Greg Stanton: Phx’ tyrannical leftist mayor stifles voters’ voice

Political correctness overrides resident’s rights as arrogant Stanton plays name game, changing city policy to align with his whims

Who can forget the ham-handed tactics liberal former Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano used in 2003 renaming Squaw Peak, the landmark mountain favored by hikers in north Phoenix? Aided by her henchman Mario Diaz, she ramrodded  the politically correct change through despite protests from Valley residents.  Following her lead, far leftist Barack Obama  renamed North America’s tallest mountain, over objections. It had been  named in honor of the election of war hero and popular Republican President William McKinley in 1896. He was later assassinated by an anarchist at the beginning of his second term.

Now Phoenix is dealing with liberal Mayor Greg Stanton who has unilaterally decided to override the homeowners in the Squaw Peak neighborhood who want to keep the unique street name as their address. There have been protests from the residents who have called public meetings, signed petitions and spoken before the city council to let their voices be heard. Aside from wanting to retain the unique name, residents would be forced to update their addresses on bank and investment accounts, driver‘s licenses and legal documents, including mortgages, wills and trusts. They’d have to change their credit cards, their children’s school records, family medical records, requests for early ballots and contact all their creditors.

In his first stage response to their protests, Stanton ordered new signage erected directing hikers to Piestewa Peak. Now he’s enlarged upon that scheme.

Current city policy requires the support of 75 percent of affected property owners to agree to a name change, but that’s too democratic for the Democrat mayor. To address what he considers a problem of not enough inclusion of minorities in street names, he is on a mission to push his agenda forward and intends to accomplish that by changing the city policy to suit his whims.

Far leftist Stanton, who received a joint congratulatory call from then-President Obama and then-Homeland Security chieftain Janet Napolitano, has filed to run for Arizona Secretary of State. — a sleeper office often the direct route to the governor’s office since it is next in line of ascension if a sitting governor is unable to serve out his or her  term.

As we noted in our April 8, 2017 post “Back to the future with Squaw Peak,” Stanton lives on a street named Frier. Squaw Peak residents should petition the city to change it to something less offensive to vegetarians, vegans and members of PETA. Tofu Drive has a nice, non-offensive ring to it.

6 Responses to Greg Stanton: Phx’ tyrannical leftist mayor stifles voters’ voice

  1. Justin says:

    Greg Stanton doesn’t care about the residents of Squaw Peak Drive or the citizens of Phoenix, for that matter. He is all about promoting his agenda and turning Red State Arizona into a replica of Blue Phoenix.

    The liberal unions (firefighters, police and teachers) and city workers have kept their kindred liberals in the mayor’s office for decades. We all value our police and firefighters and Mrs. Jones our kid’s teacher, but the fact is they belong to strong leftwing unions that support the Democrat Party and all it stands for with their dues.

    Every time a pay raise for any of them is on the ballot, it passes easily, but it’s never enough. Let’s surprise them next time by voting NO. They are not underpaid and all have excellent benefits. Teachers only work 8 1/2 months a year, with many school holidays and a long summer vacation. My mother and sister are both teachers, so I have more than a passing idea idea of what I’m talking about.

    Check this out from Open Secrets:

    Democrats get 94% to Republicans 6% of the millions given to candidates by the poor, cash strapped teachers. Who’s kidding who?

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    It’s happening all over the country. The progressives are doing progressive things and don’t care about city policy, what the majority wants or how it affects them. Big city mayors are going all out with their agenda because politically, they’re in the majority. Democrats are in fighting mode because Trump won the election.

    A crazed Bernie supporter shot up a practice baseball game being played by Republicans. A communist member of a terrorist organization, released from a life sentence by Obama, was honored in the Puerto Rican Day parade in New York City a week ago. The Marxist NYC mayor put his full support behind the move. (Oscar López Rivera, a Puerto Rican nationalist militant recently released from federal prison after 35 years, who will be honored at the parade on June 11. Mr. López Rivera, 74, was a member of a terrorist organization fighting for Puerto Rican independence that carried out 120 bombings in the 1970s and 1980s, including two in New York that killed five people. He was never charged with murder, but was convicted of seditious conspiracy for plotting to overthrow the government. President Barack Obama commuted his sentence.)

    Who’s to stop Greg Stanton? He was put in office by voters of the city of Phoenix. Democrats fall in line and don’t make waves.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Welcome back, CSB. New York is no longer a destination for us. Neither is San Francisco. Fine restaurants and theater offerings aside, the cities are wretched liberal havens. Your story about the freed terrorist being honored is a case in point.

      Greg Stanton is showing himself to be a dangerous usurper of freedom. I hope Reagan gets her act together ASAP, so he has nothing to point to. Arizona can’t afford to have this liberal rising in the political power structure.

  3. MacBeth says:

    It’s nausea inducing to even try to imagine a Gov. Greg Stanton. He no doubt thinks Secretary of State Michele Reagan is easy pickin’s due to the negative press she’s gotten on the upgrading of the SOS website. At her worst she’d be preferable to this obsessive liberal. The heavy handed tactics he’s attempting to impose on the residents of Squaw Peak Drive, by mowing down the long standing street name policy, is indicative of how he would govern the state. No thanks!!

  4. Observer says:

    Greg Stanton is a dangerous man who cares about power more than the people he claims to represent.

  5. Kathy says:

    SRAZ check this out:

    Interesting indeed!

    Stanton-Soros, McCain-Soros, Penzone-Soros – oh my.