One tough job: Making excuses for John McCain

“Lapses in acuity” is putting it mildly.  McCain embarrassed himself and each of the hoodwinked Arizonans who voted this octogenarian another 6-year term

It was a rare sight, to be sure. But there is was. The Sunday editorial in the Arizona Republic was actually dripping nervous sweat. The editorial board is clearly terrified.

And the cause of this angst? None other than the left leaning newspaper’s favorite anti-Republican Republican and recalcitrant self-styled “maverick,” John McCain.

Those who watched McCain’s mortifying interview with former FBI director James Comey, wondered what the disconnect was. Twitter erupted with chatter diagnosing a mini stroke. The newspaper, though striving to be generous, still used these brutal words:

“…one of the world’s leading statesmen, speaking in words completely unmoored from reality,” adding, “the gibberish of U.S. Sen. John McCain blew up social media and raised fresh doubts about his fitness to hold office.”

Is the editorial board admitting it had doubts about his fitness to hold office when it gifted him with an endorsement over exceptionally well qualified Dr. Kelli Ward just last fall? If so, why did the newspaper work so diligently to marginalize her? Even the newspaper knows that calling McCain “one of the world’s leading statesmen,” is a laughable stretch. 

It’s a given they use any occasion to hammer President Trump and this editorial was no exception. But for a brief moment, they actually dole out some truth:

“As for McCain, his mental lapse in the biggest Senate hearing of the year cannot be taken lightly. McCain made no sense as he confused the former FBI director with a question about inconsistent approaches to investigations of Trump and Hillary Clinton.

McCain will be under intense scrutiny from here out, as the national media puts him under the microscope. His office needs to take this seriously and make sure steps are taken to understand exactly what happen.

If this was caused by momentary fatigue and not something more serious, the McCain office needs to make this clear to the public with evidence.”

Then comes this foolishness:

“In the meantime, McCain deserves our patience and respect. He is a genuine war hero, who has been for years a tireless public servant. Age can produce lapses in acuity that are temporary and out of character. We can only hope this is the case with John McCain and that he continues to serve this state well for years to come.”

“Hero” McCain is a construct as this video featuring senators, military brass and those who served with him in Vietnam clearly shows. It would be interesting to know exactly how many more “years to come”  they hope to get out of a man who will celebrate his 81st birthday in August?

15 Responses to One tough job: Making excuses for John McCain

  1. State Committeeman says:

    Sunday’s issue of the British newspaper The Guardian, features shaky John McCain saying Barack Obama was a better president than Donald Trump.. McCain said that “as far as American leadership is concerned,” the US’s global standing “was better under Obama than under Trump.”

    Swell, John. As a 2008 loser, your rage should be directed at Obama. Instead you shamelessly undercut Trump to a foreign newspaper trying to destabilize him.

    This runs in tandem with McCain’s bromance Lindsey Graham’s appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday, tearing into Trump. as he said “These tweets that he does feeds that lynch mob. You’re your own worst enemy here, Mr. President. Knock it off.”

    Who’s leading that “lynch mob”? None other than phony Republicrats McCain and McGraham.!!

  2. MacBeth says:

    The Arizona Republic knows that McCain is a fool, but he’s THEIR fool. Those were fascinating quotes from the editorial. Thanks. I never read this poor excuse for a deliminator of news. Certainly would never pay for having my intelligence insulted by those liberal boors.

  3. Braveheart says:

    John McCain has been on the downhill slide for a while. He made no sense when he was younger, In recent years it’s been obvious there is a mental disconnect. He doesn’t have the grace to hang it up. I’ll bet Cindy Lou is just as glad. Imagine having him hanging around?

  4. Doc says:

    Ya’ knooooow….Saguaro Sam & I BOTH have stated here (numerous times) that mcNutjob may very well be sufferring from some form of mental disorder. That said, his ramblings of late SERIOUSLY make me wonder if he’s actually fit for duty.

    ….the other side of that sword is that I’m pretty sure he’s signed some contract in blood with satan himself down @ “th’ Crossroads”…if ya’ know what I mean…

  5. Kathy says:

    McCain traveling 75,000 miles around the world to bash Trump – wait what??? Global warming anyone! I wonder if all this travel is McCain trying to cover his tracks in his “pee-gate dossier” scam OR other fake dossiers he is trying to pass off to remove President Trump. How many leak crimes has McCain been involved with?

