Celebration of assassination betrays leftist hypocrisy

Broadway incites presidential assassination, mob cheers

In a bizarre mockery of President Trump passing itself off as a highbrow production of Julius Caesar, the assassination scene is the main impetus. If this is public theater, it has sunken to a new low. Even the reviewer called the production “genuinely frightening.”

We live in dangerous times in an increasingly polarized nation. Donald Trump was elected by a majority of Americans who were demoralized following eight years of far leftist governance by Barack Obama.  Imagine if conservatives controlled the entertainment venues of Broadway, Hollywood and the majority of what comes directly into our homes via television — filled with biased news and vicious deceit passing itself off as comedy.  Obama and his family who were revered by the celebrity clique, would still never be treated in such a repulsive manner.

Some of Julius Caesar sponsors have pulled their funding. They all should have. Presidential assignations are no joke. Four U.S. Presidents have been killed, two others were wounded,  surviving attempts on their lives.

The same elites who consider the stabbing of our president entertainment, celebrating it as a free speech issue, go mysteriously silent when universities — where free speech should flourish — stage raucous protests to repress it when it conflicts with their liberal views. They remain silent when conservative speakers with whom they disagree are shut down or uninvited.

North Korea’s unstable leader is threatening to nuke New York. Terrorism in the United States and Western Europe has reached epic heights resulting in the murders and maiming of ordinary people going about their lives. Instead of pulling together in a united effort to defeat evil, we are increasingly inundated with those who appallingly find it appealing.

Freedom of speech is enshrined in our Constitution. It once had its limits. Schenck v. United States, decided in 1919, is notable for Supreme Court Justice Oliver Holmes writing “the most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man falsely shouting fire in a theater and causing a panic.” It was overturned in 1969 by the infamous Warren Court.


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  1. Patriot Dad says:

    This obscene production of Julius Caesar should horrify any thinking American. Unfortunately, too many are the product of liberal indoctrination since they first entered school and escalating throughout their college years. They think everything is up for grabs and resist restraint in any form, even something as egregious as this. I fear for our country… and the Trump family.

  2. Maggie says:

    America is at a crossroads, and it looks as through the Bernie and Hillary supporters are intent on taking the path to doom. If only they were affected, that would be one thing. However they will take us all down with them. Their hatred of President Trump is unmatched in my memory of presidential elections.

    Most of those I know deplored Barack Obama and his radical overreaches. We were doubly sickened when he was reelected. But none of us marched on Washington or recklessly demanded his impeachment. Jimmy Carter was another horrid Democrat president. We were glad to see them go, but never dishonored the office they held.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Not only are Republicans generally more respectful, they also have jobs, so are not at the beck and call of George Soros’ mobilizing RESIST movement.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    The free (the way Libs pull you in) Shakespeare in the Park series put on by The Public Theater group in NYC is using William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caeser” play to incite violence against our President. The actors are receiving joyous standing ovations from the people who like things that are free.

    Yesterday, June 12, journalist Gage Cohen of cnsnews.com posted a column in which he revealed the entire list of sponsors of NYC’s Public Theater, as was posted on their website, right before the list was scrubbed. (The names of the private parties seem to have a common thread.)

    However, here are some of the sponsors:
    “. . .As of publication of this piece, these organizations were still listed at sponsors.
    Contact information is provided for each:
    •The Luesther T. Mertz Charitable Trust – Phone: (212) 777-5226
    •Bank of America (WITHDRAWN)
    •Blavatnik Family Foundation – Email: https://www.inc-cap.com/contact/
    •The Harold and Mimi Steinberg New Play Development Fund – Phone: (212)- 758-0404
    •The Philip and Janice Levin Foundation – Phone: (908) 755-2401
    •Time Warner Foundation – Phone: (212)-484-8000
    •American Express – Phone: 1 (800) 528-4800
    •Delta (WITHDRAWN)
    •New York (magazine) – Subscriber Phone: (800) 678-9000
    •TheaterMania – Phone: (212) 352-0255
    •Today Tix – Phone: (855) 464-9778
    •NYC Culture Department – Phone: 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675)
    •New York Council on the Arts – Phone: (212) 459-8800
    •Art Works – Phone: (919) 831-0199

    While not listed on The Public Theatre’s (Phone: 212-539-8650) “Corporate Sponsors” webpage, The New York Times has publicly declared itself to be a sponsor – and vowed to continue funding the theater group. (Phone: 800-NYTIMES, (800) 698-4637). . . ”

    Supposedly, there is a event scheduled by conservative groups for this coming Saturday in front of CNN hdqtrs In Atlanta.

    FYI: the Murdoch boys who are now running FOX (into the ground) have hired a Brit who was David Cameron’s henchman and who helped to destroy conservatism in Britain.
    This guy is now pretending to have some affiliation with U.S. Tea Party groups. Another fox in the henhouse.
    He will have a show on Sunday nights.

    Meanwhile, George Soros’ son and Chuck Schumer joined at the hip these days. Since daddy has been in Europe keeping the pot stirred, sonny is keeping dad’s puppets in line here.
    The Soros Pyromaniacs. World on fire.

  4. Conservative Since Birth of says:

    We’re here in the belly of the beast -Manhattan NYC. The so called projproject project in Central Park is no big deal here in the land of the progressives.

  5. Conservative Since Birth of says:

    Smart phone isn’t cooperating.
    This is no longer the good old days of Wm. F. Buckley or Ed Koch.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    McManiac Alert

    Tuesdays with Johnny:

    JohnnyMac just keeps talking. Now to the Wall Street Journal forum.
    He’s concerned that the GOP might lose their majority in the House because Congress has done nothing.


    Whose fault is that, Mr. Senior Senator?

    Also today on Capitol Hill:
    It is announced that reporters/journalists were be barred from conducting interviews in the hallways at CapHill, as has been done for decades. Journos must have get prior approval from one of three entities on the Hill.
    The ACLU is very upset about this, although they had nothing to say on Monday when press credentials were pulled from
    the pro-Trump reporters from the news site thegatewaypundit.com

    Freedom of speech is on life support.

    Venezuela, here we come.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      John McCain is doing all he can to undermine the President of the United States.

      Jeff the Flake is being more circumspect, due to his upcoming election and bottom dragging poll numbers.If (God forbid) he’s reelected, he’ll consider it a mandate to do more of the same and really stick it to both Donald Trump and the conservatives who proudly elected him.

      Trust Flake and McCain at your own peril, folks. This is hard core politics played by the biggest purveyors of deceit and filth in the entire congress.

  7. Kathy says:

    And now a Sanders support shoots up Republicans at baseball practice. The Dems, propaganda MSM, never-Trumpers with all their lies have unleashed a pandoras box and ALL have blood on their hands on this shooting! Thank God for the police who took the gun man out!

    Sadly most leftist are celebrating the shooting today – wait I thought they were anti-gun??