Vicious Dems tweet vile spew re: ballpark shooting

Raw evidence that there’s more that separates Republicans and Democrats than their party platforms:

Caution…You might need a gag bag as you read these depraved thoughts.*

Count on conservative Ann Coulter to get it right, with The ‘Resistance’ Goes Live Fire.

 * H/T The Blaze


7 Responses to Vicious Dems tweet vile spew re: ballpark shooting

  1. Dennis O'Brien says:

    These soulless rants are what we unfortunately have come to expect from the left. They are unable to disagree, but hold opposing views in contempt. Then it gets juiced up even more by the so-called celebs who find humor in death wishes for conservatives, as we saw with Kathy Griffin and late night left-wing “comedians.”

    Supporting these anti-American wretches by going to their concerts and movies keeps them in the spotlight where they influence our younger generations. We’ve got to commit to removing their platforms or their influence will continue as they purchase a $10 million dollar home to replace the $5 million dollar one they have outgrown and tired of.

    We have the power to dry up their money supply and platform.

  2. Kathy says:

    Meanwhile, Rep Mark Sanford (SC) is partially blaming Trump for campaign rhetoric for yesterday’s shooting – on Morning Joe this morning. What the heck. In what world does this guy live in – certainly not reality. Oh wait – he lives in the Swamp, known as DC.
    I wondering the people in SC will be contacting his office today on his outlandish statements.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Congressman Scalise has been back to the OR a couple of times and will require additional procedures.

    When a high velocity bullet enters the body, it is like a volcano blowing its top and spewing molten lava everywhere.
    Everything you are taught about anatomy goes out the window.
    Tissue looks like dark red jello with splinters in it. The splinters are bone fragments. And the heat from the bullet turns the area into goo.

    The main trauma was to the hip area.
    We know that even a scheduled, elective hip replacement operation can sometimes lead to significant blood loss and worse.

    There is no “routine” surgery. Ever.

    Why was Jeff Flake taking and making numerous phone calls to Obama while at the hospital yesterday. It happened.

    And how did the shooter know about the baseball practice and the game scheduled for tonight?

    You may recall that the Obama WH reached way back in history to vilify Congressman Scalise over a comment made during a speech (not made in Washington) in 2002. Scalise, in a response to someone, made an off-handed comment that he was not like David Duke

    We’re in terrible trouble in this country.
    Consider doing something kind for someone today.
    We are headed for brutal temps. A lot of people, including US military veterans are living rough—on the streets.

    Organizations like the Salvation Army and Phoenix Rescue Mission and Red Cross are looking for donations of not just money, but cases of water; hats; sunblock, and cooling towels. Lots of people need the basics.
    No one should die from dehydration or heat stroke.
    Help if you can.

    • Maggie says:

      Your description of what occurs within the body after being hit by a high velocity bullet was both interesting and sickening. I pray that Steve Scalise will recover and that he an his family are being watched over, though it certainly doesn’t appear he will be the same as before — if he does survive. I saw pictures of him, his wife and their young children during happier days on the Internet this morning and it was heart wrenching.

      This needless suffering is, in my mind, a direct result of the left’s rage at Donald Trump being elected president.

  4. Casper says:

    Just finished reading Ann Coulter’s column. Thanks for including it. It’s a rare occurrence in which I disagree with her. Today is not one of those days. She’s right on target in another well written observation of the what liberalism has become. Both of my parents were Democrats, but I feel certain they would not have been inclined to belong to the radical and deceitful party it is today.

  5. Ellsworth says:

    If you’re a Democrat lies don’t matter when you want to make a point. Here, in another liberal thrust for gun control, former Democratic National Committee Chairman, now Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe claims 93 MILLION Americans are killed each day by gun violence. According to the 2015 figures, the entire U.S. populations was 321.4 million.

  6. 1776 says:

    It’s difficult enough to find decent people to run for public office. Imagine putting up with what’s described in a similar article here:
    Thank God for giving David Schweikert a thick skin. Why anyone still buys the local fish wrapper that publishes Montini’s pap is beyond me.