AZ Regents chair gets testy at challenge, hurls personal insults & UPDATE

Mark Finchem, a Republican representing Dist. 11 in Tucson doesn’t meet the high standard of dress established by former state legislator Greg Patterson — who has since gone to law school and is now the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) chairman. Patterson oversees the three state universities he previously sucker punched for their imperial excesses.

It no doubt galls Patterson, who is also a CPA, that the less educated Rep. Finchem is a member of the Judiciary and Public Safety Committee and Vice Chair of two other significant committees.

In a private meeting that Patterson secretly recorded,* he laid into Finchem — who along with East Valley Rep. Jill Norgaard (R-Dist. 18) — had the temerity to co-sponsor a bill to rein in the authority of the board that Patterson chairs.

Apparently, she dresses well enough and is suitably degreed to suit Patterson, but her perch as Chair of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Education, gives her a level of prominence that rankles the ‘Top Regent’ who takes his title very seriously. Bully Patterson referred to Rep. Finchem’s western attire as a  “costume that doesn’t work.” He advised Finchem to trim his mustache and buy a suit before abruptly leaving the meeting.

Though Patterson has been a registered lobbyist since 1997, he fails miserably in the area of persuasive techniques.

This news article provides background on the unsavory meeting, and includes disapproving comments of Patterson’s actions from Vice Chair Bill Ridenour, who takes over as chairman July 1. Board of Regents President Eileen Klein, also condemned Patterson’s behavior, saying it was not reflective of how the regents do business. 

The Arizona Board of Regents voted on Jan. 20 to oppose SB 1061, a bill proposing to cap tuition and fee increases at two percent per year at the state’s public universities. The bill was co-sponsored by nine Republican state senators and one Republican state representative and would have significantly restricted the power of the regents and the universities to impose ever escalating tuition and fees on students. Readers have to plow through ten paragraphs of self-congratulatory hogwash to get to ABOR’s opposition to restrictions to rein in student costs. 

Universities do not have market forces and shareholders to enforce spending discipline, so foisting the trickery of “a $1 billion/30-year plan to fund new capital and rebuild aging infrastructure without raising taxes,” sounds reasonable to the elites who won’t be around in 2047 to answer for its ruinous impact.

One burning question remains: Were they dressed appropriately enough to meet Greg Patterson’s exacting standards as they implemented the epic con job?

ABOR Chair Greg Patterson has resigned after hurling an insult-laden spew at state legislator Mark Finchem.

As of his resignation Monday June 19, the pretentious Board of Regents chairman is now officially a goner, though he still had three years on his term. According to this report in the Arizona Republic, he laid off his obtuse insults — which he secretly recorded and then disseminated to shocked regent staffers — on being “overzealous.” He also declared he was in a “caffeine-induced rage.”  If those foolish excuses weren’t enough, he had one more up what we assume was his perfectly starched and ironed sleeve.  He didn’t want to be a “distraction.”

Patterson won’t distract anyone. But as he toils at his lobbyist day job, will he be able to attract clients who don’t want to risk having their grooming insulted?

14 Responses to AZ Regents chair gets testy at challenge, hurls personal insults & UPDATE

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    Another fact filled post! Fine job, SRAZ.

    • East Valley PC says:

      Greg Patterson’s term on the board expires in 2020.This appointment has obviously gone to his head. He’s not the same guy he was.

      • Rob Haney says:

        Greg Patterson has always been a McCain Establishment Republican and he still is the same guy he was. I remember well the puff piece Patterson inserted on his blog for McCain’s recruited candidate for LD 11 chairman, Fife Symington.

        McCain and his operatives recruited Symington to run against me for LD Chair even though Symington had never previously attended an LD meeting.

        The only meeting Symington attended was on election night. He lost. He was never seen again at an LD meeting despite all the promises he made on election night.

        McCain operatives now control both the Maricopa County and State GOP. Conservatives will get as fair a shake from the GOP Establishment here as Trump is getting in D.C.

  2. State Delegate says:

    Rob Haney,
    Having been a PC in the old LD11, I can attest to the fact that your insights are spot on. McCain operatives ran roughshod over the district following his orders to oust conservative elected PCs and replace them with compliant do nothings. That’s how what was then McCain’s home district was ruined. He has been pulling this treachery, taking out longstanding party volunteers, across the Valley. Jon Kyl was also involved in the same scam. Greg Patterson has learned his tactics from John McDespicable. If arrogance is the suit Patterson is advising Rep, Mark Finchem to wear, I expect Finchem will disregard the Repunlicrat and stick with his reliable conservative outfit,

  3. State Delegate says:

    I forgot to add that the McCainiacs were ultimately successful in replacing Rob Haney, but he had the last laugh. Instead of just being a district chairman, he was elected MARICOPA COUNTY CHAIRMAN!! He was even reelected to a second term.

    • Braveheart says:

      Haney’s mega victories must have frosted Greg Patterson and his fellow traveler McCainiacs. Sure hope so.

  4. Clementine says:

    What arrogance to tell a state legislator (or anyone else, for that matter) that his outfit is a “costume,” and he needs to buy a suit and groom his facial hair. Patterson’s own head hair is receding at a rapid pace. Soon he’ll be shaving his head or doing the comb-over bit.
    Who does Patterson think he is to-address someone so rudely? He should consider giving up his lobbying business and open a menswear consulting business. No clothes for sale. Just advice. A line of black t-shirts is all any well dressed man needs.

  5. Observer says:

    I have no interest in going to Patterson’s blog site to check, but I read that using his abundance of good manners, (the kind that are conferred on the haughty when they don a suitable suit) that’s where he apologized to Representative Finchem, rather than looking him in the eye and saying, “I’m sorry for my ridiculous outburst.” How telling. There is no character in this character.

  6. Kent says:

    Patterson has nerve in spades. Who the hell does he think he is? He’s lucky Finchem didn’t deck him.

    • Doc says:

      I’ve been sayin’ for years now that if just ONE of these mcStainiacs were to be sent to a local E.D. with missing teeth & a broken mandible this kind of crapola would stop. I challenged them here on this very forum during mcTraitor’s “purge” & never even HEARD the alleged “crickets”.

      …Mr. Finchem is a far better man than I…as mr. patterson would’ve received the appropriate treatment he so obviously deserves…”STOOPID” (& arrogance) is SUPPOSED to Hurt.

  7. D B Cooper says:

    I wonder if Greg Patterson has considered extending his sartorial advice to ASU Pres. Michael Crow? He could certainly use a some help finding a less obvious toupee. Money isn’t an issue for Crow, he just needs a style adviser. Who better than regal Regent Greg Patterson? He can call Crow “dude” to let him know he’s just a friend looking out for his image.

  8. Another Victim says:

    ASU has so much money its beyond comprehension. Look at the funding of the ASU foundation. Look at the annual revenue of the ASU private public partnerships. Look at the military contracts Michael Crow, chairman of THE agency’s private investment company, has brought it. It is a racket and a deep state racket extending all the way to DC. It’s not just a local college anymore. It is sitting on BILLIONS in liquidatable assets, yet they claim underfunding every year. The legislature was absolutely right to reign in the BOR and the tuition increases. ASU is merely syphoning subsidies from the federal government via student financial aid to add to their billions. The BOR knows this. They don’t care if they want to get reappointed to their cushy jobs they’ll vote for a 10% increase to tuition next year too. THERE IS NO LACK OF FUNDS FOR THE EDUCATION SYSTEM IN THIS STATE. To the leeches and ticks who would be out of business without no bid government contracts, well, they’ll always lobby for more.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      We have posted your comment, but removed the name of the person you say you are being victimized by. Since that person is not mentioned in the SRAZ post and has not commented here, we can’t condone using the name as your “handle.”

  9. Not Your Grandfather's Republican Party Member says:

    Back when he served in the Arizona state legislature in the 1990’s, Greg Patterson brought committee meetings to a halt while he delivered long lectures on economic philosophy. His GOP cohorts voted him the legislator they would most like to spank.

    Hasn’t changed much, has he?

    His embarrassing capers during the Russell Pearce recall back in 2011 should have ended anything of a political career for this dude. If you don’t recall, it was a slimy hit piece against state senator Jerry Lewis, revolving around the “misappropriation” of a valuable asset: a box of donated old clothes that went unsold at a rummage sale.

    How did he wind up on the Board of Regents anyway? Perhaps Alex Jones might find him useful in some role. Hopefully this ends his already vastly overextended career in Arizona politics.