    Here’s another McCain statement – America was a stronger leader under – wait for it – Obama??? WHAT!!!! McCain is delusional!

    AZ vote for Dr. Kelli Ward in 2018 and get rid of McCain “mini-me” Flake.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Here’s the article that was published in The Guardian yesterday:

    McCain Says That Obama Was a Better Leader Than Trump.

    Just like Obama, McCain goes to a foreign publication or a foreign country to bash America (or conservatives, or Christians, etc)

    Anyone who shops this type of trash talk would obviously go to
    The Guardian.

    Too much of a sissy to say it to us directly.

    Interesting that the APA (Amer. Psychiatric Assoc.) is now having to repeatedly remind–via snail mail; email, and web postings– their licensed practitioners that they are NOT to give medical opinions as to the mental status of President Trump.
    It’s called The Goldwater Rule.
    Look it up.
    What the Dems and a few hundred licensed psychiatrists did to Barry Goldwater late in the game completely up-ended his run for the WH.

    • Vince says:

      That’s the surest sign of an America Second(er). Trump puts America FIRST, which is as it should be. We are in no position to care for ourselves or aid any other nation, if we are not focused on the needs of America and her citizens. A weakened America is doomed, but that’s exactly what McCain’s pal Barack Hussein Obama was trying to accomplish during the past eight years. In this household, we are thankful for President Trump.

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        You are correct about not being in a position to protect ourselves if we do not focus on America first.

        Just last week, Luke AFB grounded all F-35’s because multiple pilots had experienced episodes of hypoxia while airborne. This has been a known and on-going problem for at least a year.
        However, F-35’s at other AFBs have not been grounded, according to the report.

        Several months ago, within days of Trump being inaugurated President, the US Navy announced that it would not be able to sustain a combat engagement of more than 30 continuous days.

        And FYI:
        The Senate Periodical Press Credentialing committee (who knew?) has today disallowed the conservative journalists from the website to attend Senate hearings, although they were granted media credentials several months ago. At the committee meeting today, Senators would not allow other members of the press to be present. breaks many stories that never see the light of day anywhere else. And they are pro-Trump.
        They were called “activists” by members of the Senate today.

        Gee, wasn’t that A-OK when Obama was a senator and then president?

      • Doc says:

        Just for the record, the F-35 is a P.O.S….The F-22 is twice the jet, with less problems & less expensive. But the rocket scientists who vote on this stuff, mcMental-case included, decided, like they’re trying to do to our country, to go the lousiest route instead.

        …by th’ way…mcTraitor IS a…

        THIS IS OUR SENATOR THAT WAS RE-FREEKIN’-ELECTED…goin’ aroung tellin’ th’ world how much better off we were when obasturd was runnin’ th’ show…

  7. VINOAZ says:

    Yes he has a mental illness, AKA, liberalism. No psychiatrist needed. Sure has fooled lots of folks for lots of years. People around the country are asking what has happened to Arizona?

  8. Frankly Speaking says:

    McCain is not a member of the oxymoronically named “Senate Intelligence Committee.” He used his atrophied muscle to insert himself into anything he thought could have the potential to bring harm to Pres. Donald Trump. That’s been his modus operandi since Donald Trump’s victory.

    What his own self promoting actions did was reveal his deteriorating mental faculties. For the Arizona Republic to wish this creep well and hope he has “more years” to harm not just Arizona but the entire USA is pathetic.

  9. Clementine says:

    I’m hoping these editorial comments from the AZ Repugnant are a joke. They must have an outdated calendar and think this is April Fool’s Day. What other excuse could there be for such absurdities?

  10. Observer says:

    Remember during his 2008 campaign for president, a reporter asked McCain how many homes he had. His answer, following a pause, was “I’ll have to get back to you on that.” A real man of the people, wouldn’t you say? Most of us know exactly how many homes we own…One! Turns out the McCain’s owned NINE!

    You’d think ole Johnny Mac would want to retire and travel with Cindy to visit their properties. I have an idea he’d rather travel with Lindsey, his constant companion and echo chamber.