AZ Republic’s front page: Blatant trickery:on display

Employing an over-sized front page graphic and all caps headline, the Arizona Republic reports on a “FIGHT OVER FAMILY PLANNING FUNDS.” The report bemoans the fact that Gov. Doug Ducey and the state legislature have united in an effort to defund Planned Parenthood Arizona.  The Arizona group receives $4.5 million in taxpayer dollars as its portion of federal “family planning” funds. Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest provider of abortions.

Not a single PP facility is equipped with mammography equipment or staffed by radiologists to provide women with essential breast cancer screenings. Women are referred to radiological centers to receive those services, exactly as their family doctors or gynecologists would do. Despite ample evidence to the contrary, the newspaper bogusly refers to Planned Parenthood sites as “community clinics,” making them appear to be in league with family practice physicians where you take the kids for routine inoculations, ear infections and casts for broken bones. Dad doesn’t hop over to Planned Parenthood for relief from knee pain or prostate exams.

Planned Parenthood’s mission is not health care, but something far more odious.

Yet national Planned Parenthood receives approximately $500 million a year in taxpayer funding, according to this 2015 General Accountability Office report. The report covers the fiscal years 2010 through 2012, so it’s reasonable to expect the 2017 funding exceeds that amount.

These were the roots of Margaret Sanger, the notorious eugenics proponent who started Planned Parenthood, with facilities strategically placed in low income immigrant or black neighborhoods in the early 1900’s. Her mission was to eradicate those she referred to as “human weeds.”

5 Responses to AZ Republic’s front page: Blatant trickery:on display

  1. Maggie says:

    I’m pro-life and resent the fact that I’m forced to fund Planned Parenthood’s abortion industry through my tax dollars. I appreciate SRAZ exposing the fact that these establishments are not in any way ‘community clinics.’

    Family planning is not accomplished by killing off a few of the kids. We live in the modern world where reliable and affordable contraceptives are widely available.

  2. Observer says:

    Early on, Rush Limbaugh taught me that “words matter.” Planned Parenthood is an oxymoron in the same category as jumbo shrimp or unbiased opinion. With the “services” offed by Planned Parenthood your main option of planning your family is making sure you stop their beating hearts.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    On June 17, reported this:

    “In an article published by Medusa Magazine, (a magazine whose website is headed by the slogan “Feminist Revolution Now!”) columnist Nicole Valentine argued that the concept of abortion is something that is radically misunderstood.”

    “The pro-choice argument that abortion is a constitutional right inherently implies that it is an idea rooted in white supremacist thought. Why?
    Because the Constitution “was drafted and signed by white men, for white men.” This is why there are so many shootings and hate crimes in the United States, in her opinion. ”

    “Somehow, the author completely forgot that one of the Supreme Court Justices who aided the Roe v. Wade decision was Thurgood Marshall, the first African American justice on the Court.
    So. . .is abortion still a hate crime against “women of color” if the decision made was by a relatively diverse Supreme Court?”

    “The author tried to say that “women of color” are not granted the same access to abortion facilities as white women are, since apparently the United States is based on a mentality that only the health of the white woman should be preserved. Valentine is here to tell us the hard facts: “women of color simply do not have the absolute choice when it comes to their bodies.”

    “How does the author propose to “level the playing field?”
    It is so simple.
    “White women should be encouraged to abort their white children, and to use their freed-up time and resources to assist women of color who have no other choice but to raise their children.”

    “It’s an interesting statement, because in this case, the author is not denying that there is some element of genocide in the idea of abortion. If anything, it seems like she is calling for a low-key infant genocide to solve what she considered to be an intrinsic problem.”

    “Except the genocide is already happening, just not to the babies Valentine would prefer. According to the CDC, in 2013 black women had 35% of all the nation’s abortions, while blacks make up just 13.3% of the population. Tragically, access to abortion doesn’t seem to be a problem for black women.. . .”

    “White women: It is time to do your part!” she stated.
    Adopt colored children, and prevent the conception of white children at all costs.”

    “Since your forefathers started this “parasitic” culture by oppressing anyone who was not white with their “white fathers, submissive white mothers, and most critically, white children,” the solution is to end the existence of anyone who claims descent from these people. Clearly.”

    “Her statements do a grave injustice to the efforts that the United States has put forth to ensure equality. By offering death and murder as a solution, she only makes the problem infinitely worse. . . ”

    Medusa Magazine.
    What a great name for a magazine stirring up women who are NOT mommy material.
    Conjure up that image of the wild-eyed Medusa whose hair was entwined with live, cold-blooded snakes. She is not a myth.

    • East Valley PC says:

      Liberals and feminists (what’s the difference?) are never at a loss to blame whites, males and conservative values for everything they consider wrong in the world.

      My politically conservative, college grad nephew, who is also athletic and good looking is having a tough time in the dating world because the young women he meets are so deeply entrenched in liberalism. One called him a “neanderthal” because she was horrified that he answered her inquiry by saying he voted for Donald Trump. She ate the expensive dinner, feigned a headache and when he walked her to her door, she told him she could’t “deal with his politics,” and asked him not to call again.

      True story.

  4. Frankly Speaking says:

    Planned Parenthood (What a brilliant choice for a name!) shouldn’t qualify for one dime of public money. Roe v. Wade is the law of the land, and those who seek abortions are able to obtain them, but the rest of us shouldn’t have to fund this carnage. What an upside down world we live in when a business that exists to slaughter human pre-born babies qualifies for hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies