Cheers for Handel in GA CD 6: Laughing our Ossoff

Call her Congresswoman Handel. 

In the most expensive congressional race in the nation’s history, former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel was victorious over Democrat Jon Ossoff, a  30-year old documentary filmmaker in the state’s 6th Congressional District

The Georgia race was touted as a referendum on President Trump, as Democrats pulled out all stops and money poured into the district from East and West coast influence peddlers. Inexperienced Ossoff wasn’t helped by the fact that he lived outside the district he was running to represent and was unable to vote for himself.

Things are looking very good. Approaching the midterms. The Republican also won the special congressional election in South Carolina.


6 Responses to Cheers for Handel in GA CD 6: Laughing our Ossoff

  1. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Very clever headline, SRAZ!

    Ossof couldn’t vote for himself, so that means his live-in girlfriend couldn’t vote for him either.

    He was most likely put in there because he’s liberal, new to the game (no baggage), young and “good-looking.” I saw last night that the millions of dollars in contributions into his campaign came from Marin County (Pelosi territory), San Francisco and Beverly Hills. On the East Coast, money came from Obama’s vacation spot, Martha’s Vineyard. Well, it was a total waste for these moneyed pogressives. With the media saying it was a “toss-up” all week, I was happy to see that Karen Handel won by a nice amount.

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      Handel is not the political opportunist her opponent is. Her conservative credentials are well known. This was a solid defeat for the left that was banking on (and bankrolling) this arrogant Ossoff with nothing to recommend him other than a “D” after his name.

      This is the issues page from her campaign website. I hope she leaves it up!

      I also enjoyed the headline, SRAZ!!

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Finishing most expensive House race ever, Ossoff calls for campaign finance reform – Hot Air Hot Air

    From the article: With all due respect, Mr. Ossoff, you just lost the most expensive House race the country has ever seen. And you gladly took in and slathered cash all over the landscape in an effort to win it. There’s no dishonor in losing a hard fought campaign, but calling for campaign finance reform on the final day of that spending spree is a bit much even by the standards of lifelong Washington insiders.

  3. Observer says:

    These election results clearly indicate Pres. Trump has powerful coattails. The MSM relishes in tearing him to shreds, but enough of us know differently. Karen Handel never stepped back from Donald Trump and it paid off.