AZ GOP outreach could soar minus McCain purge, Flake defection

AZ GOP chairman Jonathan Lines routinely sends out an email titled the AZGOP Daily Update!  Sniping at the more widely read  Republican Briefs he declares it the Only Official Newsletter of the Arizona Republican Party! (Exclamation points and italicized type are his.)

This recent message was an attention grabber. Noting that the party is gearing up for the 2018 election, he says, “ I know you are all excited to get to work for the conservative cause!” He then describes a GOP Data Center intended to ensure that all precinct committeemen have the resources they need to help elect Republicans.  He goes on to describe an ambitious training project to mobilize many thousands of precinct committeemen.

Precinct committeemen are the nuts and bolts, grassroots workers of the party apparatus. They are elected on the primary ballot by their neighbors in each precinct in districts across the state. Many PCs have been volunteering their time to the party for decades, going door-to-door collecting the nominating petition signatures candidates need to qualify for the ballot.  They distribute campaign literature and recruit other committeemen. They hammer signs in the parched earth under the sweltering Arizona sun and work tirelessly getting out mailings and make phone calls on behalf of candidates.

So imagine the shock when establishment types, notably Arizona’s U.S. Senators work to remove these loyalists from their ranks. Former Sen. Jon Kyl got down in the precinct weeds, sending out postcards advising who the conservative choices were. In fact the choices he advocated for were not conservatives at all, while actual conservatives were kicked to the curb on his advice. His actions were intended to remove the Maricopa County chairman, who was unable to serve after losing the PC election. Conservatives had the last laugh as he new county chairman appointed his predecessor as executive director.

This establishment deceit is an ongoing activity. Most recently McCain operatives worked within precincts, recruiting ringers to overfill allotted PC slots, in another concerted effort to oust conservatives. After McCain was the subject of an unprecedented and embarrassing censure by elected state committeemen at the annual statutory meeting the effort began in earnest. Many longtime PCs were replaced by recruited members from the Vietnamese community who esteem McCain.  These recruits never attended monthly district meetings or engaged in the duties of committeemen. They were placeholders intended to do but one task: Show up to vote for squishy intra-party officers.

BreitbartFrontPage Mag, and POLITICO  all reported on the McPurge.

Now we have U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake who refused to vote for the Republican party nominee Donald Trump —  running for reelection for another 6-year senate term. The state party never uttered a word of reprimand to either Flake or McCain, who both assisted Hillary Clinton. Watch Flake in this Hillary campaign ad. McCain, at age 80, was in the midst of a reelection campaign of his own and couldn’t afford to alienate any voters, but his pals Lindsey Gahamnesty and Mitt Romney had no such qualms.

Romney recently made two Arizona campaign appearances to bolster Flake. Chairman Lines wrote glowingly of the assist. The word “traitor” was never used to describe either man.

And McCain? He recently told the British press that “Barack Obama provided better American leadership than President Trump.” Then he bumped his anti-GOP hostility up a notch, declaring,I’m very worried we’re going to lose the House of Representatives.”

Keep demoralizing the base Johnny, and you might well be prophetic.

Meanwhile neither AZ GOP Chairman Jonathan Lines nor his predecessor Robert Graham have ever addressed Arizona’s two Democrat-supporting U.S. Senators —  posing as Republicans when elections roll around — who unashamedly gave Hillary their tacit approval.

Arizona Republicans deserve better.  Commit to principled conservative Dr. Kelli Ward.

12 Responses to AZ GOP outreach could soar minus McCain purge, Flake defection

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    Seeing Red AZ tells it like it is, which is why I read it each morning. The unfiltered truth is not easy to come by these days. Arizona’s Republican US House members can run circles around the two pathetic men who have the title “Senator” before their names. I also have wondered how they got away with publicly supporting Hillary Clinton over Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump without a word of reproach from either the RNC or the state Republican Party. That was the final straw for me. I no longer send either of them donations.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      You couldn’t be more right! The very public behavior of John McCain and Jeff McFlake was arrogant and harmful. They care more about parading around before cameras than they do about representing Arizona Republicans or ensuring that Trump was elected.

      Donald Trump not only won the presidency, but his coattails gave rise to a congressional majority…House and Senate, increased the number of Republican governors nationally and brought state legislatures across the country into the Republican majority column. Those facts seem to go against the grain of McCain and McFlake.

      Thanks for supporting Kelli Ward. I’ve met her several ties and she is very bright, articulate and engaging. Imagine having an intelligent conservative representing us in the US Senate. What a treat that would be!

      • Marilyn Anderson says:

        Senator Mc Cain time for your to retire. What is all this hate. Our country is in trouble, time for you to be a Republican. I will not vote this time for Senator Flake. Kelli Ward you have my vote!

  2. Jakesez says:

    I have to agree with you in that I read Seeing Red and the Republican Briefs daily but cannot even recall the last time I even glanced at the AZGOP daily update. When I talk to precinct committee members and I usually ask why we cannot seem to attract that dynamic individual who can be labeled a true conservative. It seems that all we end up with these self proclaimed conservatives like McCain and Flake. I am beginning to think that it is because all of the well known potential candidates are already tied to the state GOP establishment by self interests. NEW BLOOD is needed in the conservative movement. Hopefully, someone more adapt at recruiting these people than I am will come up with someone dynamic.

    I have a big base drum and a tall flag that I am willing use when I join the parade when we find that person.

  3. CD 8 PC says:

    BRAVO! Great post! I have also wondered how the two Republicrats supposedly representing AZ in the U.S. Senate were given a wink and a nod by the Republican hierarchy.

    The far left, pro-amnesty, open borders AZ Repugnant newspaper praises and endorses them both, which speaks volumes. It stayed on track even after Flake and McCain each backtracked on these core liberal issues. The newspaper sputtered, but shouldn’t have wasted its sputum. McCain and Flake were right back in amnesty mode after election day, when they colluded with Chuck Schemer (Schumer) and other leftwingers to form the Gang of 8 amnesty coalition. This slippery activity goes back to the days when McCain and Kyl were partnering with Ted Kennedy on the very same issue.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    And the beat goes on. Whoever called this guy a patriot was far, far off the mark.

    He tries to do fancy footwork, stating he has no control over this bogus foundation, but there is a special page dedicated to his and Cindy’s (obviously self-composed) bios and he runs this Sedona thing. And we know he lies.

    Senator John McCain Is A Front For Soros-Saudi Globalist Scheme – See Proof Here –

  5. Jakesez says:

    Make sure you read the Briefs article on what wrong with the AZ GOP.

  6. Former GOP PC says:

    My wife and I were longtime elected precinct committeemen volunteering for the party for years, before we were “purged” by the GOP establishment’s pride and joy: John McCain.

    We now use our time and money to travel and enjoy family adventures. We have a cruise planned with our kids and grandkids this summer. The state GOP gets nothing!!!! That’s exactly what we have received from them.

  7. Kimball says:

    John McCain and Jeff Flake are both phonies. They do and say whatever they think will get them over the election day hump and then it’s back to no-so-fumy business as usual.

    Arizonans need to wise up. Do you really want 6 more years of a Loosertarian portraying himself as a conservative? That’s what you get with Jeff the Flake. The only real job he’s ever had was as a lobbyist for a African uranium mining consortium with ties to Iran.

    Conservative Kelli Ward is the real deal.

  8. East Valley Conservative says:

    The AZ GOP currently has a single mission and that is to keep Jeff the Flake in office. Everyone else on the 2018 ballot will be given the short shrift.

    This is what Utah’s LDS Church owned Deseret News, the most read newspaper in the state, ( considered worthy of a major article.

    They want a longer list and Robert Graham and Jonathan Lines are committed to providing it.

  9. jojo says:

    I called Jeffy the Flakes office and let him know exactly how I feel. Unless he stands up and LOUDLY supports our CITIZEN SELECTED & ELECTED PRESIDENT I’ll work very hard for Kelli and give my $$$ to Kelli. I did call but I’ve never given the Flake a dime or ever voted for him Get out there and get to work for Kelli.

  10. Vince says:

    This is by far the most incisive post I’ve read on the shenanigans taking place in the Arizona Republican Party. I was stunned when there was no reprimand for McCain and Flake when they each said they would not support Donald Trump as the Republican presidential nominee. Others I’ve spoken with at the time were equally turned off by the lack of official response. Now they think they can do or say anything without causing a ripple. The monstrous mistake was made in reelecting the obviously senile and liberal McCain last election. Let’s not create another longevity monster with the equally cringe worthy Jeff Flake.