Is your name carrying a taint? Time to rebrand

Sean Noble, Nathan Sproul master the art of quick change

Remember when the political consulting firm of Sproul and Associates became toxic?  Nathan Sproul, an ardent McCain ally, initially was regarded as a player to be reckoned as he promoted a squeaky clean image and made $ millions. His name had panache…. until it didn’t.

Then, quick as a wink, with the loss of luster, Sproul and Associates morphed into Lincoln Strategy Group, as it reconfigured under a revered presidential surname. He also strategically cloaked himself as Strategic Allied Consulting.

So it is with Axiom Public Affairs, which has recently and without fanfare altered its name to Compass Rose Public Relations following the indictment of its principal lobbyist and government affairs specialist Jim Norton along with others not associated with the firm, (see indictment) on eight separate federal charges of bribery and fraud. The name change came as high-powered clients were fleeing.

The renamed firm’s home page has an amusing bit of irony, with the words, “Need Direction?” emblazoned across a still of the Phoenix cityscape and directly over the state capitol dome topped by a stark white Winged Victory look-alike.

Establishment operative Sean Noble, was listed as a partner at its 2015 inception along with Melissa DeLaney and Jim Norton. Noble juggles numerous  political consulting irons, DC London and American Encore, among them.

Compass Rose  claims to offer “unparalleled expertise and leadership in lobbying, communications, public affairs, media relations, campaign management and consulting, public relations, crisis management, political advising, and much more.”

In the wake of the fall of Norton, the “much more,” is a tagline that could well be eliminated. “Crisis management” is what they’re  currently engaging in, with the firm being the client.

A look at the bios of the principals of the firm reveals there’s usually a McCain connection. The aged Republicrat’s tentacles have a lengthy and reliably unsavory span.

3 Responses to Is your name carrying a taint? Time to rebrand

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    Maybe these folks can team up with CNN.
    From what I have read on breitbart and around the web this morning, CNN needs direction and a whole boatload of crisis management.

    An enemy is known by his lips, when in his heart he entertains deceit.

    When he shall speak low, trust him not: because there are seven mischiefs in his heart.

    He that covers up hatred deceitfully, his malice shall be laid open in the public assembly.

    He that digs a pit, shall fall into it: and he that rolls a stone, it shall return to him.

    A deceitful tongue love not truth: and a slippery mouth makes ruin.

    Thank God for Project Veritas and James O’Keefe and organizations like Judicial Watch.

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    I’ve been around Arizona politics long enough to know that anyone and anything that’s associated with John McCain is suspect. That includes Jeff McFlake

    McCain is a two faced RINO and Flake has learned very well from Sen. Senility.

    We can’t allow Obama’s pal Flake to get even more entrenched. Please join me in voting for an actual conservative, Dr. Kelli Ward. Check out her positions on the issues that matter and send her a donation. This is beyond important. It’s critical.

  3. Kimball says:

    I found this 2008 SRAZ post on the effort to destroy Sen. Russell Pearce, who was in the state House when he was challenged by Jeff Flake’s immigration lawyer brother-in-law, who was later suspened for two years by the state bar on other charges.

    The word was that open borders Flake recruited Kevin Gibbons and although he remained behind the scenes, Flake’s fingerprints were all over the dirty campaign. Guess who managed this disgraceful effort? You win if you guessed the disreputable Nathan Sproul.

    Many thanks to Google and Seeing Red AZ for this: