Jeff Flake, Republican charlatan: desperate or greedy?

President Trump’s popularity among Arizona Republicans poses a significant hurdle for relentless Trump-bashing Jeff Flake

Arizona Republicans have been finding desperate money pleas from Sen. Jeff Flake in their in- boxes. The junior senator from Arizona is worried that the Democrats have him in their sights as they gear up for the 2018 election cycle. He needs money and he needs it quick to fight back against the liberal onslaught. This plea elevates begging to a fever pitch. Flake claims the Democrats are outspending Republicans 16 to 1 and he’s formed a Rapid Response Fund to close the gap.  He’s slickly pre-checked the “make this a monthly donation” box, and is asking for as little as $10.

“We’ll be sure to circle back and let you know who’s contributed and who’s still outstanding,” Flake threatens.. “I need at least 1,000 Rapid Response Fund members, so we’ll be sharing this far and wide:” The pitch continues, “We’re expecting some more major buys from the Dems, so this is very time-sensitive.”

Who are the Democrat opponents nipping at Flake’s tender heels? Why is the incumbent’s campaign so destitute?

In an effort to seek answers we first visited the Federal Election Commission’s campaign finance data page for Jeff Flake for US Senate Inc. It was impressive to see that he’s “incorporated.” This filing period covers 01/01/2017 to 03/31/2017. It turns out Jeff Flake is quite a kidder. Flake is sitting on a stack of cash, closing in on nearly $2 million dollars —  $1,790,817.00  — well over a year before the Aug. 28, 2018 primary election.

As you receive his mailers and watch his televised ads, don’t lose sight of who Jeff Flake is. He’s the one who made the rounds of senate offices with Democrat Merrick Garland in tow, attempting to gin up support for Barack Obama’s lame duck appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court. Fortunately, newly elected Republican President Donald Trump was not constrained by either Obama or his errand boy Flake. Trump appointed Judge Neil Gorsuch, a conservative, to fill the vacancy left by the unexpected death of conservative Justice Antonin Scalia.

As if hoisting Obama’s Democrat SCOTUS nominee wasn’t enough, in an outrageous display of arrogance Jeff Flake also made the rounds of network news venues, telling one and all that he would not vote for Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee. Here he is on NewsMax, declaring, Trump can’t win and shouldn’t win.”

Flake was so persuasive, Hillary Clinton included him in this campaign commercial featuring a gang of traitorous Republicrat hooligans.

Flake is a relentless amnesty supporter, partnering with John McCain on the infamous Gang of 8 scheme with two other RINOs and four Democrats including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. He’s not above lying about his position on granting citizenship to millions of America’s invaders as we exposed in this 2011 post Oops — Jeff Flake’s crown slips as he sinks to mere McPolitician,

Jeff Flake has been at the public trough for the majority of his adult life, except for a stint as a lobbyist and  registered foreign agent in the African nation of Namibia, where he worked for Rossing Uranium — one of the world’s largest suppliers of nuclear fuel. Flake earned a substantial salary opening doors in D.C. and promoting the firm which had deep financial ties to Iran.

Is this a man deserving of your financial support? What most locals donate would be considered chump change to a man who has been collecting donations in multiples in what appears to be the insider’s magic donation number of $2,700 and often the donors are husbands and wives doubling up on the high dollar amount. Flake’s donor list is rife with lobbyists, utility honchos obviously wanting a quid pro quo. San Francisco Obama donor Gregory Wendt who was involved in McCain‘s purge of conservative precinct committeemen in Arizona is a Flake donor, along with McCain operatives and the reliable open border crowd, including those listed as immigration lawyers. Do you think their practices focus on legal, skilled immigrants from Europe and Asia or aiding uneducated illegals from Mexico and Central America?

This is Hillary Clinton’s campaign ad in which Jeff Flake is prominently featured:

Arizona Republicans deserve better. Dr. Kelli Ward, an osteopathic physician, is challenging this pathetic McCain doppelganger now completing a first six-year senate term. After exceeding his self imposed 3-term limits pledge, he spent 5 terms in the U.S. House before barely squeaking into the senate by 3 points. His word is obviously “fluid.” It’s time for a change. Kelli Ward isn’t sitting on nearly $2 million a year before the primary. She actually needs our help to be competitive. Acquaint yourself with her principled positions and use the donate button on her site. This is crucially important.

9 Responses to Jeff Flake, Republican charlatan: desperate or greedy?

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Excellent, fact filled post, SRAZ. Fine job alerting Republican voters to the deceptive Jeff Flake. Since there is no mention of sending this on to others, I’ll do it here. Pass this along, fellow conservatives!! We need to get the word out to get rid of this lying creep. If he’s reelected, he’ll be entrenched just like the clearly demented Señor Juan McAmnesty.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Flake is using McCain tactics when it comes to shaking people down for ca$h. (ever wonder how much money is enough?)

    This week in the swamp, a senior senator (who we all know) has been telling folks at small gatherings in D.C. words to this effect:
    ‘we are already in a cold coup—-it’s happening. . .’

    If you want to understand a “cold coup”, take a look at what happened in Brazil just last year.
    Their federal judges worked with their media to oust their president. He was arrested in his own house and imprisoned.

    Do any parts of this scenario, which has already played out in Brazil (dress rehearsal?) sound familiar?

    Lots of conservatives from around this country are saying that they’ll never let the socialists take over—that there will be a civil war before the bad guy mobs are allowed to win.

    It’s too late.
    It will happen in less time than it takes to blink your eyes.
    And Obama is already amped up and waiting.
    Valerie Jarrett is still his nanny so that he doesn’t snort so much coke that he goes into cardiac arrest.
    I told you that he would never, ever go away.

    Sorry to have to report this.
    And more sorry that the people of Arizona have been unwilling or unable to retire those who so obviously lied when they swore an oath to uphold our Constitution.

    • Seen It All says:

      Very disturbing information contained here, especially about McCain saying ‘we are already in a cold coup—-it’s happening. .’ Why he has any support is beyond me. He’s been an incompetent leftwinger since he first carpetbagged onto the Arizona political scene. Younger and deemed a hero by military impostor buddy Duke Tully, publisher of Arizona Republic, he was able to stay afloat by partnering with congressional Democrats like Ted Kennedy, Joe Lieberman, Russ Feingold, and Dennis DeConcini who got caught up in the Keating Five influence buying scandal with McCain. DeConcini was not reelected, but McCain skated.

      This was the man who breathed life into the political career of John McCain. They were inseparable friends….until Tully was exposed as a fraud. Then McCain who no longer needed him, dropped Tully like a hot rock.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Flake is not a very good senator – for Republicans that is. He was Obama’s errand boy (taken from above) on more than one occasion. He doesn’t stand out in any way other than criticizing the president of his own party and his pro-illegal alien stance identical to Luiz Gutierrez, open borders Congressman from Illinois.

    Take a look at his Facebook page. There’s a photo of the smiling Flake sitting with Neil Gorsuch like they were best friends, when we know he was pushing for Obama’s liberal, anti-gun supreme court pick.

    Then Flake thinks this is important enough to feature:
    ​”Excited to hear #conservative leader and all-around good guy Hugh Hewitt is getting a TV show” Hugh Hewitt is a ‘conservative’ like Flake is a conservative. He’s going to be showing up on the anti-Trump MSNBC show with the previously vicious anti-Trumper himself, Hugh Hewitt.

    Anyone who voted for President Trump should refrain from voting for Flake in the Primary next year.

  4. jojo says:

    He’s both greedy & desprate. Get out there and work for Kelli Ward and for sure send her $$$. Get rid of the Flake.

    • MacBeth says:

      Absolutely!!! Kelli Ward needs our money and our votes. Without money there is no campaign. And sent this post out to Republicans on your list. They won’t find this information in the local news, which supports Republicrats like McCain and Flake.

      The newspaper gets miffed at them when they veer too far off the liberal reservation as the post points out with Flake, but it is all too willing to forgive and forget, since these Republifrauds push the liberal amnesty agenda for them in Washington.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Conservatives must repeal and replace phony Republicans in 2018

    This is a great issue for Kelly Ward. Jeff Flake is called out in this article.

  6. Kimball says:

    Thanks for the link to Jeff Flake’s FEC filing. When I clicked on the individual donors I was surprised to see that Jeff Flake, a member in good standing in the LDS church, accepted $108,000 in multiple donations from Las Vegas resort owner Stephen Wynn and his wife Andrea. Isn’t being funded by a mammoth Las Vegas gambling operation a bridge too far, Jeff?

    • Realist says:

      NOTHING is “a bridge too far” for Jeff the Flake. He needs to be sent home by the voters.

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