ and ‘Yuma’ and lots of profanity. Quite a shocking display. Disturbing.
    It’s somewhat of a miracle that he has not brought on a self-induced medical emergency.

    Meanwhile, speaking of medical miracles that only happen when you are an important person:
    On Saturday, in Galveston, Texas, former U.S. Senator and Tucson resident Gabrielle Giffords and her astronut husband were present for the commissioning of the U.S. Navy warship, the U.S.S. Gabrielle Giffords.
    Hillary Clinton gave a speech. The ceremony was also attended by Nancy Pelosi and Joe and Jill Biden, among many others.
    U.S Navy officers, including hubby, were in their dress whites.
    Obama would have been there, but there were too many white people wearing white. Very racist of them.

  5. Jakesez says:

    If , by some miracle, Dr. Kelli Ward is elected to replace Flake, can you imagine the roadblocks that McCain will put in front of her as far as Senate assignments and other senate posts or positions? He will make her life miserable unless she joins him in his power block. Hope she has the back bone to stand up to him

  6. jojo says:

    I wish Jeff DeWitt would go up against Jeffy the Flake. I don’t think Kelli can win and we need McCain’s sycophant outta there, along with McSally next election. Get out there folks and let’s smash the GOP and get Lines outta there.